Verizon Wireless Has Free Droid Battery Doors


(Updated) So for those of you who haven’t tried the DIY Motorola Droid battery door fix, Verizon Wireless has been shipping off free battery cover replacements. Although currently sold out, you can keep checking Verizon for more availability and save yourself a few bucks for the minor nuisance of a loose battery cover.mot_droid_std_bat_cov

Update: Within the last hour or so the price on VZW’s site when from “Free” to $3.74.

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  1. glad they are doing this, mine just fell off and got lost friday night.

  2. Yeah mine has popped off twice in the past few days as well. I put in an email to my local vzw rep this morning to see if they have any covers I can grab since the site is out of stock..

  3. I grabbed 3 on the site a few days ago. Mine is slowly getting looser and I can customize these new ones.

  4. It’s about time. I got my droid about a week after it was available and have lost my bat door 4 times, once it was run over by a car before I found it. Verizon told me it was my fault and wanted to charge me for it. After the first time, the manager (Darling) in a Sanford FL store said if it happened again, she would replace the phone thinking it was a defect in the case. When it happened again (day it was run over and ruined) she denied offering that and I would have to pay a re-stocking fee. I went to another store and they happily replaced the door. Not good to see Verizon acting this way. I hope this means they will now stand behind their phones.

  5. I went to the link for vzw. But has a price for it? How do I get the free one?

  6. josh: Dang.. it went from Free to $3.74 pretty quickly..

  7. The price keeps rising, now $4.99. I think these should be free since there must be a design defect for this many people to have problems.

  8. Now it’s up to $4.99? What’s up with that?

  9. I saw this on Droid Coupons a while ago, and had been checking. Last night it was on there, but of course sold out, but today, (only a few hours later) it’s not on there, not even for a fee. At least for my location.

  10. Now it’s not on their store at all! Can someone send me a direct link to it?

  11. Are these improved battery covers? I think they are just the same ones that come with the phone and will probably keep sliding off.

  12. I initially had a problem with my new Droid crashing, so I had to send it back for a replacement. Along with a crash-free existence, I also have no problem with my battery door…it’s actually fairly hard to get it off. Wonder if this was a problem with the first batch of Droids that’s since been rectified…

  13. To tighten a loose Droid battery door: Hold the door with the fingertips of both hands along the two longer sides, and the tips of your thumbs against the black rubberized side of the indentation. Press with your thumbtips and pull with your fingertips, gently but firmly, just enough to bow the metal a little, taking care not to crease it. After testing the door, repeat if needed.
    I can’t believe I’m the first to think of this.

  14. now is $4.99, vzw sux

  15. bunch of idiots on slickdeals put in for 3, that don’t even own droids, just to flip them on ebay.
    so angry.

  16. You can call motorola directly and they ship you a new one. It takes a while (about 8 days) but it was free…


  17. Poor quality from Motorola. Whatever happened to all their Six Sigma boasting?

  18. 3. Minja wrote on January 4, 2010

    I grabbed 3 on the site a few days ago. Mine is slowly getting looser and I can customize these new ones.

    An example of why they are no longer free.

  19. Dude what the crap? Is it are fault the cover was not built right…after we paid a lot of money for the droid?

  20. Babies.

  21. My Battery door came off a few times fixed it myself, But after less than four weeks of buying phone it started running slow and battery even on standby runs out in less than 4 hrs and it crashes and says forced close or wait on everything. this is second time to verizon store, getting new one today. They documented first time. Said I get new if happened again. I will let you know. Otherwise love the phone.



  23. If you call up vzw and tell them about your door being loose they will send you a new one if your phone is covered under the warranty which in many cases it still is since the phone has been out for only 3 months

  24. I had my droid for TWO DAYS! And the battery door fell off and was lost. I love my droid otherwise, excellent phone. Construction could be better. To those of us with battery life issues I would have to say that since I’ve heard so many negative comments on task killer, I just figure to always remember to close all windows.

  25. Now the door is $4.99 on verizon

  26. Finally lost my door to my droid. Called Motorola at 847-576-5000 told them that I lost my original door because it was loose. Took 5 minutes, easy as can be. They sent me a new one free of charge.

  27. Just called Motorola as T suggested. No problem. Took down my information and sending a new back cover to replace the lost one. Thanks T.

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