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The moment everyone has been waiting for the past few weeks is finally here! For those of you who ordered a Nexus One on launch day received free overnight shipping and should of received it yesterday afternoon. We got ours yesterday and thought we would give you a quick unboxing video of the long awaited device. We should have some more videos (including a comparison between the Nexus One and the Droid) within the next few days – as we want to give it an accurate review – so stay tuned for that.





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  2. awesome… come on Verizon! get on it.

  3. mine is being shipped as we speak! i’ll get it tomorrow. can’t wait ^^

  4. that video sucked was dark looking :P

  5. I would have one if they shipped it to rest of europe too besides UK. Wonder how long do we have to wait.

  6. I got 2 … coming tomorrow! :))

  7. Awesome! I wish I could get one! :D

  8. Haven’t ordered mine yet. The damn button is still greyed out so I can’t get past the first page. :)

  9. This phone is good and all but where or should i say when is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 coming out.

  10. I’ve been using the Nexus1 for the past 2 months. The voice input feature for all text box is one of the most useful upgrade. I can use it for texting and email with very little use of the keyboard. Most of the leaks did not cover this feature, but to me it’s extremely useful. Voice recognition improves quite a bit with the dual microphone for noise cancellation in the Nexus1.

    I’ve been using the N1 and Droid side-by-side for a couple of weeks for comparison purpose. IMHO, N1 is much nicer to use, no disrespect for the Droid and what it has accomplished. I’m waiting for the Verizon version of N1.

    Everyone knows about the hardware specs now, and it’s cutting edge. The gorgeous AMOLED screen is noticeably more colorful than both Droid and iphone. I have used many phones in the past year (iphone, G1, Magic, Droid), and this phone is definite what I think all Android phone should at least be. I hope you all have a chance to get and use one.

  11. I dont think its worth all the fuss. In 3 months there will be another phone who pushes it aside and the cycle will continue. Once 2.1 is released most android phones will be able to compete on par with the N1 and every other droid out there.

  12. Anyone know if the headphone has a mic?

  13. @kidphat. Yes, the headphone has a mic and 3 buttons to control the music player. Unfortunately, you cannot use it to initiate or terminate a call.

    @swazedahustla. And in 6 months, there’ll be better phones than the one you will get in 3 months. Keep waiting for the next best thing on the horizon forever and you won’t get to enjoy what is good right now.

  14. Not all that were ordered on Jan 5 arrived on Jan 6. For some reason, mine wasn’t shipped until Jan 6 even though I ordered it before 2:30 CST on Jan 5.

    Oh well, I’m taking a “sick” day to sit home waiting on it :-). Of course, I probably get more done at home than at work.

  15. Thanks a lot Droidz. My Nexus One should be shipping soon. So excited!!

  16. I got one yesterday. So far, I love it :)

    Except for the fact that i now need to buy yet another car-charger :). My G1 had a miniUSB connection. The Nexus One a microUSB… What’s next? NanoUSB? :)

  17. Droidz wrote on January 7, 2010

    @kidphat. Yes, the headphone has a mic and 3 buttons to control the music player. Unfortunately, you cannot use it to initiate or terminate a call.
    @swazedahustla. And in 6 months, there’ll be better phones than the one you will get in 3 months. Keep waiting for the next best thing on the horizon forever and you won’t get to enjoy what is good right now.

    My point, im not waiting on anything. I have what I wanted and im perfectly happy with it.

  18. The Droid is better then the current version of the N1 because it is on verizon, and it has a physical QWERTY keyboard. When the N1 comes out on Verizon, then there will be a fair comparison of the Nexus One and the Droid. Verizon is leaps and bounds better than any other wireless service provider in the U.S. giving the Droid a huge advantage over other android based phones, including the N1. BUT….the fatter version of Luke Wilson was correct, we can’t talk and be on the web at the same time….hahahahahahahaha

  19. I’d have one, except Google in all of their infinite wisdom decided people with families shouldn’t have the N1. Why do you hate families, Google?

