Nexus One Price Change?


price-dropRight now the Nexus One is $179 ONLY for new customers or a small group who qualify for an upgrade – the rest must pay the full $529 price for the unlocked phone. But maybe not for long. In a Google support thread titled “ATTENTION GOOGLE TEAM” which BASHES the company and opens with “Your support sucks…”, a Google employee named Ethan chimes in:

Also, as you’ve probably seen elsewhere, we’ve listened to everyone’s feedback and concerns and are working to expand the group of customers that qualify for upgrade pricing on the Nexus One. Please stay tuned for more information.

WOW! That would definitely help to increase the pace of that 20,000 phones/week… but the first person to respond echoed our thoughts exactly:

What about those of us that paid for this already at the elevated prices a week ago?

Great question. This could be a very interesting development and we’ll keep a watchful eye on this pricing situation. The initial complaint was made on launch day – January 6th – and Ethan just made his reply today. Let’s hope this is a sign that support is finally coming around to all those people waiting and also that Google is trying their best to actually listen to problems and address them in the most favorable, Win/Win manner.

[Thanks Don!]

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  1. What about you early adopters? You pay full price. That’s what early adopters do.

  2. Advertising also played a role in the 20,000 sale number.

    Verizon did a great job with the Droid/Sholes, and imo it paid off for them. Internet adverting is great, but Google needs a TV ad campaign to push the sales.

  3. I agree with you Michael Campbell. That is the tax you pay to be the first on the block. If I had the loot, I would’ve shelled out on launch day too…I would be bitter about a price drop, but I wouldn’t blame Google. EVERYTHING costs more at launch, I’m sure people that paid $600 for a PS3 at launch were bitter when the price dropped to half that. That is the price you pay to enjoy it first.

    Hopefully they clean up the rest of their mess between customer support and 3G issues, and get this thing on track.

  4. Oh yeah, and Rob you need to use one of the wordpress mobile plugins, it would be great appreciated.

  5. All the early adopters can still return the phone for another week or two :)

    Problem solved if google violates it’s “Do no evil” policy

  6. They may mean “we’ll expand those who can upgrade when we bring it to Verizon” as that way they avoid problems with phone returns with Tmobile Which last I checked the phone has to be returned to HTC not google.

  7. A friend of mine called htc to see about returning the phone. They told him if he opened the fedex box it came in it cant be returned…

  8. Michael Campbell is correct. Early adopters pay to be early adopters. Simple as that. This isn’t Circuit City’s price guarantee… Oh wait, look where that got them. ;)

  9. did the iphone go through the same pricnig issue when they discounted the price and gave people refunds who had bouoght it with a certain time frame?

  10. I would say 499$ is realistic enough

  11. @ Jer
    Circuit City is out of business….hummm

    Anyways…no you has bitched about their $2000 plasma screen television that now costs $1000. That’s the price you pay for being first….

  12. @ Jer
    Circuit City is out of business….hummm

    Anyways…no one has bitched about their $2000 plasma screen television that now costs $1000. That’s the price you pay for being first….

  13. Does anyone have anything they are going on when making their comments? I read it as they are expanding the people who qualify for the $180 “upgrade” price with the 2 year contract. But then, how would I know since there isn’t any more information in this “news” item.

  14. They are not going to sell more than 20,000 phones a week till they are on a network that has a lot of customers! Da

  15. The post is only partially correct in stating: “Nexus One is $179 ONLY for new customers or a small group who qualify for an upgrade”

    While it’s true that *new* customers get $179 price; existing T-mobile customers – those on individual plans & out of contract – get $279 or $379 subsidized price.

    So $179 price is NOT available to any existing customer of T-Mobile.

  16. Beyond the pricing issue, the thing that I find most surprising here is that a Google employee actually replied to a thread on the Google support forums. I’ve never seen such a thing! I personally have posted a few threads about Google Voice on Android issues, and I’ve never gotten a peep out of them.

  17. They could have gotten customers had they not been greedy. That lousy calling plan needs to go for starters. Drop the price of the unit and lets do some business. Early Adopters? They want whine with their cheese. They know the drill. Early in, cash out. End of story.

  18. @David

    The Google responses started today; most of them are canned replies (“we understand your concerns…. here’s the link…”)

    but at least they are posting (gasp!)

  19. Paid the price for early adoption with the G1 not with MT3G and NOT with Droid! I actually got the Droid for $50.00 when you break it down. Nice discount on the BOGO offer for two Eris’ then a screwup by a CSR that got me a Droid in Exchange for one of My Eris’ with NO re-stock or charge of any kind. When I put it to them, they responded. THAT’S why I can’t wait for Verizon to get the Nexus… it won’t be worth it until then. And I CAN add a line of service (even if it leads to marriage counseling :-))

  20. With ebay prices, plus shipping and tax I payed about $1000 for my N1 – a little less than an unlocked iPhone. But you know what? I don’t care, I love the phone – it’s replacing my laptop.

