Huawei U8230 Reviewed: No Pulse But Alive And Kickin’


The T-Mobile Pulse was manufactured as the Huawei U8220 but we heard about the U8230 well before any of this. So where is it now? Apparently its in the hands of the folks at pointgphone (translated) who had the pleasure of reviewing the device courtesy of Bouygues Telecom in France:

Make no mistake about it – this is pretty much the EXACT same phone as the T-Mobile Pulse but it will almost assuredly come to market with a different name. The white model seen above will not see the light of day and rather a blue trim will hit the shelves – the reviewers like this as they say the white version seemed more toyish.

What did they conclude?

The Huawei U8230 is clearly not the Android smartphone of the year. That said, if it comes at a fair price and if these defects do not seem insurmountable (low internal storage, APN 3.2 mega pixels, 2.5 mm jack), he still ample satisfy you! Despite a rather classical aesthetics, there was still the mouth and if it does not spark at technical or application, it remains very competitive compared to what you can find on the market today.

Thank you Google Translate. If you want to read the full review… you can do so in either French or gTranslated English – go for it!

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  1. when are companies gonna learn peeps want a flash on their camera’s!!!!!

  2. Just give me a low cost ($300 or less retail) unlocked phone like this in the US! Vanilla Android is all I want. I’m waiting for this, the Pulse, or the Agora. If all 3 don’t measure up, perhaps an enterprising Chinese company will fill that niche.

  3. And yes, I’m aware of the irony that all 3 phones I just mentioned are made in China.

  4. Faster processor? Sense UI? Please!!!

  5. i currently am testing the U8230 and the original UI is very plain was hoping for a Pulse type UI however unable to play around with it enough to flash the features i want on it. It’s a decent phone sound quality is… eh, the dual camera is a nice touch over the G1 (my other android phone), it’s much lighter and slimmer, it’s decent in terms of speed. But in terms of quality it feels like it was put together with duct tape and crazy glue. the USB input is flimsy to say the least (I connected the USB cable to it to charge it and the darn thing felt like it was gonna break in my hand. But all-in-all i think it has its advantages over the G1

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