Rhapsody No Longer Giving Android the Blues


For those of you out there that have been itching to get your hands on some iTunes like application for your Android device, Rhapsody has officially announced the release of a public beta program. Check out the official release:

If you’re up on all the latest tech news, then you’ve already heard of Google’s brand new Nexus One phone, the latest in its Android line. Now, Rhapsody is pleased to announce the launch of a public beta program for our new Android app, which allows you to stream all 8 million songs in Rhapsody’s catalog while at the same time calling your mother and responding to your mother’s new Tweet. If you own a Droid, G1 or any other Android device, you are invited to visit us on our Facebook page to register to be a part of the beta test group. Non-Rhapsody subscribers are also eligible and will have the opportunity to try Rhapsody at no cost for seven days. Thank you for helping us create a premium mobile music experience!


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  1. Does anyone know if the Rhapsody app will reduce my monthly Tmobile bill?

  2. When I click the link it opens up an email with a subject and a message giving instructions but does not give an email recipient address. Does anyone have the email address that the email is suppose to be sent to?

  3. WOW… This is very exciting news!

  4. The facebook page shows a Windows Mobile phone as an Android device.

  5. [email protected] – very cool indeed

  6. Why use this when Spotify has been on Android/Iphone for some time now

  7. Because spotify isn’t available in the US. If you know a way to get spotify for android in the US, do tell.

  8. Spotify isn’t available in US.

  9. Agreed. It’s the only choice we have until Spotify comes to the US. Rhapsody promised this app before the New Year and apparently only sped up the development because of the whole Spotify/Android speculation. I for one have been a member of the full Rhapsody for years. But after they released the iPhone app before Android, I’ll be ditching Rhapsody once we have another choice on Android. The only reason Rhapsody is in business is because people are anti-Apple. The fact Rhapsody dragged their feet so long will be a huge blunder.

  10. “iTunes like”? Hardly. I can use Rhapsody on my PC and still run other programs, and not worry about any other crap being installed! :-) This is very good news- I really like Rhapsody!

  11. Has any one received a reply from they Beta request yet? I currently have a Napster subscription that I use with my Creative Zen, but I’ll ditch Napster if I get access to the Rhapsody app!

    (And unless Spotify is crippled in the US because of legalities, I’ll ditch them both when that is released in the US)

  12. Everybody is coming at android nowadays

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