Text “Haiti” to 90999 To Donate $10 To American Red Cross Efforts


We just got this Email from Mike A. in our inbox and felt compelled to share it:

Hey guys,
In light of recent events in Haiti I thought this would be an appropriate post on a cell phone website.

To donate $10 dollars to the American Red Cross, text “Haiti” to 90999 and the donations will go towards the relief effort.

Not trying to be all preachy and what not but you guys are always community friendly and it would make you guys look phenomenal for this simple post.

Love your site and bought my moto droid because of you guys haha

We try to MOSTLY stick to Android-focused stuff but I think Mike makes a great point that THIS is a wonderful time to take a slight deviation. The people of Haiti have been absolutely DEVASTATED. The country, which already wasn’t… exactly in the top tier in terms of living standards, has just experienced a disaster so horrifying that I can’t imagine/fathom.

In a CNET article about Tech Companies pitching in for relief efforts, I saw a picture that literally made me sick to my stomach and my eyes welled up a little bit. It’s impossible to put yourself in their shoes but this picture of survivors being pulled from the rubble is absolutely heart breaking:

(Photo Credit: Daniel Morel/CBS)

We usually use our phones for fun, amusement, information, convenience and other “realistic” purposes. I know our own economy isn’t exactly in the best shape and I don’t want to pressure people or guilt people into donating. But if you can afford it… it would be an exceptional thing to do.

There are a lot of wonderful charities out there dedicated to amazing causes – but few are based on such an immediate need with a direct affect on life or death.

THE LAST thing I wanted to do was promote some type of mass mail scam where some jerk capitalized on a world tragedy for their own gain in the form of a fraudulent chain mail so I did some research to double check – it is 100% legit. Redcross has posted the donation opportunity on their newsroom website and whether your’e donating to a charity or downloading an app from Android market, we always suggest you do your research first as ABC news urges.

To re-iterate what Mike said, I don’t mean to get all preachy but on a site dedicated to cell phones I can’t think of a more positive way to use your phone today. If you don’t want to donate or can’t donate, it’s all good – we’re still homies!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Who gives a crap?

    Haitians polluted Florida and are useless.

  2. yes it is legit. shows up on state.gov

  3. @imambray: And why is your life more significant than those in Haiti?

  4. @imambray:

    Oh great. First on Youtube, now here. I thought this site didn’t have people like you.

    I donated through Checkout (can’t charge my parents T-Mo account).

    Here’s a YouTube video with the Checkout option to donate, in case you don’t want to send txt (I don’t like doing that).

    Thanks Rob.

  5. @imambray – don’t bother reading phandroid any more. you’re too ignorant to understand the most basic of principles so I think most of the content here is a few light years above your head.

  6. Kudos to you Rob,

    Guys, where is a legitimate paypal donate button for this?
    Whatever’s in my paypal account I’ll show my support and donate to them :)

  7. That YouTube site is horrible. Just read those horrible comments there… What is wrong with people!? I really hope these comments come from a bunch of bored misguided teenagers hoping to raise some hell. Otherwise, it’s just soooooo sad.

  8. @imambray
    Maybe you’d prefer the green android mascot to be white with a white hood over its face setting fire to a burning cross. If so, you got the wrong site.. it’s http://www.kkkandroid.com
    good luck.

  9. +1 for Rob! I’m with you, there’s enough ignorance in the world and I’d rather not see it spill onto my favorite android blog.

  10. +1 for down-rating #1 into oblivion. Rob, whenever you have some time…

  11. Did anyone receive a confirmation? It’s been a while and I’m wondering if it received it.

  12. im haitian and i would like to say thank you to all the non haitian folks helping out.1 dollar and a bottle water would do! imambray we all will pray for you. GOD bless everyone in need around the world!!

  13. I think most of them are following Pat robertson :roll:

  14. Thanks for this post. I’m sending my donation today. Its very sad that imambray would write such a horrible prejudiced statement during that nation’s time of tragedy. If he really feels that way, then just don’t send a donation. No need to show ignorance. Best wishes to the Haitian people on recovering from this momentous and tragic event.

  15. coolmandingo: I remembered that you mentioned that you were from Haiti some time ago and I thought about you once the earthquake hit…I hope everyone you know is OK.

