Motorola Milestone Official For TELUS, Early 2010 Launch


Are you a Canadian thinking of plunging your money down on a holiday Android Phone? “Hold that thought-” is essentially what Motorola and TELUS said today in a press release, promising an early 2010 launch of the Motorola Milestone which is essentially Verizon’s Droid renamed.


Here is the full release:

Motorola Marks A Milestone With The Announcement Of Its First Android-Powered Device In Canada

Motorola Milestone™ delivers the experience you’ve always wanted on a mobile device with the world’s thinnest QWERTY slider
November 10, 2009

TORONTO, Ont. — November 10, 2009 — Motorola Canada today announced it will bring its first Android™-powered device, the much-anticipated Motorola Milestone, only to TELUS customers in early 2010. Motorola Milestone, powered by the newest version of Android, sets a new standard for what a smartphone should be with a richer mobile web experience, superior messaging and top-of-the-line multi-media features in an innovative design that could only come from Motorola.

Milestone features the best of both worlds with a full QWERTY keyboard and touch-screen capabilities, as well as the opportunity for users to customize their mobile like never before with widgets and the freedom to run multiple applications at once.

“With Motorola Milestone, Canadians will no longer be limited in what they can do with their smartphone,” said Rick Gadd, vice-president, Motorola Canada Mobile Devices. “They will experience the web the way they’ve always wanted on a mobile device, with lightning fast speeds and pages that show them more.”

Get the web, get it faster, see it better

Milestone takes the power of Google Search™ beyond the web right into the phone. Search and retrieve applications, contacts, songs, and more right from the home screen. With local search, Google™ makes location-based recommendations according to where the user is.

Experience the mobile web like never before. Milestone’s 3.7” WVGA display offers a clearer, more brilliant screen with twice the resolution of its competitors. Quick and nimble, Milestone is always ready for lightning-fast browsing with its superior processing speeds, Flash 10-ready HTML browsing, and premium 3G+ connection speeds. Navigation has never been easier with double-tap and pinch and zoom.

“TELUS’ new 3G+ network gives Canadians access to a world-class selection of mobile devices such as the Motorola Milestone,” said David Neale, senior vice-president of Product and Services at TELUS. “It is TELUS commitment to offer Canadians the most comprehensive and advanced smartphone line-up available so that we can meet their needs to stay connected, informed and entertained wherever they go. That’s why the Motorola Milestone will fit perfectly in our TELUS smartphone selection.”

Express your digital self

With the world’s thinnest full QWERTY slider, a widescreen display, and copy-and-paste capability, Milestone can text, IM and e-mail at blazing speeds. Personal and business lives co-exist in perfect harmony with work and personal email pushed directly to Milestone through Exchange-server support and GmailTM. Seamless contact integration keeps personal and professional lives in sync and provides access to friends through Exchange, Facebook™ and Gmail contacts.

Discover thousands of applications and hundreds of widgets available on Android Market™. Think of the home screen like a personalized desktop; download applications for music, news, sports or games and arrange them to create a custom home screen. And, with Milestone’s Quick Connect option simply tap a contact and instantly access his/her via Facebook, phone, email or text.

A multi-media powerhouse

Milestone’s brilliant crisp 16:9 widescreen display makes photos, videos and apps pop with cinematic bravado. Milestone’s built-in 5 megapixel digital camera comes with AutoFocus, dual LED flash and image stabilization. When it comes to video, Milestone records DVD quality footage with one-touch broadcast-quality playback and easy 3G or Wi-Fi YouTube™ uploads.

Store favorite movies, photos and music on Milestone’s out-of-the-box 16 GB of memory, expandable up to 32 GB. Manage it all using Motorola Media Link, which connects Milestone to a PC and the Web, providing the ability to manage, secure, share and extend media files.

And, when placed in its unique multi-media station1, Milestone automatically transforms into a multi-media hub for movies, music, pictures and can even act as your bedside alarm clock.

