Rogers’ Robot Issues Continue, HTC Magic Pulled Temporarily


magicThe folks at Rogers haven’t been enjoying a smooth sailing Android experience thus far: first they say the G1 can’t be upgraded past Android 1.5, then they offer Dream users an HTC Magic as a replacement, then they pulled the Dream off the shelves due to an Emergency 911 contact security flaw, and now they’re doing the same thing with the Magic.

So yeah… that Dream to Magic upgrade option is on hold. Here is the official message from Rogers according to MobileSyrup:

“We are in the process of contacting all of our Magic customers by text message asking them to disable GPS location on their Rogers HTC Magic device to ensure all 911 calls complete.The same issue was identified on the Rogers HTC Dream, as communicated on January 15. At the time, our testing indicated that the Rogers HTC Magic was not impacted. However, through continued precautionary testing of the devices, we discovered the issue is replicated intermittently on the Magic device as well. HTC is working on a software fix that we will make available as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Rogers HTC Dream customers need to follow these steps:
1) Select Menu
2) Select Settings
3) Select Location
4) Uncheck Enable GPS Satellite

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused our customers. Our priority continues to be customer safety. As with the Dream, we are contacting via text all affected customers and we have immediately requested that the device be taken off the shelf until HTC implements its upgrade”

Man… Mo’ Robots Mo’ Problems.

[MobileSyrup via IntoMobile]

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  1. Thats good for us early adopters. Without us there would be NO ANDROID!!!

  2. Well, we know for sure that the Dream can have 1.6 and likely even 2.1 if Rogers actually cared enough to do it.

    I would lose more respect for Rogers if other carriers aren’t also lazy, ignorant, and irresponsible.

    The Nexus One is a wake up call for all of these manufacturer/carrier partnerships. It will be interesting to see how Google handles its Froyo update for the N1.

  3. Just great! I finally got a smart phone in December. After looking at all of our crappy options in Canada I decided to switch to Rogers to and get the HTC Dream (largely on the back on wanting a phone with Android). Then I recently heard about them not supporting the Android upgrades, then I hear about this 911 issue, then I hear we can now “upgrade” from a Dream to a Magic due to the lack of support for Dream and continued update support for Magic, and now this…same 911 issue with Magic. Is Rogers/HTC gonna get their shit together or what? I really like my phone and Android specifically….but this is becoming a pathetic joke.

  4. does this problem happen with all g1 and mytouch phones or just rogers?

    I don’t keep gps on anyway to preserve battery life but this could be a big problem for most users

  5. The patch actually came out today to fix the 911 issue.

    Actually, there’s a benefit for magic users, they get a new UI in the end, if I remember, it’s the same as the hero. Very sleek and works even better IMO then the original. Still 1.5 though, but in the menu’s, there’s a “check for update” … so maybe we get network style updates from here on!

  6. way to be WAY behind
    this happened a few days ago
    and rogers already released an update yesterday(which also included sense)
    meaning that the magic should be back on shelves

  7. Samuel is correct !

    The new magic update is great !

    The sense UI is really nice to use.

  8. According to Rogers’ official statement, the Magic will NOT be updated beyond 1.5 Sense UI. This is unacceptable since many apps require 1.6+.

  9. Sorry, I meant the DREAM will not get 1.6, not the Magic, which is expected to receive 2.1 eventually.

  10. The update is wicked cool the sense UI is sick. There are new apps that accompany the update along with a free month of data. The browser speed is improved and it includes pinch to zoom.

  11. thats great news…was going to get the magic n that same day it was pulled from rogers. happy to hear there’s an update for the 911 issue n it should be back out!

  12. It’s worth noting that in effort to “force” people to apply this update (which can only be done from a Win XP/Vista pc, and wipes out EVERYTHING your phone), Rogers have disabled internet access until the network “detects” the update has been applied to your phone.

    For those of us with rooted phones running 1.6, the only current way to get our internet access back is to re-root back to the rogers/crappy version of 1.5, download and install the update, and wait up to 24 hours for internet connectivity to return.

    I’ve seen some brain-dead decisions made by service providers, but this one is in a league of its own… especially because the 911 issue which was the basis for this “required” 1.5 update, has been addressed in 1.6.


  13. Ya the UI is awesome. I actually got my free upgrade (magic) the day the update came out. I’ll miss my Dream but my fiance will be able to use it now.

  14. Does anyone know where i can get a google logo engraved on a hard plastic case in which i carry my htc magic?

  15. For those with a custom rom that is most likely well past this security patch, all you need to do is call rogers tech support for pda’s and smartphones. Tell the tech you have a fully updated phone with a custom firmware, and would like a network refresh on your number. You turn your phone off for a couple minutes, turn it back on and bam, no need to re-flash.

  16. I am so frustrated right now! I too waited a long time to get a Smart Phone since I wasn’t overly impressed with the iPhone’s touch screen and wanted a keyboard. I made the decision to go with the HTC Dream and now I’m paying the price. I do not have access on my laptop to download/install anything (it’s a company laptop and the company is tight with downloads). I’m now waiting THREE to FIVE business days for a new card to arrive so I can us it to update my phone. And the extremely frustrating part is that my 3G connection was spotty to begin with.

    This is an extremely frustrating situation that really has no solution.

  17. When I first joined Rogers last summer I was delighted with the service and helpful support when setting up my account. But last week I was totally chocked at Rogers after they refused to re-establish my data connection (network reset). I even called 911 to prove that my custom OS had this patch(was patched over four months ago) and Rogers still said that if I did not download and install the Rogers patch I could kiss my data connection goodbye. I did however find a ROM by the name of CursorSense. I installed that, along with a new SPL and boot-loader. Now I’m all up and running again with 3G. After this debacle and the lack of support I received from Rogers, I am now looking for a new cellular carrier.

  18. I have a htc magic from Rogers…I did the upgrade and now I’d say my battery life (without actually using the phone at all to make or receive calls) is about 1 day…if that.

    I’m completely disappointed.

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