Nexus One Round Up


So, since we have been a little off in terms of our Nexus One news with New Years Eve and the designated recovery day afterwards, here is a Round Up with tons of juicy tidbits for you all:

Nexus One on AT&T?!?!?

Although this is completely hearsay, but one of BGR’s contacts reports that there will be an AT&T 3G-compatible version of the Google Nexus One. BGR’s contact describes AT&T’s version as being an unlocked model and that the T-Mobile unit will be locked to T-Mobile. Since little is known about Google’s deals with other carriers we urge caution on this one until the Nexus One launch on Tuesday.

Google Nexus One Impressions.

Engadget has their own Nexus One. They gave a  full analysis and break down on Google’s new phone. The HTC and Google device runs Android 2.1 with:

  • 1GHz Snapdragon CP
  • 3.7-inch, 480 x 800 display
  • 512MB of ROM, 512MB of RAM
  • 4GB microSD card (expandable to 32GB)
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash


Engadget reports that the Nexus One “thus far is the fact that it’s really not very different than the Droid in any substantial way.”  They do, however, say that the build and look is superior to the Droid. They found the Nexus one to be faster then the Droid “but it’s not so much faster that we felt like the doors were being blown off. It is very smooth, though we still noticed a little stuttery behavior (very slight, mind you) when moving between home pages. Still, opening applications and moving between them was super speedy, as was Google maps, and any area of the phone where you’ve got to get through long lists.”

Google has also made visual enhancements and minor UI  fixes. There are a set of new live animated wallpapers. Google has changed its application menu navigation by scratching the sliding drawer for a  direct home button which now wrap around a 3D cube. Homescreens have been upped from three to five and lets you quickly navigate between them by long pressing on the new dots that represent homescreen pages not in view. Engadget also reports that the Google Nexus One has new animations and that Android 2.1 feels “way more polished than previous iterations (including the Droid’s 2.0.1), though it’s still got a ways to go to matching something like the iPhone or even Pre in terms of fit and finish.”


New Nexus One Videos!!!!

For those of you who have been wanting to know and see more about this new Google device. With the launch coming tomorrow here are a few videos of the Nexus One. First up, a video of the new animated homescreens:

This video shows someone who was able to run a benchmark on the Nexus One:

This video gives us a good look at the Google News and Weather app and widget, the desk clock, and new gallery that have been ported over to a Motorola Milestone:

That should hold you over while you look forward to Engadget’s full review and Google’s conference!

[ BGR | Engadget | AndroidandMe ]

Motorola Droid Multitouch Browser

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  1. This phone in and of itself isn’t enough of a reason for Google to hold a special press conference *right before CES*
    I’m still hoping for google voice + gizmo5 integration

  2. The announcement of the Nexus One tomorrow by Google is obviously no big surprise to anyone. What I’m hoping to hear is some sort of comment on impending versions for other carriers besides T-Mobile.

  3. Lack of pinch zoom bothers me more on the photo gallery as the Dolphin browser already has pinch zoom.

  4. You know, I’m getting bored of the Nexus One already and it hasn’t even been officially announced!

  5. “With the launch coming tomorrow”… Do we know it’s actually being launched tomorrow? Was that confirmed somewhere? I sure hope so, but I’m afraid it’s more like some official announcement of the launch which will actually be a few months from now.

  6. this is such old news. does phandroid get there news a few weeks later than everybody else?

  7. Google has to have more than this in store. However its still an Iphone killer as has been just about every other Android phone. Ita funny to watch phone after phone receive praises in reviews and then have the reviwer say its not an Iphone killer with no explanation. Or worse yet they hunt for any obscure plus they can find for the Iphone.

  8. Is it better than the droid? yes (albeit no keyboard).But does it meet the hype from the last 3 months? NO.
    Obviously Google can’t trust their employees to keep a secret. And because followers have been subjected to 3 months of headache-inducing shaky videos of not-so-revolutionary nexus features, not only does the nexus seem “old” before it even came out but it’s already been rooted as well.
    Google needs to take some lessons from Apple when it comes to product launches.

  9. I hope Google have more to announce than just this.
    Maybe 2.2 and a whole line of new phones…

  10. Lot’s of speculation around that Google might be announcing some sort of Spotify integration with Android 2.1 (or maybe just the Nexus One) for the US.

    That would be so awesome.

  11. If the AT&T rumor is true, that would be a huge shocker tomorrow. “From the only carrier of iphone, comes google yadda yadda” Good way to slap apple in the face.

    I will be patiently waiting for the next gen phones on sprint. I didn’t jump at the hero in the end because of some basic issues I didn’t like. Maybe it will be the Nexus One or maybe it will HTC’s line up. I can’t imagine HTC not releasing the identical phone in their portfolio.

  12. I would just go crazy over a nexus one on att!

  13. If this is released as an unlocked phone on ATT; Google also needs to subsidize it. Very few people will pay $530 for a phone. If it only runs on TM, its an instant failure. TM just does not have enough customers, and this phone is not revolutionary enough to gain them new ones.

