Nov 11th, 2009

Usually the way I find out whether a phone’s screen is resistant to scratching is ACCIDENTALLY scratching it and being disappointed I didn’t get a screen protector in advance. Then there is eL777 from AndroidForums who took his car keys and purposely slashed the heck out of the screen to see what would happen:

First of all, I’m impressed by the scratch resistance… good stuff.

Second of all, OH. MY. GOD. That was painful to watch. I have to echo the sentiments of members like raventhegreat2000:

man that was like watching a horror film

And Graz:

Wow you are the man. I sat there cringing

He DID mention that the painted finish of the device elsewhere on the phone (not the screen) sometimes scratched off but the screen itself is looking really good in terms of durability. Glass it is (we assume)!

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