Jan 21st, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:23 pm

There are two things that happened in 1492:

garmin-asus-android517 years later Garmin finally delivered a phone but they also promised Android Phones were on the way. A partnership with ASUS actually promised many phones in the coming years but we have yet to see them follow through on the Android variety. It seems they want to remind us that the phones are still in the pipeline.

In a Chinese ZDNet article an ASUS executive re-iterated their intentions to launch an Android Phone in the 2nd Quarter of 2010 along with at least 4-5 phones TOTAL in the 2010 year. With half of the phones being Android that means… they’ll launch at least one additional Android Phone at some point in the year. Nothing staggering but they’re probably just taste testing the market and how they can compete.

Personally I’m not all that excited based solely on the Nuvifone, but maybe with Android’s power they’ll be able to beef up their game.

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