  16. imambray is just a person that wants more attention then the people in haiti. People like him are the defination of the scum of the earth. I think its funny that he wastes his time posting something like that. Let me quess imambray your that douchebag that starts a fight, but when push comes to shove you run away like a little bitch. imambray you are so damn ignorant its unbelievable, what kind of person are you oh wait your a douchebag, thats right…

  17. I think we owe it to Haiti, and all the people affected by this disaster to completely IGNORE immabray from now on. They probably enjoy us pushing them on, so I personally will just pray for them.

  18. 3rd world = nobody cares

  19. Ignorance at its ugliest.God, please protect and secure the children first and foremost.

  20. Yikes imambray your going about as useless to the world as the guy who stuck his remote up his ass because his mom canceled his world of warcraft account. We shall see how you feel when you fall on your face and there is no one to help pick you back up. Karma is a b*tch and you will one day see.

  21. Let’s not start asking “God” to do anything because we all know he isn’t real. Let’s just let peoples willingness to help and their thoughts work because no other being is going to affect any of them. It’s almost as ignorant as #1 to ask someone who can’t do shit to help a mess of people in need.

  22. ari-free @ my parents are from haiti i was born in lil haiti(miami)! but im still devastated. the most of my family arent from this area but my uncle and aunt live in the area and 2 siblings.my father spoke to my aunt but he hasnt heard word from my uncle and siblings. i just pray that everyone in need across the word gets the same fast help. pat robertson was wrong in his words as far as voodoo goes. but for him to say in a way he deserve it is just wrong. people back in the day didnt want to be under napaelon and france rule so they revolted. so whats wrong with wrong with revolting against a country you no longer want to be part of ie 13 colonies to england? but anyway i just want to say once again thank you to all whose hearts go to my parents motherland. GOD bless everyone!!

  23. @imambray WOW, I can believe we still have people like you in the world. I hope you and you family will never be in need like this people in Haiti.

  24. Id like to put in my two cents. Its horrible what has happened to Haiti but I ask all of you this question, If this wasnt all over the news and media in general would you be breaking out your checkbooks? No, you wouldnt. You only care when you are told to by over media overlords! WAKE UP!!!!!!! If you care about this kind of thing how about you help out everyday, not just when you are told you should? “I can feel good about myself, I just donated TEN WHOLE DOLLARS!” Please, you people are hypocrites, how about volunteering every day or sending food and supplies packages instead of “donating” money to red cross which will only actually use THIRTY PERCENT towards this cause??? I am not saying anything bad about the people of haiti, I hope they get all the help they can. This is just more of the esoteric agenda.

  25. @Legion
    30% isn’t that bad in today’s world. The Nexus One costs how much to make, and how much did Rob Jackson pay for it?

  26. Legion i get what youre saying! im of haitian decent. all i ask is help anyone in need.i try my best whenever i see someone in need to give them whats in my pocket if i can. G youre right some people forked over the $529 for the nexus one why cant they fork over $1 to any charity.for haiti 1 dollar and maybe bottles of water would be enough.trust me in the time of need in the civil war haitians stood up and helped.at that time they were the only free black nation with no white ruler ie slave masters. im not saying anything bad about anyone or slaves in america im jut saying any american that has a heart to help , help! if youre arent able to we (haitians) understand.dont feel guilty if you cant. i have about 60 of my relatives that live in poverty in haiti and its hard not being to able to provide for all of them. not only do i worry about my siblings here in america(miami), i worry about my grandparents that obviously cant come here and other relatives. being poor and having no means out of that situation is the worst. thats why when i see rappers or blacks in general throwing money in videos or showig off , i get pissed. im like you know how many people that bentley would feed. you know how many pairs of shoes that can buy. forget a phone. we need to all step up and help one another. find a organization in your community and help. dont just wait for a food drive,start one.sorry making this message so long but 1 line wouldnt have been enough.

  27. Best to ignore the lousy comments, these people are just getting what they want from you “attention”.

  28. @21: no one asked you to believe in God. Last I checked, no one can prove whether or not God exists.

  29. @Legion and @Cool mandingo I was getting at the way the “Nexus One Parts Cost $174.15” and it sales for $530… Everything costs more then it is… that is the world we live in.
    Also I think people with money to burn annoys everyone, theirs always a better place for it. Truth be told i am about 310k in dept, but i volunteer when I can.

  30. It’s almost end of the world. Keep on praying!

  31. Maybe someone here can answer these questions. Who’s going to rebuild Haiti? How much will it probaly cost to aid these people and rebuild Haiti? USA sends 100million dollars. Googles also sent 100million dollars. ( strange but whatever ) Yo Celebs step up and donate more than a million at a time ..you people make tons of money ..we watch your movies and make you tons of money. Donate like 30% of your earning not just to Haiti but to Charaties in general. You don’t need 12 cars a house the size or delaware. Being famoous dosen’t mean you need more money than you can spend.

