Dec 17th, 2009

HTC has just put four free widgets on Market. These are for Hero and Eris only – naturally Sense UI equipped devices.  I guess this answers our question from yesterday!


Dice: Tap the dice first, and then simply shake (do not throw!) your phone to “throw” the dice. This widget is only for HTC Hero & Droid Eris

Today in History: In this widget, learn about significant events and famous people who were born or who died on this day in history. Tap a link to view the corresponding article on Wikipedia.

Tip Calculator: You can adjust the tip percentage and the number of people in the group before calculating.

Battery: Tap the widget to see more battery information.

This leaves me wondering what more HTC put on the market in the future. If any of you Hero or Eris users download these be sure to let us know what you think!

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