Jan 21st, 2010

If Admob’s statistics are anywhere near accurate, Motorola has gone on a pretty outrageous streak and is absolutely tearing it up in terms of smartphone market share. They can thank Android for that – check out this quote from MocoNews:


“… its report sheds some light on Motorola, which up until recently had an insignificant presence in the smartphone space. In North America, AdMob found that Motorola had the second most popular handset after the iPhone with the Droid receiving 11.3 percent of ad requests in December. What’s more, the Motorola CLIQ was the sixth most popular handset with 3.4 percent of the ad requests.

Still,the iPhone continues to dominate in North America, with the popular Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) device requesting nearly half, or about 48.5 percent of ad requests. AdMob said that most of those requests are generated inside applications, and not in the browser.”

I wonder how long we’ll have to hear that caveat of “Still, the iPhone” blah blah blah. The iPhone isn’t going anywhere – it’ll be around for a long LONG time – but I think it’s days as the #1 platform are numbered. As a single device? Yeah… it might be impossible to top. But such is the nature of open source vs proprietary models.

Either way the outlook for both Motorola Android are pretty darn good.

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