  14. Good move for ATT since they will probably have to share the iphone with Verizon this year.

    Bad move for Google as ATT has one crappy network.

    Move along, there is nothing more to see here.

  15. Still waiting for a keyboard.

  16. The phone looks awesome. Speed is what I need coming from a G1. I’m certainly going to order one when they are available.

    Hopefully there will be a few more announcements to go along with the phone. T-mobile announcing their HPSA upgrades will be going live would be awesome.

  17. @acculabs
    I think this is going to be interesting.. I have often wondered if maybe there was something wrong with the i-phone, or if it was the network.. phone calls, are not placed over the 3G network.. to blame dropped calls on 3G data usage doesn’t make sense. Since this phone is different hardware from a different manufacturer with a similar type of usage, we will finally find out if maybe there is something wrong with the i-phone hardware (blasphemy i know), or if indeed it is the network.

  18. Google’s high level of ethics is a selling point for me!

  19. does anyone else think the long-touch to direct access a homescreen is a useless feature? in the time it takes for the menu to pop up, you could’ve just manually swiped over to the home screen you wanted.

  20. @thelee: I had the audio turned off, are the screen thumbnails live? if so you could have a wave of status widgets that are readable in the screen thumbnail view, and thus not have to actually change screens back and forth.

  21. So whats the deal with no multi-touch? Does Apple really have a patent or something? If so thats just lame…seriously Apple, you like impeding progress just because it doesn’t come from you? There’s got to be an easy explanation I know, but I haven’t seen anything authoritative on the subject. I’m so over Steve Jobs already.

  22. I’m a Droid owner, and I’m pretty happy with it. In a way, it’s a kick in the nuts to have this usurp my cool phone so soon after I got it, but OTOH, lack of physical keyboard is kind of a deal breaker for me.

    Two thoughts:

    1. I’m very jealous of that processor. It’s usually not a problem, but there are times when the Droid feels a bit sluggish.
    2. Android 2.1. Will we see this on the Droid (without having to root)? Sounds like it fixes a lot of my (minor) gripes about 2.0, especially with the redesigned home screen.

  23. not happy with the grid and the dots at the bottom of the screen. they just take more space, provide not much functionality and dare i say it, downright ugly. i personally prefer the look of the tab from the older versions of the os. i just wish there is an easy way to revert to it. in case there is more function to these dots than switch between screens, why not tuck two triangles to both ends of the old tab and put numeric indicators on them if really needed. but then again that’s just me wishful thinking ;)

  24. how is twice the hardware and computing power not that much different from the droid? oh I see now, I can see the verizon rep sitting on the Engadget reps lap…

    the droid is an overhyped piece of nerdy verizon crap. this phone is going to be the first actual phone that “kills” the iphone. its all in the hardware ladies, its self explaining.

  25. @gambrinus: umm, the processor in the droid and the nexus are about the same. the difference would certainly not help with the sluggishness. there is way more potential for improvement in the android software stack itself. (e.g. applications still run interpreted instead of compiled, and especially the garbage collector is far from perfect /technical blabla)

  26. WHY people think that the iphone will come to verizon is beyond me go to t-mobile uk & almost any other t-mobile website in another country!! they already carry the iphone t-mobile just doesnt carry it in the U.S. yet!

  27. Was excited when I initially heard about this phone. But since this hit the news there’s nothing about this phone that excites me. Other than cosmetic improvements this phone doesn’t do more than my G1. And at $530, I need a good reason to upgrade but haven’t seen any reason to do so. Now if Google would be willing to subsidize the phone and make it affordable then I would make the move. $200 would be reasonable. But $530? Why? What does this phone allow me to do that my G1 can’t do to make me want to fork over $530?


  29. i keep hearing this “doesnt have multitouch is a negative” and i keep wanting to vomit in my mouth…whats wrong with hitting a + or – button and accomplishing the same thing…does multitouch make it that much cooler ? i have a g1 and ive survived with the plus and minus and guess what, pinch zoom and multitouch seem like one in the same and seem unnecessary for the most part…the lack of games in the android market is not a down for me either..i dont understand why people play games on their phones anyhow…the cool apps that android have are far more impressive anyhow…no one but speculating idiots on the internet were calling this phone the end-all to all other phones…what it is, is the best iteration of the android operating system on any phone available yet…with the way tech advances thats all it can be…a year from now there will be android 3.0 or 4.0 and this phone will seem ancient…did anyone xpect more ? free service ? free phone ? change mobilephones forever ? what were u people smoking ? i knew what we were getting and im stoked that my carrier Tmobile will be getting it and hopefully they will let me upgrade my g1…which still runs fast and is awesome…and with tmo’s upgraded 3g net will be awesome with the N1

  30. It amazes me that people say so much about the nexus one. Its either you like it or not no one forcing you to get it. Google never hyped this phone bloggers did. So just let it be and enjoy it whoever getting it.

