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home-cGoogle just added the Near Me Now feature to their mobile searches – but only for Android and iPhone users. Now Google Mobile gives you popular image results during your search from your handset. Under the search box, you will now see some of the top popular corresponding images along with a link to “Browse Popular Images”. Following the link will open a categorized list of image searches and related images.

Seems like one more minor improvement but when added with all the other small improvements the growth seems pretty vast. Any ideas as to what Google Mobile will introduce next?

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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  1. My guess would be Shopping, with a Google Product Search. Hey…what better use of mobile browsing than helping you do product searches on the fly!

  2. @VandalDuck Shopping? isnt there enough shopping on the web as it is? Cant you already use google for that?
    I would like to see a image rating system and more images, nobody wants to see the sorry images on the first page.

  3. Adriod is a very fascinating phone.

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