  20. Between my girlfriend and roommate, Ive had the joy of handling a G1, Cliq, and Droid, and I have to admit, My Nexus One easily takes the crown. I was first to say I couldn’t do without a keyboard after my g1, and I was wary this might be a mistake buying the N1, but Im glad to say the keyboard experience is pleasant. The phone is incredibly zippy and for those upgrading from a previous android device you will appreciate this 10 fold. The display is gorgeous and i feels great in hand, extra light. A couple Iphone enthusiasts wanted to take a look at the so called “iphone clone” but after flashing the display, I could quickly notice a smidge of jealousy. If your on debating whether the phone is worth grabbing, I assure you, it is.

  21. Anton. stick a mini usb connector into the N1 and see what happens. i find the htc connectors and mini usb are cross compatible.

  22. They didn’t all ship at the same time, unfortunately. My wife and I ordered ours within minutes of each other, but she got hers yesterday and mine arrives today.

    Playing with hers yesterday I found that I didn’t miss having a physical keyboard at all. I can actually type significantly faster on the N1 in landscape mode than I can on the Droid’s physical keyboard.

  23. Yeah I can’t surf the web, and watch youtube videos, and call, and text while I’m driving…darn Verizon keeps me from multi tasking! ;) I MUST get on AT&T so I can look like Luke Wilson too!

  24. I don’t know, I was in the HTC camp till I played with the Droid at the Verizon store and got to know my way around it. I seriously want a Droid now. But seeing as my contract isn’t ready for a renew yet I might have a chance to go the N1 route once it comes to Verizon. And I gotta say the Droid has one of the best screens EVER, even more so than the iPhone. I kind of liked the physical keyboard too, where as I’ve been using a virtual keyboard for several months now and love it.

  25. I wish I could afford one. Google has priced it well out of my reach so all these reviews are just irritating to me. Poverty is not fun…

  26. This is sweet. Just talked to a verizon wireless rep who told me that if I wanted a dataplan only for mobile phones (no voice) I should be able to do this for $35/month. That is $5 cheaper than with t-mobile. However with this I can’t “legally” tether, but that is not why I’m getting it. So with a Dataplan in connection with Google voice and Gizmo5 (or Google Voice+Sipgate.com+sipsorcery.com) I could make unlimited phonecalls within the US and pay 2 cents a minute for international, straight from my phone. Hmmmmm…. And the idea of not being able to talk and use the data at the same time will be voice on Verizon because I will use Data only. Hmmmmm… So the big difference will be do I choose CDMA and bigger network in the USA, or do I choose GSM and faster network plus the capability to use the phone in Europe… what to choose.
    anyone want to comment on this?

  27. Got mine 1 hour ago it’s sweet. The screen is so big and there is way more detail than before. This is the Android phone I’ve been waiting for since I got my G1 in November 2008

  28. @Bob B. Yeah, I’m a victim of the great digital divide too. Sucks to be us….

  29. Sorry Alejandro,

    Not sure where you get your information but you are entitled to your own opinion. But IMO verizon is not the best wireless provider in the US. I understand you say that because you have it, but my whole team at work also has it and I listen constantly to their complaints about dropped calls and not getting signals in certain areas.

    Me on the other hand am on the most RELIABLE network, and I don’t get dropped calls, shady signals or any of that.

  30. So much for N1 having such a big screen, one day later T mobile announces the HD2 with a 4.3″ touchscreen w/SENSE UI. lol

  31. Had mine since yesterday just amazing can’t wait for the dock to be released.

  32. How is the screen visibility in direct sunlight? Better or worse than the iPhone screen?

  33. So does the phone come with the sd card or no?

  34. @Swehes

    Actually, the Android Data Plan from T-Mobile is $24.99/month, that’s $10 cheaper than that for Verizon.

  35. @Kaden The phone comes with a 4GB microSD card.

  36. @Jon
    Don’t you need a voice plan to get the data plan for $24.99?