Additional Milestone Features

* Superior call quality with CrystalTalk™ Plus that filters out background noise and enhances voice quality
* Powered by the latest version of Android, Android 2.0
* 3.7” widescreen display with 854 pixel width and more than 400,000 total pixels (more than twice the leading competitor) so you can see more of the web, e-mail, and more
* Use stereo Bluetooth® to take calls and listen to music hands-free
* Plug your favorite headphones into the 3.5mm headset jack and kick back to your favorite music or movies
* Full suite of Google applications including: Google Maps™, Gmail, Google Talk™, YouTube™, Google Latitude
* Advanced Video record/playback at D1 resolution (720×480) with up to 24fps capture and 30fps playback


The Motorola Milestone will be available in Canada only for TELUS customers in early 2010. For more information please visit www.motorola.ca

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  1. no Canadians, eh?

  2. Yay for Milestone, Boo for Telus

  3. Any idea if this will be CDMA or HSDPA?

  4. whaaaaaaattttttttt fuh real jahhh rogers just get i kick!!!

  5. They’re gonna be GSM (says on Motorola Canada’s website), so hopefully easy to unlock and use on Rogers because I’m dying for one.

  6. Very nice :D

  7. Hearing that Milestone due to launch in UK in two weeks via T-Mobile? Rob, are you hearing same? Look forward to seeing some bad-ass adverts now that iPhone exclusive with O2 expired today and new launch via Orange. Guess iPhone concerned to corner a couple of operators in UK ahead of Milestone.

  8. Maybe ship one down to the US so we can use a nice phone with AT&T and use the 3G

  9. Are you sure it is using GSM? anyways,
    Developers still can’t sell apps for the Canadian region. I hope Google catches on this very quickly.

  10. Just did some research and it looks like Telus mainly uses CDMA for their network. However they do have the Iphone and Hero which are both GSM phones. So not sure if they support both technologies?

  11. Telus is now HSPA and transitioning off of their CDMA network…

  12. Still waiting for word on a UK release… :-(

  13. @brad
    that is good to hear. If it is coming as a GSM phone then, I hope to see it coming down to T-mobile or AT&T then. :)

  14. Yes. YES. That’s what I wanted to hear! Telus here I come!

  15. Rogers is doomed!! hahaha
    Unless they release one of the Snapdragon-powered Androids. :P

  16. *sob* when is this bad boy coming to the UK?? Announce it already, I can’t stand the wait any longer.

  17. Their new navigation – it was supposed to be for US only. Is this going to be fixed when this baby becomes available on the market in Canada?

  18. @Dan
    “so hopefully easy to unlock and use on Rogers because I’m dying for one.”
    –Yes I plan on doing the same, I checked and all the GSM matchs and the 850/1900 matches Rogers aswell. I am only woryed about OTA updates, as I am sure there will be a few.
    Telus/Bell/Rogers all now use the same frequencys (and all there child companys excluding Fido who uses 850/2100 VS the Canadan norm of 850/1900)

  19. Will it be a Google Experience device? Sadly i think the answer could be “no”:
    – If you look at the Milestone videos on youtube you will find that Milestone has no Google logo as the Droid
    – Milestone has MotoNav software which is not Google software
    – I cant find anywere the words “Google Experience” coupled with Milestone

    Could this be a problem for future firmware releases? Maybe the Droid will be updated directly by Google and Milestone left behind?

    I think we need an official answer from motorola on this.

  20. Will we be able to use this on T-Mobile? That would enable cheaper plans than what Verizon has.

    Concerns would be maps and OTA updates.

    Any info appreciated. I’ve been thinking about diving in on Verizon but waiting to find out answers to these questions about the Milestone.

  21. @Daniel
    it would be nice for it to come to T-mobile. But if the GSM frequencies, it will work with AT&T. However as for cheaper. For a single plan, T-Mobile is cheaper. But you can do it pretty cheap now with Verizon (or t-mobile if you don’t upgrade your current plan that has the family and friends phone number as well).

    1) You need a plan that allows for unlimited minutes to 5/10 favorites phone numbers. (Verizon or Tmobile(old plan))
    2) Get a google voice phone number. Go to their website to request one. However you don’t know when it will arrive. You can also buy from ebay for about $5.
    3) Setup your google voice account
    4) Point one of your favorite phone numbers to the google voice number.
    ** Now this allows for unlimited incoming phone calls if you give your friends the google voice number **
    5) You need a data plan and access to your google voice web account.
    6) Enter your account and click the little button in the left corner under the google logo. This will connect your phone to the google voice account, and then connect to the phone number you are calling.
    ** this would allow for unlimited outgoing in the US and for a small fee you could call international calls **

    Did some calculations for a family plan at Verizon
    5 lines for basic is $119.69 a month and add unlimited data for your phone you add another $30. I would pay $40 for unlimited voice and data but not have any SMS in there. Extra $5 will add around 300 messages. So $45 dollars.

