Rumor: G1 Getting Android 2.0


Different carriers in different regions will act differently and this latest rumor can only responsibly be applied to the Netherlands, but if it’s happening there it could and probably will happen elsewhere. The rumor? That the T-Mobile G1/Dream and the MyTouch 3G/Magic/G2 will get pumped full of Android 2.0 goodness by the end of January and March respectively.

This comes from a tweet by an Android Developer who posted a screen shot of a supposed internal T-Mobile forum where the moderator claimed just that:


An impossible claim to agree/deny but an exciting prospect nonetheless. Especially considering January’s days are numbered.

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  1. Sounds good. My Nexus One comes Monday, so I don’t care that much.

    Any reason Phandroid is getting less and less news article every day? It started out over Chistmas and New Years with the four day weekends and now it seems like we either have 0, 1 or 5 articles a day. I love Phandroid, but lately there just hasn’t been much news.

  2. woah!! I hope it hits the U.S but does the date on that twitter message say 13 january or am i illeterate for the weekend?

  3. it does look like that message is from the 13th of january

  4. that’s what is up i hope it’s acually true this time.

  5. You might want to give some credit to Androidworld.nl, because that’s where the shot came from.

  6. Oh, and at the bottom of the post in the shot it says “with reservation”

  7. uhh how will the g1 get the update does it have to be rooted? or wat?

  8. @Rickyo

    If it’s legit, it will be an OTA update.

  9. ^ uh official OTA update by T-Mobile

  10. This is all fine and well. I just wish there was more information about the Hero/Droid Eris 2.0 upgrades.

  11. If a 2.0 update is released by any carrier in any country, it’ll be able to be taken and used for other like phones, I don’t think region will really matters so much, correct me if I’m wrong but they’ll all be the same. and if not then it wouldn’t take much for them to be modified to work for other regions. it’ll also unleash custom builds of the 2.0 era completely compatible with the g1/mytouch
    I’m using super-d rom right now and it has some 2.0 feautes but is still 1.6. it’d be great to have a rom running this fast and also be completely working 2.0

  12. @Derek STFU!! who cares if ur getting a nexus? what does that have to do with this article??

  13. Me getting a Nexus has everything to do with this article. Even though the G1 is getting 2.0, it will be too late for me as I will no longer have a G1. I never said that my comment would affect you. Besides, the G1 is already pretty slow, 2.0 will kill it. They’ll seriously have to limit the features included.

  14. Rob, i’ll let you know if i get the roll out next weekend here in the Netherlands :)
    So far those T-Mobile forums have been 100% accurate for us, so i’m expecting the update before the 31st

  15. Derek you must have never seen a G1 running 2.0 it is a work of genius and it also speeds up performance exponentially. I also do not have a G1 and am reading these pose anxiously looking for my HTC Hero update!

  16. @slander I suggest you try to learn some manners.

  17. Isn’t the full 2.0 too big to fit on the available ROM for the G1 (or very close)?

  18. Would 2.0 still be too large with Google Maps navigation removed, since they did release that feature through the market?

    This is most likely a version that Google took features out of (if it’s true).

  19. I’m already running a rooted version of 2.1 but it would be nice to see an OTA rollout of 2.0 for people that haven’t and choose not to root. Let’s hope this turns out to be true for us here in the U.S.!

  20. @derek 2.0 is really gunna slow down the g1, jus like 1.6 slowed it down right?

  21. “Isn’t the full 2.0 too big to fit on the available ROM for the G1 (or very close)?”

    I think the issue was both the installed ROM plus the upgrade ROM were too big to fit on the flash. And I don’t think they are allowed to use the SD card, possibly for fear of people copying it.

    “derek 2.0 is really gunna slow down the g1, jus like 1.6 slowed it down right?”

    I didn’t notice a slow down to 1.6. 1.5 was buggy and slow on my G1.

  22. I’m running 2.1 on my G1 with apps2sd. It’s running fast and so far flawlessly. (four days now) The only thing we are missing is video, because the drivers haven’t been released yet, and some live wallpapers work and others won’t until more code is released.

    I’m loving all the new features!

  23. You guys have to remember that 2.0 includes stuff that isn’t necessary for the G1. If they do send the update it’s probably reduced to G1 minimum specs. 1.6 did not slow down the phone, I’m sure 2.0 (Eclair) will be compatible with G1. I heard that it will be released in few days (end of January) but once again it will be delayed i believe.

  24. Uh, guys… the G2 isn’t the Magic. It’s the Hero.

  25. it’s the 30th… where’s my OTA?!

  26. I heard somewhere that the 2.1 OTA is coming on the 1st, not sure though.

  27. It’s the first, and I have yet to receive an update. Is it delayed or fake?

  28. The g2 is the magic/mytouch. It came out well before the hero. I hope this update happens. The 2.0 is a lot better than what I have now.

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