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Motorola Droid Battery Cover Falling Off? Fix It Yourself!


Roll up your sleeves, use your noggin’ and contribute a little elbow grease and the world is yours. A common complaint for the Motorola Droid is miniscule in the grand scheme of things, but if your darn battery cover keeps coming off when you pull it out of your pocket you’re in luck – there is a DIY solution:

droid-battery-cover-fixI gave it a quick whirl and it appears to work at least in concept. Whether finagling and everyday use will return the cover to its previously annoying position is a question that can only be answered in time. But hey – this takes about 2 minutes and is definitely worth a try if the initial problem is bothering you at all in the first place.

Let us know how it works for you!

[Gadgeteer via jkontherun]

Rob Jackson
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  1. It seems to work for me a week ago.

  2. HA! I KNEW this could become a problem…I was just waiting to see when people would start having issues.
    What tipped me off you ask? When I was buying my Droid on the Verizon website, the SECOND “accessory” listed out of about 30 was “Extra Battery Cover”.
    I knew it was bad news to see this being offered before the phone was even released! Although mine has been fine, it’s good to see there’s an easy fix for anyone having issues (or in case I start having issues in the future).

  3. I had my battery cover fall off the first day. I bought the body glove cases and *voila* cover doesnt come off!

    Now…how do I get the body glove case off? That thing is like a tank.

  4. For heavy users (e.g., business users) a spare battery is a must. You can’t always tie yourself to a charging outlet. If you change the battery often, you will eventually drop/bend/sit on the battery cover. I suspect offering it is born of experience, not as a CYA for a problem.

    For what it’s worth, I’d rather have a battery I can change when I need to. If my phone runs out of power when I’m on the road, or on my feet, I need to be able to bring it to life now, when when I can get to an outlet.

  5. I lost two covers in 10 days and the third kept falling off. Verizon’s first solution was to put a post it in between the battery and cover, which worked a little, but not good enough to prevent it from falling off several times a day. After some more bs from them, I demanded and received a new phone. After 3 weeks, this cover has fallen off only once. The cover is a perfect fit flush with the top whereas the old one never really lined up. There was always a space in between.


  6. That is one way to do it, I suppose. I actually bent those metal hooks on the cover a bit inward, and it now very much stays put.

  7. All you have to do is email motorola and they will send you s new battery cover…Thats what i did

  8. So what email did you use to contact motorola about a new battery cover?

  9. Her is an ever easier fix: Just slightly BEND the metal battery cover so that the edges sit a bit higher from the back of the phone than the center. It worked for me, and took about 2 seconds. :-)

  10. Not a big deal?! This is an expensive phone. What kind of confidence does it give a user when the phone can’t even keeps it’s battery cover on? Android may be great, but the Droid is poorly made.

  11. The best “fix” for this problem is to return the Moto for an Eris or a Hero

  12. I have had my droid for about a month 0% trouble

  13. I’ve never had this problem. Maybe it’s because I treat my phone with care?

  14. @Jim The Droid is poorly made? Not in the least.

    This was just a design flaw on how the battery cover comes off. The real problem is that the cover is rubberized on the back and that the cover slides down to open. This means anytime you lift the device upward (out of a pocket) the battery cover can catch with that nice rubber and effectively pull down to open it.

    This problem is a minor flaw that hasn’t bugged me too much with my phone. It would be nice if it stayed on better, but it’s not going to make me give up the phone. Motorola could easily come out with a different cover (maybe without the rubber coating) that would hold on better.

  15. How about not putting a big, touchscreen phone in your pocket? It’s one of the stupidest things I see people do with touchscreens and then they wonder why it doesn’t work properly over time. Pocket lint is as bad as dust collecting in a computer, duh. It’s a little computer, period. Treat it as such.

  16. I just took a sticky note and tear it in half. Folded it to fit, stuck it the the inside of the battery cover.

    Viola, super tight!

  17. Where else should we put our phones but in our pocket? I am not a belt clip holster type of guy.

  18. I lost my battery cover in Las Vegas four days after getting the phone. I realized I had lost it in one of the public bathrooms, I went back and the cover was laying in the middle of the floor! After that I got me a leather case instead.

  19. If you call motorola they have already fixed this problem and made a new cover that’s supposed to not fall off. Its free and they will mail it to you. I called today and they said 5-7 business days. I hope this ones better

  20. I got my battery cover today and the new ones great. It has a rougher underside so its not so slippery and slide off and also the the little dimple at the end on the cover that locks in they made it deeper so it locks in tighter. Huge improvement. Everyone should call Motorola to get your new cover

  21. I got my phone in December and the cover does not come off easily. Actually, it requires a fair amount of pressure to remove it. I guess Brian (#19) is right that they have fixed it in current phones.

  22. Got the droid 3 weeks ago. It has fallen off in the car, at home, on a plane and as I stepped from the car….all multiple times with 3 different covers. All covers replaced at a Verizon center. Will try Motorola direct…bet they are on backorder!

  23. Lost my back, called motorola, sent me a free replacement (5-7 days). Went to Verizon store, rep said they were out of stock said it would take 3 days to get, for 4.99.

    If you can wait 2-3 more days its free.

  24. Yeah, this will happen to everybody that has purchased a Motorola Droid. Really easy fix. I purchased clear, round envelope sealers (about 1 inch diameter). Half on the battery cover, half on the case. Door won’t come off. If you need to get to the battery, peel it off. After the battery cover is back on, peel and stick another one.

  25. I put a piece of transparent scotch tape over the top of the cover. Works perfectly. Costs very little. Takes no time. Downside is it’s not pretty.

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