    If you want unlimited messaging you will have to add another $30 dollars to the plan that will be shared among the 5 lines. So you will pay another $6 so what would make your bill $46 a month.

    You would have to calculate however if you are making other deals on the minutes with ppl you are sharing the plan with.

  22. mobilemadness: I’m still wondering if the lack of paid app market is a decision that Google made, or it has something to do with Rogers. Rogers always tries to sells stuff on their website and they probably know that they would never sell anything if there was a better option.

    In fact, Google is willing to sell to Canadians, and accepts Canadian credit cards. You just need to find your way into the paid market.

  23. I’m thinking bout buyin an unlocking the milestone and using it on my rogers 3g network. My htc dream g1 bites and. It won’t be able to have android 2.0 update. Does anyone think rogers just got android duped by telus like I do!!

  24. Hi All, this is Mary with Rogers.

    Just wanted to add that at Rogers, we’ve been selling Android devices since last spring when we were the first to introduce the platform into the Canadian market (just as we were with Blackberry and iPhone).

    Our Android line-up is the largest in Canada and includes the HTC Dream, HTC Magic and new LG Eve. Rogers’ has tens of thousands of Android customers who are supported by reps that have been trained on the OS and have had months to get familiar with it.

    In regard to paid apps, we would also like to see paid apps in the Android market in Canada, but Google needs to enable this for Canadian customers.

    Stay tuned because in the coming months, we will continue to lead the Canadian market by introducing more and more Android-powered devices :)

    Take care!

  25. But you do not have the best one, Mary with Rogers. Therefore nothing you have really matters.

  26. Hahaha alex you are right, they don’t have the better android phones, telus is the big winner right now. The only way I can see rogers compete is if they got a snapdragon android phone.

  27. now if mary with rogers could only get the n900 or htc hd2 with the 3G 850&1900 bands, and android OS, Rogers would make me a happy fella.

  28. and mary with rogers…please reiterate alex’s point ten fold at your next big meeting.

  29. You can run android 2.0 on the g1
    I’m running it on my rogers dream right now
    Google rogers root xda and visit androidspin.com for your rom
    2.0 should be finished within a month for the dream as its a wip rite now

  30. Also Mary with Rogers, please realize the fact that your android build and your level of support sucks terribly. The HTC Dream as sold by Rogers sucks. It’s extremely slow and the battery life simply blows. I was ready to throw the damn thing at the wall until I tried the Cyanogenmod build of android on it. It voids the warranty, but what good is the warranty if I can’t use the damn phone?

  31. i heared that apparently the telus gsm motorola milestone wont be compatible on rogers 3g networks?!?!? whats the deal here?

  32. I just traded my Blackberry 9700 for the Milestone. I cannot get data on Rogers network! Seems Rogers 3G is NOT compatible with this phone! I can make calls and get texts but this phone is useless without data!

  33. RogersMary fails to note that Rogers HTC Dream users got shafted LARGE with a freeze on 1.5 OS. and they forced users of rooted phones to update to crippled 1.5 update because of the 911-GPS issue. In short, Rogers blows when it comes to Droid phones.

    I have no faith in Telus either, nor any Canadian carrier, except maybe upstart Wynd mobile. No carrier will bring Google experience phones because they want to exert severe control over users experiences and as someone noted, the selling of their crap vs. android market. Telus did this in the past, and will likely again.

    I learned my lesson the hard way buying an HTC Dream 2nd hand for cheap and finding it capped at 1.5 while Magic users will get 2.0 and multitouch. The moral here is stop buying subsidized crap from the carriers. Spend the money and buy an unlocked phone that will work on your carriers network and DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS and sell your soul to the devil. I will be happy to leave Rogers in 1 1/2 years when my term is up and give them the mighty finger.

    If it doesn’t say Google on the phone… it’s Canadian made crap. You were warned.

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