  32. @imambray…wow your taking some hits…as I knew you would. I was wondering are you a racest? And on a side note I see it true that many people fork over money when they see everyone else doing it….with out really knowing what they are doing are about the country they are sending there money to. They follow trends

  33. Sending. ” We got money for wars,but can’t feed the poor”
    Or devastated in this situation.

  34. Guessing imambray is just some adolecent looking to upset people dont give him the enjoyment of getting comments about his instead of the topic at hand. This number is it U.S only? Hope they get enough to start rebuilding their society, the last thing this world need is another disaster zone.

  35. Saw this on the local news last night. They have surpassed $5 million in donations through this texting format.

  36. You can also donate to Mercy Corps thru Amazon.com.

    @imambray you are SICK.

  37. @tom it will be the business of the world. Haiti has good land. Its just. Deforestation because of lack of food that devastated the region. Haiti is a beautiful country. I went there as a child. My paresnts and most of my family are from their. Many countries have interest in haiti. Its just as important to america as jamica is to the us. Haiti and the us have a long history together. They teach the next thing I’m going to say but you remember that little even called the revolotionary war. In 1779 500 free haitians aided america in fighting off the brtish invasion of savanah,ga. You here that free black men vlounteered to help. The founder of chicago is haitian. W.e dubois is haitian. Haitans have a long history in this country. So its only write we help them in their time of need. God bless everyone that’s even thinking or talking about haiti. We need to help all countries in need. God be with you. I don’t know y’all but I love y’all for the hearts you have lent to my parents motherland.

  38. Damn I read over my last post I have some many grammactical erros its crazy. Lol My fault people.after you read it you will still understand it. I was showing the history haiti and haitians have in america. God bless eberyone once again

  39. @Legion, if there’s no media, how the hell are we supposed to know that Haiti is in need? After the earth quake, are they supposed to sail a boat to another country and tell everyone?

  40. Im officially a Tmobiel customer for the rest of my life!!!! I just got word that Tmobile is allowing calls to and from Haiti to be free unti lthe 31st of this month. This is what im talking about. HGere’s a brief from Engadget.com
    Earlier this evening T-Mobile USA announced that it would not charge for calls made to or received from Haiti in an effort to help those involved in the earthquake crisis. The free calling to Haiti for T-Mobile USA customers will extend through the end of this month, and will also be applied retroactively to calls made on January 12th.

  41. I’m not going to sit here and say don’t send money to Haiti but I will say that before you do, everyone should consider donating the same amount or more to a local or national charity that benefits the poor, needy, and starving in our own country. I think it’s sad that in our Country in times of crisis elsewhere so many are willing to mobolize and donate, while they ignore those in need standing right next to them.

  42. I agree, texting is fun. Now it can also be helpful. Here are more numbers for mobile giving.

    For Rogers Wireless and Fido subscribers in Canada – donate $5 per call to the Haiti relief efforts by sending the text message HELP to shortcode 1291.

    For Mobile Givig Fund donations:

    —the Salvation Army in Canada: Text the word “Haiti” to 45678 (In Canada Only)
    —the Plan Canada: Text the word “Haiti” to 30333 (In Canada Only)

    – the Yele Foundation: Text Yele to 501501 to donate $5

    —the Clinton Foundation Haiti Relief Fund: Text the word “Haiti” to 20222 to donate $10

    —the International Medical Corp: Text the word “Haiti” to 85944 to donate $10

    —the International Rescue Committee: Text the word “Haiti” to 25383 to donate $5

    —the the Red Cross in the U.S.: Text the word “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10

    —the Salvation Army Upper Wisconsin: Text the word “Haiti” to 52000 to donate $10

  43. you can also text “Yele” to 501501 (if you are in america) and it will charge you $5 to your phone, if you cant spare this $10.

    this is officially from the yele hiati group, check their website (http://www.yele.org/)

  44. Donated… Feeling better that I have done some good thing! Thanks for sharing the info. Get well soon Haiti. I’ll pray for you…

  45. @Rob:

    So, you’re the sudden expert on theology? if people wish to pray to God/Allah/Buddha/FSM/whatever, that’s their business, not yours. Leave them be.

    To any other idiots who want to make light of the plight the Haitians are going through: please go pound sand, kthxbai.

