Jan 11th, 2010

A couple in Wilsonville, Oregon had their home broken into while they were sleeping only to find out that both of their Motorola Droid Android Phones and other valuable electronics had been stolen. The thief must not have known the rightful owner had installed an Android Application called Lookout because soon after he began taking pictures of himself with one of the Droid cameras.


The application performs a backup service at midnight every night and the self-portrait pictures of the robber were uploaded to the web as part of the service.

GOTCHYA! The suspect was a 15-year old male who police believe had been scoping out the victim’s house for quite some time. They also believe there is at least one accomplice since the pictures were taken by a third (or second?) party. Pictures from the phone, only some of which are displayed below, were used to identify the suspect.


A local television news station ran with the story and you can watch the video here. While they show the Droid in all its Android glory and briefly picture the MyLookout web interface, they don’t go into depth on either.

Because the thieving boy was only 15-years old they would not disclose whether or not he was a jealous iPhone fanboy trying to secretly indulge in his love for Android.

[Thanks John!]