  31. Yes, “ihatefanboys”, multitouch DOES make it that much cooler.

    What’s wrong with hitting the +/- icons? They don’t work as well, that’s what.

    1. They aren’t centered on the location you want to magnify. With multitouch, you pinch the spot you want to make bigger, and you spread your fingers. Done. With the +/- buttons, you zoom a little, re-adjust the screen to see the spot you wanted, zoom a little more, re-adjust, zoom, re-adjust… It’s ridiculous. It’s bad. It’s DUMB. It’s similar to the difference between using the plus and minus buttons on your desktop computer in Google maps — you could do it, but as soon as you realize the wheel on your mouse does the same thing while zooming on the exact spot you want, you never go back to those stupid plus and minus buttons.

    2. The plus and minus buttons also … oh, y’know what? I’m not even going to bother with reasons 2 and 3, because if you can’t accept #1 there’s no hope for you.

    Honestly, there’s not much of a compelling reason to use any of the new phones over the G1. That’s really sad. The G1 at least has a reasonably designed hardware keyboard, with dedicated number keys and @ key.

  32. @Jo – Its got nothing to do with trust. If you think you can build a company, employing people with 100% loyalty, ur nuts. If you did, it would be a breeding ground for a culture that could actually develop into the super massive all seeing Skynet, people stress about. Leaks exist, deal with it.
    Creating hardware that talks on phone networks requires all sorts of cross business agreements, so whispers and occur from anywhere.
    Nexus info seems “old” to you, as you are actively looking for it, information as never been so easily found. On the flip side, non if my non geek, non tech friends have any idea about a “nexus” much less about android itself.
    Rooting? Its open source retard, it aint that hard to root and apple? Apple has never been as ambitious as Google has and will be in the next 6-12 months :D

    @csc – adapt, hardware keyboards are dead

  33. chewtoy – plz keep in mind that some people, I’d like to say professionals, DO like to use their phones with 1 hand, and Android allows that with +/- buttons. Yes, multitouch is more handy in some cases than +/-, but it’s +/- is easier to use & more productive if you’re actually getting smth done and not playing with the UI full time :))

    I don’t hate fanboys, but it’s kinda similar to judging someone by the quality of “friends” they keep :) and that’s where Apple = AOL for me. Not to mention overprices, poor call quality glorified ‘ipod’ functionality with “content protection”. Maybe Android is not there YET, but it’s sure already way closer than Apple has ever been.
    Can’t wait to see what N1 can do !

  34. @rkaid
    congrats. you have put me in my place. I didn’t think anyone had the cojones to take me and my ‘retard’ opinions on but you have proved that your are a worthy opponent. If I could duel you with swords instead of ideas I would.. because that’s all I have left.

  35. wasn’t it stated that 2.1 was just faster than the previous version. we can only tell when the droid gets it

    ps I’m on the droid so it’s hard to type

  36. PLEASE!!! Someone tell me if this magnificent thing will have a flash player on arrival!!!

  37. What is the music in the last video? Anyone know?

  38. kanogfu, before you get too excited about the falling apple on the Google site, look up Isaac Newton’s birthday. :)

  39. Apple falling is for Newtons Birthday.

  40. Minja it sure is hard to type sometimes but not cause of the Droid but cause the dam spell checker is slow and messes up your words but hey…lol android can make u a he’ll of a speller

  41. @jdimeas: I wouldn’t mind paying $600 to get my hands on one now.

    @rkaid___: You’re absolutely right.

    I’m wondering where or when we will be able to buy one? Haven’t seen that info in this post though I was hoping for it.


  42. As this is almost identical hardware to my HD2, I hope someone clever can now get Android working on my phone ;-)

  43. What interests me most about this phone, is the responsibility for o/s updates.

    If I were part of Google, I’d be pretty unimpressed at how carriers and manufacturers have dealt with bringing phones up to the latest version. We’ve heard of Rogers in Canada, saying “no updates for you, 1.5 is a perfectly good, stable platform”, we’ve heard Samsung saying “1.6 is enough, until we release newer phones”.

    Certainly the distribution of different versions of Android out in the marketplace – something like 27 percent of handsets still using 1.5 out in the wild, seems to argue that fragmentation isn’t easily cured.

    If, with the Nexus One, Google have agreed that they themselves will be responsible for updates on this particular handset, then it gets my vote.

    I’m currently 8 months into a 2 year contract for a phone, where there is apparently no momentum to update beyond 1.6. It makes commercial sense for manufacturers and carriers to build a head of steam behind their next big cash cow, and use the latest version of the o/s as an incentive, but I believe there should be an obligation, over the lifetime of a cellphone contract, to keep the o/s updated.

    Only an opinion

  44. @eabin

    how in the world do you think the droids processor and thr nexus ones processor are the same? the nexus one is almost double!! did i miss something??

  45. Satvic:

    Thanks for your response.

    I didn’t say the existing method of controlling zoom should be removed — I said it sucks compared to multitouch.

    I stand by that statement. And I think the suggestion that any work involving more than one hand is “playing” is silly.

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