    To everyone else: bravo. It’s good to see that information does make a difference.

  46. greatcasa-

    Yes I donated to Haiti, but that dosen’t mean I don’t help out here too ..I donate stuff every year to the homeless and needy people. I have a driving job so I see the homeless on the corners all the time and I give them money or food or something on an almost weekly basis. Just because everyone is stepping up to help Haiti dosen’t mean that people don’t already help their own country. Shouldn’t assume!

  47. Is the earthquake the reason why there is no new android articles posted today? Cause if it is, it’s adding to the bummer effect of the news.

  48. @jo… for real. except i’m not sure it is since phandroid articles have started to be few and far between recently.

  49. And this is why my friends, you don’t discuss religion and politics, in such an open and public format the likes of phandroid. I’m all fine and good with this article being posted up, but in all reality … the “leave a comment” feature should have been turned off as to avoid the enraging, and blatant spiting of the readership. Again, just my ¢2 worth on the matter.

  50. @Tom. Your response certainly assumes a lot in that one,I’m not only attacking people, but two, you directly. You’re wrong on both accounts, so please don’t consider yourself so important. Props to you for helping out your Country and Worldy Breathren. What I wrote I believe was written as PC as possible in order hopes that people would consider my thoughts. I know where down played people donating to Haiti. My statement was mearly a comment on the people in this country that don’t give enough to the needy around them, which in reality is most people (myself included), yet jump at the highly publisized crises of the World to donate and volunteer. You don’t see people as mobolized and motivated to solve the poverty issues in our own country, and those problems should be just as important. In my own quest to give to Haiti I came to this realization and will donate to both. I only wanted to pass on my insights in order to make people think, and consider giving to something locally/nationally as well (not in place of), if they felt inclined and motivated to donate to Haiti.

  51. I’d also like to add that it would be nice to get some Android news up above this article, or at least the picture removed. It’s quite morbid and disturbing to see this every time I click over to the site. Yes I care about what’s going on, but that is not why I come to Phandroid.com. I can read all about that on any one of the numerous news sites already reporting on this crisis.

  52. I agree with GREATCASA. the picture should be removed. Im haitian and trust me long after the coverage is gone i will still se the pictures and here about relatives. i was born here in America but my heart has always been with my parents country no more than ever!!! im inspired to help anyone in need no matter where the are. we should come together and help everyone not just on xmas or events as such. even if you can give 1 dollar or a bottle of water its still goo. Its all about what you have in your heart to give. i want to see android news too. im till watiting ot hear from my dad in miami bout our relatives that lived in that part of haiti. God bless you all once again.!!!!

  53. @GREATCASA .. Donating money will not solve poverty issue in this country… donating money might feed a mouth or two.. depending on how much you donate.. but to fix poverty issue in this country or most countries for that matter… you need a structural change in the society…

    but for a matter like what’s going in Haiti.. donating money help those organization send help to rescue and help those in need directly.. it won’t solve Haiti’s poverty issue.. but it’s a short term solution..

    Don’t get me wrong donating to poor folks is good in the short term but it doesn’t help poverty .. until these poor folks start working and the kids start getting an education… nothing will be solved..


  55. wow i cant believe some people have no heart to donate not even a penny those r stupid unselfish people who have no life i h0pee those people go 2 hell i’m a teen an i care about these people it touch my heart when i heard ab0ut this so me an all of my family an friends are going go give things for these people it hurts a l0t an to all of you that don’t care are rude an have a stone heart people you should think more what if that was you huh!!! have a heart people give something even a penny helps help this people please:(

  56. imambray screw u mo fo.

  57. DOnt give the American Red Cross anything. THey will keep a very large chunck for themselves. If you dont believe me jsut call them tell them that yoau re in a not very populated county anywhere in the US and you will not get any help!

  58. SO sad I was reading some of the post. Its pretty bad how cold some people can be….If that happen to us u would want people to help us… Theses people’s life are probably ruined now….My heart goes out to the people of Haiti…God bless yall….

  59. I feel bad for what happened but could we really afford to send 100,000,000 mil in this finacial crisis usa is in right now, I did not donate not sure if i am well i sort of donated my tax dollars are going there but thats not the point. 1 hund mil is alot of money and could bal a lot of people out of forclosures.

  60. Texting “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 cost me $27.34. I have unlimited texting, but the donation somehow accesses globalgiving.org and Sprint charged me $17.34 for data charges.
    That’s the last time I donate via texting.

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