  21. @Casper

    $1000!, what country are your from?

  22. Oh, please…the Google people have no grasp of reality.

    The San Francisco Chronicle did an article about them not too long ago and alluded to how their HR recruiting practices (i.e., if you’re not from an Ivy League school they won’t even talk to you) might come around and bite them because they are so out of touch with how the real word works. A Google VP even confirmed this fact in the article. They are see themselves as not being able to do anything wrong.

    The launch of the Nexus One is a prime example.

    I work in a place where there are alot of Googs come in after the work day. In our conversations they just don’t understand why people are unhappy with the N1 phone.

    One of the Googs told me point blank that not only did they believe their phone was superior to everything on the market, but the pervading belief at Google was anyone who needed support with the phone probably shouldn’t be using a smartphone anyway. Honest to God, I’m not making this up!

    So is it really surprising that Google is unprepared for the “backlash” (for lack of a better word) their N1 phone has provoked?

  23. Sorry folks, but google is issuing refunds for early adopters. Pretty cool, eh?


  24. Early Adopters get their share of the price reduction. I just received a refund from Google for my Upgrade with T-Mobile: 100 bucks, lowering my price from 429 to 329.

  25. There is almost no value in getting the $179 price. It is a high interest loan on a phone purchase. That price requires an $80/month contract. Or you can buy it flat out for $530 and get service for $60/month. $20 dif x 24months = $480 + 179 = $659 total phone cost. Plus no contract cancelation issue. If you can get the $500 you can save money. This is not how it used to work but 3 months ago t-mo changed their plan structure.

  26. “#11. mike wrote on January 14, 2010

    @ Jer
    Circuit City is out of business….hummm

    Anyways…no you has bitched about their $2000 plasma screen television that now costs $1000. That’s the price you pay for being first….”

    Circuit city is back in business as well as sharper image except sharper image is on line. but yes that is true yo pay for being first for those who wait get the best deals and less problems….

  27. I skipped the Droid launch as I was a Tmobile customer and the rumors of the Nexus coming to my Nexus was worth hanging on to the crumby Dash I had. When the Nexus launch I felt alienated as a loyal Tmobile customer. I jumped ship. They didn’t want to keep me around so I went to Verizon and the Droid.

    This news is too little too late for a lot of us that already left Tmobile.

  28. Google has finally seen (at least some of )the errors of their ways. They have dropped the subsidized price to qualifying T-Mo members to $279 for the group that was supposed to pay $379.(those that had a voice and a data plan)It’s still not the $179 it should be since that’s what new customers are paying, but it’s a start!

  29. wow…prices are coming down already?? I’m quite annoyed…simply because I bought an HTC Hero a few days ago :P

    Anyways, such is life. they bring out a new product every day and wack down the price just when you think you got a better deal :D

  30. Such is life as an early adopter. I have no sympathy for them. They also tend to be the biggest whiners too.

    Only reason I tolerate them is because I’m the guy buying their phone from them for half price on ebay a few months later when the next shiny object comes along to take their money.

  31. wait a sec, they lowered it for the customers who upgrade in tmobile only ? and haven’t lowered the price of the unlocked ?

  32. @cwrig aman aman that’s the samething I said pretty much. And once its on most carriers it will take off even more…I mean Verizon will sell it well. …likely better then anyone

  33. I love the ones who complain about paying full price when theres a chance they could be eligible for an upgrade in the future (i.e. Family plan users).

    This is why you WAIT. You shouldnt get a discount for wanting to be an early adopter.

  34. early adopters … sorry. that’s how it goes. Regarding everything else: until the phone is on Verizon, I view this as a beta run. I’ve been a VZW customer for 10 years and I consistently have better coverage than people I’m with on other carriers. I hate a lot of VZW policies and pricing, but they are the top dog. This phone on Verizon will sell. A LOT of people are waiting for a powerful HTC phone on VZW. The Droid is not for me. I love the Eris, but it’s not powerful enough. Come on Google and VZW, bring it on. Let me buy it IN a store and support in a store, then people will come.

  35. glad i only had to pay $179 to add a line, then switch the old number to the new line and cancel the old line! but now i’m stuck for another 2 years!! i hope they don’t come out with the “Nexus One” kiler within the next 24 months!! LOL

  36. $379 was the upgrade price if you were out of contract and had an existing data plan. $279 was the upgrade price if you were out of contract and did NOT have an existing data plan.

    You’re still paying a $100 surplus over a new T-Mobile customer.

