GeeksPhone One Unboxing


It is a little anti-climatic to put your own product into a box and then take it right back out and call it an unboxing – but nevertheless, TECHNICALLY this is the first unboxing of the GeeksPhone One. Just a few pictures of the process we’re teased with:

Whaddaya think?

[Via GeeksPhone Blog]

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  1. It’s cool but really don’t see the hype about it.

  2. I’ve heard that the internal specs on it are really not geek worthy at all. Fairly average, if not sub-par. Hey though, it looks fairly neat.

  3. ZzzzzzZzzz. I really wish these companies would put together a powerhouse worthy of the name “geeks phone”. So far I’m unimpressed. What are the specs? I want a phone that doesn’t try to keep up with the iPhone but rather surpasses the iPhone by pushing the envelope. We need innovation, not “keeping up with the Jones” (sp). For now, I’m pleased with my Droid.

  4. They lost me when confirming that the phone was going to use the same 528MHz proc as the G1. Was okay for the G1, being the first out and all, but a year later? And trying to capture the “geek” market?

    Nice box, I guess, but who cares about this device any more?

  5. The only reason there is hype is because it’s called a “geekphone”.

  6. How the hell does this phone plan to compete with the Droid or the Bravo? It can’t even compete with the iPhone seeing as it’s got what seems like weaker specs. Good Luck.

  7. There is one thing that makes this phone “geekish” and that is that it comes rooted. Any person has access to the root on this phone. No trix to it. And it has a forward facing camera as well for video calling. :) But other than that the phone is no power house.

  8. it has a stylus and resistive screen

  9. stylus hahahaha!! what is this windows mobile? come on…

  10. >stylus hahahaha!! what is this windows mobile? come on…

    Exactly… Stylus?! what the deuce? Is it 2003?

  11. shiney!!

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