Lenovo Announces Android Phone: LePhone


At their press conference yesterday during CES Lenovo announced an Android phone: LePhone.  I don’t like LeName – seeings how it’s headed toward China and not France but you know – whatevs! Seems to be a nice enough device. The candybar phone has a 3.7 inch 480X800 display, front and rear facing cameras, and a Snapdragon processor. Gizmodo also mentions it will come with a dock that will give it a qwerty keyboard, long-life battery and has speakers built in. Hmm.


Noah from PhoneDog got his hands on one and posted a video for the world to see. Looks pretty cool, thanks Noah!

[ InformationWeek | Gizmodo | PhoneDog ]


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  1. Yeah, some of us ate playing with Lenovo’s new SDK. It is based on Android 1.6. BTW I think their GUI looks a lot better than default android’s.

  2. I meant, “are playing”. Chinese folks won’t see this video, because youtube is banned in China ;)

  3. i’m hoping that phone DOES NOT come to the US, because then people will be justified in calling it an iphone knockoff. they didn’t even ATTEMPT to hide where they got their inspiration from.

  4. Apple laid the design foundation for the ideal touchscreen phone, and now we have another manufacturer making a similar mobile…

  5. le comes from the chinese word meaning HAPPINESS and is also the obvious first two characters of lenovo. that’s where the name’s coming from.

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