Nov 11th, 2009

g1navigateAs the first Android 2.0 device, the Motorola Droid was ALSO the first device with Google’s new full featured, turn-by-turn navigation solution called Google Navigation. Since all Android 2.0 will come with this brand new Google Navigation capability, it would have been a safe bet to assume the second device launching with Android 2.0 would be the second device to get Google Navigation, right? Wrong.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the T-Mobile G1, the world’s first ever Android Phone, running with Google Navigation.

This is one of the benefits of “rooting” your phone – installing solutions, apps, integrations and customizations that would otherwise be unavailable. This particular solution came from an XDA member named followinginsanity on page 8 of a thread about – duh – Navigation on your G1. Apparently they’ve got it working pretty flawlessly using a rooted work-around that includes replacing the maps.apk Google provides by default.

If you’re comfortable rooting your phone and doing all that jazz, good luck and enjoy… but I don’t endorse doing this as, if you screw up, I take zero responsibility for your phone breaking or the universe collapsing into itself and imploding the infrastructure of atomic energy while simultaneously destroying the space time continuum. So yeah. Up to you.

[Thanks Tom]

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