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In the  DockRunner video, some of you noticed that my homescreen had a neat little custom clock widget that sported the Phandroid logo. I got a few comments and Emails asking where you – the awesomest readers and subscribers in the world – could get that widget to show your Phandroid love. Wait no longer!


The widget was created as a “just for fun” project by NoOneHereYet who is an Moderator. But today, our friend made a post on his blog and published Phandroid Clock Widget on Android Market so you can download it now!

If you’re having trouble, just search Android Market for “Phandroid” and you should be good to go. Also note that if you have Phandroid News downloaded, pressing on the clock will load the Phandroid News Android Application so you can get all the latest posts in super-clean fashion directly on your Android Phone!


Thanks a billion to NoOneHereYet for all his hard work… not only on this widget but for his continued leadership on Android Forums. Round of applause ladies and gentlemen!!!

PS: If you visit you can download the APK directly and also download an alternative version of the clock that, instead of launching Phandroid News, will launch in the browser.

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  1. I had to download and show love to my favorite website/widget. I check this site out every morning before I get out the bed. Good job on informing us droid heads everyday.

  2. Way to go NoOneHereYet …. You have now been publish … Respect and Congrats … Thnaks for all your efforts in the Android Community… Not just for this … Your Modding, Wiki, Roor/ROM testing and expert advice…

  3. Thanks, got mine…I do wish there were numbers on the clock rather than lines.

  4. Cool. Thanks for the Phandroid news reference…didn’t know about that app! Downloaded and installed!

  5. ive downloaded the clock widget and cant get the clock to launch…any suggestions?

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