2 Android Devices Lead Time’s Top 10


Time Magazine just published a whole lot of different “Top 10” lists in a Top 10 of Everything 2009. One of the categories was – you guessed it – gadgets. And I was a bit suprised to find that not one but TWO Android devices were in the Top 2 positions.


Can you guess which ones they are? Probably not…


There you have it… the Motorola Droid and the Barnes & Noble Nook eReader lead the pack of ALL gadgets in 2009. That’s pretty sweet! And as a bonus round we have a PC World article of the Top 10 Cell Phones of 2009:



In this case Android Phones made up 5 of the Top 10 phones of 2009:

(1) Moto Droid
(3) Moto CLIQ
(5) MyTouch 3G
(7) Behold 2
(10) Droid Eris

I think the Droid Eris (and all HTC Hero phones) should be ahead of the Behold 2, especially because of it owned the smartphone world for a bit of time.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Incredible that the Hero is not in thoses lists oO (well, one is last of the second list).

    How thoses lists are made ? Number of sales ? Votes ? Personal choice from the authors ?

  2. ugh…. someone shoot that editor….

    mt3g does not have a keyboard
    pre is a slider not a candybar
    eris does not have a hardware keyboard

    i know it’s nitpicky… but this is from a pretty reputable website right?

  3. read it again friend

  4. Hero/Eris (why does the Eris get all the love?) should be ahead of the MT3G, Behold II and Cliq…

  5. I’m sorry my my G1 still kick ass- That should be up there.. somewhere. . .

  6. Wheres the Sprint HTC Hero?!?!?

  7. you read it agian friend…. right under the three i mentioned
    keyboard: yes

  8. Well I’d sure like to know what site YOU are looking at. I checked the PC World link and it specifically mentions that the mt3g does NOT have a physical keyboard. The Time link is just names.

  9. Ah I see what you’re looking at, under the Specs tab in the PC World reviews. Well, technically it’s correct, the User Interface DOES have a keyboard. It’s not a physical keyboard, but it does have one and it doesn’t say it’s a physical keyboard either.


  11. wow android es lo mejor pero no puedo creer que abajo pongan al cliq primero que el mytouch jaja eso ni en bromas apenas el cliq esta en 1.5 y sabra dios si lo actualizan asi que el mytouch es uno de los mejores cel de este ano 100% tu

  12. uh.. so the iPhone and Omnia have NO keyboard, UI or physical? ;)

    happy holidays all

  13. wtf Hero is the last ? He sould be at least the 2nd or the first !
    We want apolozige for the lèse-majesté crime !

  14. What @Raon said. But who cares, really, these lists are for old people who are still using the phone they got for free when they ordered a subscription to Time magazine in 1987.

  15. I am often annoyed by PC World.. However I’ll throw em a bone, and say this list isn’t awful.

  16. As to the physical keyboard debate.. let me state for the record that single wing aircraft will never take off, and be a total failure.. biplanes forever !… I joke (really), I could care less if your preference is to have a physical keyboard, I’m fine without one, but that’s me.

  17. HTC Hero (Euro w/Chin) FTW!!!

  18. iphone?..gag..

  19. @Rob J
    You need to update the phone specs area. The released, upcoming, and rumored is out of date. :)

  20. 2009 will be remembered as the year Android came of age.

  21. @Tom Robson
    I think you will find its actually 2010 that Android comes into its own.

  22. @G8D
    I completely agree, 2010 will be the year Android really begins to make some noise in the smart phone arena. The Droid started off with a bang and that bang will soon be amplified by the likes of NeXus One and the X10 from Sony Ericsson.

  23. yet, still no TIME android app….

  24. @swehes – I agree, but understand there’s a lot to cover as of the last few months. My pro-Android self often points people to this site for info and have felt a little bad when asked why some of the specs aren’t even listed in the phones area of models that have been out for a couple months now. I have to dig the info up from various sources, but would be nice to get it all here as well as have a direct link to the phone pricing for Phandroidians (the “store” link only seems to bring you to accessories).

  25. Moto Droid the best! :)

  26. I personally feel like the Eris and the Cliq should be swapped. I work next to a T-Mobile kiosk, and the ambassador there says he can’t stand the UI on the Cliq. I’ve used both and can say without a doubt the Eris UI is tons better, not to mention the physical design of the phone is better.

  27. Ryan I agree with you on Eris vs cliq…and mytouch3g…it beats the hell out of that phone for sho but I have not played with ether of those phones to give judgement. However I can say that the mytouch3g is likely rated so high by teens. LOL and to the Guy who says g1 should be on the list…..ahhh that’s old news busy…and not that very good news ether lol

  28. I meant to say Eris beats them in looks…other then that I don’t know.

  29. Amazing the CLIW made the list as it fell off the amazon top 100 sellers list… meanwhile the droid fell to 7th place. People who open their wallets and buy the device are the only voters who count

  30. >>CLIW

    CLIQ… oh but who really cares about that POS anyway?

  31. Moto droid ftw! :)

    And the shallow keyboard just takes a little getting used to. I have huge hands and I type on it with no problems at all.

  32. Such a nice end to the year with all this android love, i can only imaging next year with at least 25 new andriod phones coming out, and lets not forget the android tablet and gadgets coming too. 2010 will be definetly be the year of Android.

  33. I’m feeling the Android love. I can’t wait till next year to see all that Android has in store for us; CES 2010 should have some rockin’ sweet stuff in the Android department. Right now I’m kind of stuck with the LG Dare on Verizon but I will gladly give it up for a Droid Eris, or maybe some other new phone yet to appear on Verizon when my contract is up. Glad Verizon is finally selling decent cell phones for a change, and Android on Verizon makes me all warm and fuzzy…now if they could only offer a data plan that actually makes sense in the 21st century. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  34. HTC Droid Eris is pretty much the HTC Hero.

  35. My G1 still rocks….we have the upgrade with a physcial keyboard…

    And the first of it’s time…come on….where the love for the original DROOOOOID!

  36. El htc hero sprint. Its the best. Of all. The last 5 of the list

  37. @jake The T-Mobile G1 was my first Android phone, and while I share the same enthusiasm (albeit posting this from my DROID) The G1 was released in 2008, The list is for 2009, hence its absence so to speak. The G1 still wouldn’t be able to compete on the hardware side of things when you dig down inside, but its still a great, affordable phone on a decent network provided you live in a T-Mobile 3G area.

  38. Oh the Droid, hands down!! Love it!

  39. I still love my G1 and I look forward to the release of the Nexus One in 2010. I wish it had a physical keyboard as well but with a screen that size and how incredible it is, I think I can be accommodated by it just fine.

    With that said I’m very Glad that Android has 5 phones in its top 10 list for 2009, Progress baby!

    Its good that Android is getting in more peoples hands and I’m happy about that regardless of the carrier its on, as long as its not on ATT. lol

  40. I have a cliq. And I have to say that I like it. I don’t know why people are saying bad things about it. I do wish that it had something higher than android 1.5 but its ok. I do like the blur UI. All in all, I think that it is a good phone. So why the bad talking?

  41. You’re kidding!! The ERIS is 10 below the Omnia II and MyTouch 3G. What is wrong with this guy?!

  42. RAKEM that must mean u have the sorry ass T mobile. Service…which makes your phone kinda suck….

  43. Is phandroid over or something??? Six days without a new post.

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