    A lot of people here just say “Hey, buy the phone unlocked, it’s cheaper in the long run.” Given the time value of money, it’s pretty much a wash. Even if true, paying a lot of money upfront to buy an unlocked phone is NOT the way that the vast majority of people in the US buy their cell phones, they buy them subsidized. The average Joe is going to see a $530 price and freak out.

    It’s OK for the early adopters, they’re used to buying unlocked phones, but if you want a mass-market success, you have to craft the offer to a wider group of people than those who have no problem buying an unlocked phone.

    Google seems to be trying to change the subsidization practices that pervade the industry, but what they’re doing to T-Mobile customers isn’t going to endear them to the world that buys subsidized phones, and is unlikely to change their minds.

  37. Only reason why I didn’t buy one was because I got a new tv while I waited for the price to drop. For some reason I still cannot upgrade my G1 with t-mob. I have had the phone since day 1. There will be so many good Android phones that will come out in the next year, so people will probably always feel burned because a month later a cooler looking phone will come out…

  38. I’m still trying to figure out why this wasn’t launched at least with TMobile, or by itself on Sprint. Sprint has a larger customer base than TMobile, with the exact same coverage as Verizon (have full usage of each other’s network now after the recent deal), have embraced Android and Google (first to integrate Google Voice with Sprint Voicemail), and have the most competitive plan pricing that only TMobile can compete with. I still don’t get why people and phone companies support wireless carriers that practically give phones away (Verizon Bogo, etc) and then spend 2 years raping you on your convoluted monthly bill. As an example, I’d rather pay $179 up front for my Blackberry tour with my real totally free plan (except for minutes) for about $75 a month, then $100 for the phone on Verizon and pay well over $100 a month for a similar plan that doesn’t give you as much (navigation, tv, etc).

  39. Ill be waiting…. if I could get the nexus with my wifes employee discount through tmob i would have it already, but I cant. So I will keep on waiting…. maybe for X10… hopefully the Nexus..

  40. Anybody else sense this whole google/android thing is starting to look a little shaky?

  41. The Nexus One IS on a great network…
    Facts…ATT claims their 3g network reaches. 230 million people. TMo’s 3g network now reaches 210 million people. ATT has installed their 7.2 HSPA+ network, but has not installed the backhall service needed to run it…TMo has done both and now has the fastest 3g service in America.

  42. TmoNews is reporting that early adopters who paid $379 will receive a $100 credit from T-Mobile within 14 days… At least T-Mobile and Google are treating their customers better than the Apple iPhone early adopters.

  43. even if i could get this phone just as a full upgrade without adding a new line to the family plan, how about selling it in stores? sure, it’s great that google’s getting on top of things and selling it themselves as their phone, but it runs on t-mobile’s network (and soon verizon’s) and i realy don’t like buying things online unless a) the price is ridiculously lower than a b&m store or b) it’s only available online. i hate waiting for things to ship and i love the thrill of buying new, expensive electronics in the store and being able to bring it home with me, and being able to use what i paid for immediately. I actually didn’t even know that they didn’t sell it in stores until i went to one with my mom (she needed a new phone) and they told me you have to get it through google. not even a demo unit. i will bet anyone dollars to donuts that if they sold the phone in stores, had posters outside that claimed it was google’s baby and whatnot, it would sell more than it does now. i know if i had the money to spend on another new phone i would get the nexus hands down, but i’d always prefer to actually test it out first, and i’m sure i’m not the only one.

  44. They really need to reduce price of monthly plan. That is the most important thing, not the price of handset.

  45. I have been thinking. google offers only one plan with t-mobile. 500 minutes voice but and unlimited messages and data. Is this because they bought Gizmo5 not to long ago and planning on offering a VoIP version over the data network? That would explain them offering only one plan.
    What do you guys think?
    Rob Jackson. You need to research this one. :)

  46. This is how to do it. Call an HTC rep. 888 216 4736

    HTC rep has no real T-Mobile of Google agenda. Me: G1 owner, 5 months left on contract.

    If I want to buy the Nexus now:

    #1 Option: buy Nexus at $279, change to the only Nexus One plan at $79,(My G1 plan is also $79 but it’s “all you can eat”. Enter new 2 year contract @$79 (again lower minutes than G1 Plan.

    #2 Option: Buy Nexus One unlocked at full price. Use month to month plan. Drop T-Mobile or Nexus when you want. Re-sell unlocked Nexus One on ebay to recoup some cost. (This is the route the HTC Rep, a G1 owner is personally doing herself).

    #3 Option: The best plan is probably to stick with my G1 for the 4 months left on contract. Then dump T-mobile and buy Nexus One in the Spring with Verizon and superior coverage.

  47. Jer,

    Actually Circuit City is not out of business. They’re an online store now and that IS the future – e commerce will soon be burying retail stores. M commerce comes after that just so you know.

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