  37. @Jon
    Just talked to a T-mobile rep and he said that for a Data Plan only, it is $39.99 a month. Link on T-mobile’s website is here:

  38. Got mine yesterday. Woohoo! Busy transferring files and stuff…awesome…

  39. lol @ those who got sucked into the Droid and the “This phone is a robot, this phone will shank your grandmother when she sleeps”

  40. sucks that if you want to buy out of your verizon contract and start a new one to get the N1 at subsidized price, you cant keep your number! so those of us under contract are forced to pay full price if we want an N1

  41. I got one. :) And sorry verizon is not the fastest network anymore.

  42. got mine today. bought it unlocked and moved to the even more plus plan. i must have missed or forgotten the fact that you have to pay $35 when you change over to a non-contract plan, kind of annoying. This phone is a thing of beauty. ive been slumming it with a tmobile shadow for the past 2yrs, what an upgrade. Couldn’t be happier.

  43. soooooo the charger is not a usb wall charger….
    isnt that going back a step?

  44. I got mine today and it is sweet! I’m a poor guy too but I knew what I wanted in a smartphone and have been saving up for one. I new the N1 would be it once I saw the specs.

    @brett it comes with a USB wall charger and a USB to USB cable for the PC.

  45. I really want this phone and yeah i can shell out the ulocked price (since i dont want to lose my 1000 minute with unlimited data, sms, mms plan for $74 a month and yes im off contract)but i rather wait for my Bday (in 18 days) to see what else is offered or just keep my modded G1

  46. I’ve had it since the day after (Jan 6). I am in love with this phone. I’ve been pushing it to it’s limits…

    Battery is very good, no hiccups, I’ve only had one force close, and that’s something I havent seen again (so it must’ve been something i did myself).

    I always tell people now…I basically have a netbook in my pocket. The hardware specs, the computer like customization…this phone is what I have always wanted, a mini computer…

  47. @iDavey
    That is cool. :)

  48. @Droidz “@kidphat. Yes, the headphone has a mic and 3 buttons to control the music player. Unfortunately, you cannot use it to initiate or terminate a call.”

    hold the play button to terminate a call.

    @methodz a mini-usb would not fit, it’s a micro-usb port…

    @swazedahustla i’ll take 3.7 inch android over 4.3 inch windows any day

    @rzeppy sure you can, set up the new account with a new number, call t-mobile, port your number…

    @brett lewis i personally like them seperate, i can leave the wall charger plugged in (the only close plug is behind the bed) and still have the usb next to my computer

  49. I got my unboxing too!!!

    @Eddie Android: You can get Even More Plus plan 1000 minutes with unlimited text and data for $69.99 -_-

    @swazedahustla: Except HD2 is Windows Mobile phone which is not even a valid Mobile OS in today’s world anymore. OS X Mobile on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry are the 3 major players in Smartphone OS nowadays and buying Windows Mobile is basically downgrading yourself to oblivion…

  50. I got mines yesterday and I can def. say I am in LOVE!

  51. WILL it ever come to canada at all. Why does technology and canada not a good fit right away? I hope wind mobile gets it.

  52. Releasing this for only T-Mob is like Honda releasing their newest hybrid to Bill and Fred’s Excellent Autos, of Peoria, Illinois and Duluth, MN.
    The incompatibilty issues and completely different technologies in the various networks/carriers makes for infuriating “progress”. If this were a dictatorship, someone would be able to tell all of them “hey boneheads, stick to one standard!”

  53. sorry Swaze Verizon has been tested over and over again and it beatsem all…look it up instead of listing to the few complants about droped calls.

  54. Nexus on HD2? i cant decide

  55. swazedahustla,

    General consensus is that Verizon has the best overall network in the continental US. Here is some data showing VZW 1st overall to back it up, http://cell-phone-providers-review.toptenreviews.com/, but to base your opinion off of a few work friends and their experiences is pretty biased. So I say to YOU, not sure where you got YOUR information, but this isn’t really an opinion based response.

  56. WILL it ever come to canada at all. Why does technology and canada not a good fit right away? I hope wind mobile gets it.

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