Samsung Saturn Picture Peeps Out?


The first Samsung Android Phone was called the Samsung Galaxy and, like a lot of manufacturers these days, it appears Samsung is sticking with their “out of this world” theme. The Samsung Saturn looks to be an Android Phone launching in Q1 2010 and mobile-review snagged what they say is the first picture:


Tentative rumors put the specs at 800MHz CPU, 3.2-inch touchscreen and Android 1.5. Wait what? Really? Android 1.5? That’s a pretty big disappointment if it’s true but earlier reports also mentioned 2.0 – maybe Samsung is having a hard time upgrading their devices to the newest iteration of Android OS.

Awhile back GSM Arena posted rumored specs which you can see below but keep in mind a rumor is a rumor is a rumor:


Looks a bit lackluster… but we all know how successful a low-cost touchscreen can be. Just look at the LG Cookie which just surpassed 10 million units sold! The pictures are reportedly from Mobile-Review as explained by SamsungHub, but we couldn’t track down the original source info so be warned that this info is walking on thin ice!

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  1. looks like a nice chew toy for my dog.

  2. I am craving a cheap android handset, but sammies look good, they have faster cpus, they don’t look very good though, but better than the g1 (brrrrrrrr)!!!
    I want one now!!!

  3. You write that it will come with Android 1.5, but the specs say Android OS, v2 (Eclair). Why the discrepancy?

  4. Although it looks ‘ok’. My personal experience with Samsung is…THEY NEVER UPDATE THEIR PHONES REGULARLY!!

    That’s why I will never buy a Samsung again, no matter how ‘beautiful’ they make their phone; I know that in the end, they rarely ever update their phones.

    You’re better off taking your chances with HTC or Moto or Nokia (which they say will ‘never’ make an Android phone).

  5. ok, maybe im crazy, but those button icons are the exact same as the moto droid. which makes me think that isn’t the samsung saturn unless they stole the icons. moral of this story, mobile-review is full of shizzzz.

  6. YESS!! Another android phone from Samsung that i wont care about!

  7. Kinda funny how samsung likes to release a phone that is an antique before it hits market. Least it cuts down on the growing multitudes of choices.

  8. I was thinking more along the lines of: “Wait what? Really? 3.2″ touchscreen?” Seriously. Can we dispense with the umpteenth iteration of a 3.2″ HVGA Android phone? PLEASE?!

  9. android 2.0 and we care. 1.5 = yawn.

  10. Samsung CEO today stated in Korea that Samsung plans to launch 20 news smartphones in 2010 and 10 will be Android devices. This is pretty big news so surprised you guys did not pick it up and run with it.

    So clearly if Samsung wants to start with a below current spec Android device for its first of 10, it must have a road map in mind. These guys are not stupid….they plan to differentiate themselves in various ways and as one poster suggested, cost will be one obvious way. Attacking the feature phone market with a clever smartphone device gets more users into the Android/Google ecosystem, gets Samsung greater market share and makes the user feel that he has bought a cheap smartphone.

    So where is the downside?

    Good thinking Samsung.


  11. cute lil’ Fisher-Price fone

  12. @Terran
    Those are the icons you’re likely to find on every ‘google experience’ phone. Means nothing. Crawl back under your bridge, plz.

  13. @modelportfolio- i think youre right in that low-end androids are inevitable, but its bad business. I dont know how much more clear it can be made to carriers that Apple destroyed the mobile scene with its centralized efforts. I see TMO has come out with 4 bottom-of-the-barrel (spec-wise) Androids, each obsolete at inception, while Verizon seems at least somewhat centralized with the Droid. So we have TMO, who advertises their Androids but really doesnt at all get the message out about how capable the Android OS is. Very bad marketing if you ask me. And Verizon shows what the phone can really do in its ads, and offers a high end Android and Time names Droid the ‘(whatever) of the year” while TMO has been focusing on low-end Androids for a good year and every TMO customer who know anything about Android is completely disappointed by TMO’s efforts. I guess my point is that Verizon did in a month or two what TMO cant even conceptualize. Why try to reinvent how a mobile OS should be offered when we’ve already seen what works? I just feel sorry for myself as an original Android lover now stuck in a low-end Android carrier’s contract

  14. on second thought,and no doubt still of topic (my apologies) this is of course all about money. Every carrier knows when the bulk of their customer’s contracts are ending. If their projected sales for the holidays are less than projected sales from whenever their biggest wave of ending contracts is, I suppose they’ll be offering the latest and greatest (which will surely be Android) at that time. Perhaps there’s hope for TMobile (and me) yet.

  15. @jason, no. the only keys that look remotely like all the other google experience phones are the home and search keys. the menu and back button icons are the exact same as the droid and have ONLY looked like that on the droid. i suggest you look into things with more detail before you go spouting off bullshit.

  16. my droid has two of these tasty treats for breakfast every morning, toasted and lightly buttered, and remains lightning fast and svelte.

  17. @terran

    galaxy and galaxy spica have a similar back buttons… and the menu button is pretty generic…

  18. @jason, the menu button is not generic. i have yet to see any other phone with a menu button that has a long bar on top, and 3 smaller bars below it. provide some pictures of other phones you have seen with that exact same menu button and then i will believe you.

  19. davis: I don’t think t-mobile realized what droid would be about. Droid is pushing performance, performance performance and that will lead to a spec war. Anyone who bet on making money off old hardware and ‘experience’ won’t have much to work with.

  20. Samsung really makes some ugly phones IMO.

  21. @ ari-free well from what Ive been hearing T-Mobile is supposed to be getting a droid also

  22. I’m a Galaxy owner, but not for long if they don’t update to 1.6 or 2.0 soon. I will give them until Jan/Feb. These phones are expensive, why do they treat customers so badly?

  23. @James

    Please see comment above (4. Jouten).

  24. @terran…regardless…you’re down to 1 button to make your case, and the ‘google experience’ could quite conceivably be growing more standardized by the day. My optimism is harmless. Your pessimism requires trash talking about folks who may not deserve it. Go away kid.

  25. @jason, you fail to provide any evidence of another phone or phone company using that icon. it doesn’t matter if its just one button, it is the fact that only motorola has used that style of button before leading me to believe that the phone they are saying is a samsung, is not a samsung. and no where, NO WHERE, does it say all google experience phones are going to use the same buttons let alone that the phone in question is a google experience phone. i also fail to see how saying the buttons are the same as a moto droid makes me a pessimist. quit being an elitist dick for two fucking seconds and maybe, just maybe, you will realize that nothing i have said is based off an opinion. you should try thinking before you speak, it would do you well in life. and for the record, i’m no kid ass hole

  26. @Terran

    Check out the Nexus One pics, and STFU plz.

  27. Crimety can we get some keyboards on these androids already?! The droid and the cliq are not enough

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