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io-logoThe 2009 Google I/O was HUGE for not only Android , but everyone who attended the event:  everyone who attended got a Google Ion and while not directly Android related, the company announced Google Wave. Today Google announced Google I/O 2010 on May 19th and 20th in San Francisco and promised even more Android goodness:

I/O 2010 will be focused on building the next generation of applications in the cloud and will feature the latest on Google products and technologies like Android, Google Chrome, App Engine, Google Web Toolkit, Google APIs and more. Members of our engineering teams and other web development experts will lead more than 80 technical sessions. We’ll also bring back the Developer Sandbox, which we introduced at I/O 2009, where developers from more than 100 companies will be on hand to demo their apps, answer questions and exchange ideas.

They’ve already announced a bunch of sessions, 4 of which are Android related:

  • A Beginner’s Guide To Android
  • Casting a wide net: how to target all Android devices
  • Home sweet home
  • Writing real-time games for Android redux

That last one looks really interesting and I’m sure more will be added as we get closer to the event. But you probably shouldn’t wait until closer to the event to buy your tickets – last year it sold out well before go time.

Register now through April 16th for the discounted price of $400 or if you’re a student/professor or member of academia grab a limited number of special $100 tickets. Wait too long and the price will be $500, or even worse, they’ll be sold out!

I’m not sure Google can top last year’s event, but if they even try, it will set a precedent where year after year everyone is expecting Google to make a huge splash annually and will probably be compared to another event the tech industry loves.

In any case, Google I/O 2010 promises to be a big day for Android so put this on your calendar in permanent marker!

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  1. I’m very excited to see “Writing real-time games for Android redux.” I watched last year’s session online a couple of times and I came to the realization that the speaker Chris Pruett is one of the smartest I’ve heard speak.

    I’m wondering if Replica Island will be finished by the time the session comes around. Would be quite funny if it didn’t.

  2. Free N1 for each and everyone?

  3. I’m wondering about the phone give-aways, too. People have come to expect it after the last 2 years. A shiney new Nexus 1 would certainly make the $400 easier to swallow, but I’d still have to take vacation time from my day job, travel and hotel expenses… but sure would be fun!

  4. I wonder if I can get my job to pay for this – lol

  5. i so want to attend this year but getting a B-2 visa to the U.S is not easy at all, im worried if i registered and ended up refused by the u.s embassy, im going to lose my money.
    UGGHHH i cant make my mind.

  6. Its on a Wednesday and Thursday?! I wont be able to get out of school AND work. BLAST!

  7. I preordered my ticket last week ;). May can’t come quick enough.

  8. Wish I could attend.

  9. ughhh i just remembered, i promised my parents to take them on a vacation to Europe sometime in May or June, i cant afford going to both U.S and Europe in the same year :(

  10. A ticket fron Belgium to SF would be $1600 or €1000. :(

    I guess I will just check out some videos online and do something else with that kind of money.

    Would love to attend the event though.

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