Moto CLIQ Catching Tunes With FM Radio


fmradio-300x256 A Moto CLIQ user named Eugene has figured a way to get some FM Radio to go with your amazing Android device using a non-standard ROM.

At the present time, it will not work on the standard build and is not available to the public at this point. Currently it only works if you have your headphones plugged in. Check with AndroidGuys for further instructions and updates to get FM radio on your Moto CLIQ.

While trying to fix the radio issue with Moto Blur on the LG ROM he has running on the CLIQ, Eugene stumbled across a lib file that was missing in the normal Blur ROM. He also noticed FMRadio was present in the bin file. After some deep contemplation (not really), Eugene loaded the bin and lib FMRadio files and an apk he found floating around–one intended for this purpose–and voila, FM Radio started working! So by bringing in the files from the LG ROM that the CLIQ hardware needed, he was able to bring life to a dormant feature.

Seems pretty sweet! I am all for having my phone not only make phone calls but surf the web, listen to FM radio, give turn by turn directions, and anything else I can get it to do. Streaming music with apps like Pandora is great and all, but FM radio still provides that local flava’ that make this feature totally worth tuning in.

[via Android Guys]

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  1. Wow I wonder if this would work for behold 2

  2. Now how to get this to work on the Droid.

  3. pls can this work on the G1

  4. This can only be gotten to work if the phone’s radio chip has an fm module integrated in it.

  5. The Nexus has an FM Transmitter, I wonder if there can be file hacked to transmit Music via FM to your car Radio. Or perhaps this can be ported to the N1 (then I might have a reason to root the N1)

  6. I have read on the forums that the Droid does have a FM transmitter in it, it’s just not activated.

  7. I thought the Nexus One also had the hardware for an FM radio transmitter? Why didnt they include an app to actually use it!!???!?!

  8. Anyone know which phones have hardware which could support this in theory at least?

  9. I bet this would work for the droid if you read the specs it has a 802.11 a/b/g/n and fm built in

  10. all devices have fm capability this has been around since the dawn of the first digital based dumbphone devices. i lived in korea and pretty much all phones had it in 2000. live wallpapers were also around back then too. my sony had it too. it just uses the earphones as an antenna to get signal.

  11. Why do you guys want FM radio?

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  14. 나도 몰름…ㅋ

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