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Yahoo Mail On The Motorola Droid


When I initially did my Motorola Droid Review, I experienced problems setting up my Yahoo E-Mail. Weird, especially considering my T-Mobile G1 set it up flawlessly over a year ago, only needing my user name and password to get things rolling. I’m not sure WHY there is a disconnect with Android 2.0 on the Motorola Droid but the fact is you CAN set up Yahoo Email on your Droid and it only takes a couple minutes:

[UPDATE: You do NOT need a Paid Yahoo Plus account for this to work… the example below is done with a FREE Yahoo Mail account:]

To set up Yahoo E-Mail on the Motorola Droid:

  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned off
  2. Press the E-Mail icon (the default Android E-Mail application)
  3. Enter your Yahoo E-Mail address and password
  4. Press “Manual Setup” in the lower left hand corner
  5. For “Incoming Server Settings” set the IMAP server to “imap.mail.yahoo.com” and the Port to 143
  6. For “Outgoing Server Settings” set the SMTP Server to “smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com” and the Port to 587
  7. Check “Require sign-in” and press Next
  8. Select how often your Droid will check for Email, and choose default options
  9. Give the account a name and set your display name for outgoing messages

Done and done. You’ve now got Yahoo Mail on your Motorola Droid and it will work with the all-new “Combined Inbox” in Android 2.0. Beautiful.

Have to give credit to Smilepak who shared this with AndroidForums.com members after posting it on his blog. In that same AF thread he has quick tuts on Droid screenshots, Lotus Notes Sync and iTunes sync. Wait – what? iTunes Sync? Oh man… this is going to require an article of its own!

Great stuff Smilepak!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Do you need to have a paid yahoo account to get smtp access?

  2. No you do not need a paid acct w/yahoo for SMTP. Only for POP access. Enjoy android, I have been since day 1!

  3. @Omar
    To the best of my knowledge, yes. I lost that feature when I dropped the paid version of my Yahoo account quite some time ago, after getting Gmail. Gmail gives me IMAP access, and no stupid branding taglines on the bottoms of my email, and it’s still free. Sorry, but Yahoo just fails.

  4. This was really good help. I’m using a G1…but I had the same problem. This fixed it for me. Thanks a lot.

  5. Oh, sorry, I got POP and SMTP mixed up. You might be able to use SMTP without paying, but I would ask why you would want to, because any mail client you use to send email via SMTP is going to expect to also receive email via POP or IMAP. One is kinda pointless without the other.

  6. I am trying to setup the smtp, and it is giving me an error unable to open connection to server, should i be selecting any security type? (i have not so far)

  7. Actually I decide to use my gmail account as the outgoing server and works perfectly.

    Outgoing settings
    SMTP server: smtp.gmail.com
    Port: 465
    Security type: SSL (always) (accept all certificates)

  8. Follow the directions above TO A TEE. You must enter everything as it stated above. Do you have SMTP or POP?

  9. well never mind, using gmail as an outgoing server is not a good ideal

  10. I got it now, I left, one of the periods out, thanks!!!!

  11. Question: after you do the initial setup, does it download ALL msgs in your inbox, or only NEW messages that arrive after set-up?

    Can you set parameters on any of the email accounts, like “only d-load msgs rec’d in last 24hrs”?

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Even with firmware 1.5, the above settings worked beautifully!! I was able to get rid of my aftermarket program and use the default software that came with the phone. One of the best tips I have found so far.

  13. When I went to the Verizon Wireless Store by my house, they actually had instructions for adding Yahoo! email accounts to both the Droid and Eris. Verizon’s web site also has instructions.

  14. (offtopic)



  17. when i push my email icon i get a blank black screen and nothing else i’ve tried numerous times any ideas? also i wanna set up my hotmail acount will hotmail work? its ridiculous to me that email is so hard to set up! also music! how is this an Iphone killer? i like the phone just the set up on some things are goofy.

  18. Are you then able to sync (get your Yahoo email) when on WiFi or does it ONLY Need to be disabled to set it up?

    I believe you can’t sync yahoo email over WiFi at least on the G1.

  19. @ROB

  20. I’ve had the same problem with my G1 for a while now, this fixed it. Thanx Rob you’re awsome dude, i got my yahoo back.

  21. Worked great on my Moto Droid, thanks!

  22. I agree with Ernie my G1 is working great now with email. Thanks I really appreciate it, I have a lot of reading to do.

  23. Ok so I followed the video and afterwards I get the message: setup could not finish unable to open connection to server.

    help me! this is really frustrating me.

  24. Thanks for the tip! I got my mail downloaded correctly and I can send and receive but when I try to delete an email I get a connection error then the email re-appears in my inbox??? Anyone else have issues deleting?

  25. thank you so much this helped save me the hassle of having to use my itouch to check email on the go. GO DROID

  26. On the 3rd try it finally worked… yeaaaa…. thanks Rob

  27. I’ve followed these instructions several times – at least the first page. I can’t get to the second page. When I click Next it says it’s checking my incoming server settings, and then it says my user name or password is incorrect. They are both correct. I logged out of Yahoo and back in on my PC to make sure I was remembering correctly.

    Is anyone else having this issue?

  28. Ashley: Yesterday I was having that error too but then it went away and it seems to be working now. Maybe the server is getting overloaded by all us new users?

  29. @ASHLEY

    Make sure WIFI is turned off. It took me awhile to figure that one out. I spent all night trying to get it to work and read on another forum it was the WIFI causing that. Weird, but yes.

  30. This was very helpful and worked right away! Thanks!

  31. Has anyone come across this problem. I have the Email Check frequency checked at every 5 mins and it does not seem to do so. I am sometimes getting emails that say they were sent an hour before. Also when I send an email and then check my sent folder on yahoo.com, it shows I sent the email 10 or more times. I’ve sent myself something via my Android and only got the message once. This is annoying to me though because I like to look back at my sent messages but they look all spamed up now!

  32. Is there a way to secure your email so a password is required when you first open your email? And a way to login and logout like on yahoo.com website? I know I can lock the phone with a password, but once the phone is one I’d rather have my email secure.

  33. this helps! i love my new vz droid but was bummed without my yahoo mail -and checking thru the browser is too quirky! a thousand thanks!!

  34. I’m also curious about setting a password on my email. I feel kind of exposed just having it just “available” like that. Also, I was curious if anyone has been able to add ymail or rocketmail? My gmail is my primary but I have an alternate email on ymail (which is still yahoo) but the directions for the standard free yahoo mail doesn’t work. It did for my regular yahoo email which worked. It just doesn’t for the alternate.

    I have also read what you guys have written about the dimming of brightness, data retrieval while on the phone, FB and whatnot. I’m also having all of those issues and the worst thing is the sound quality for the other person on the phone. I thought maybe it was the casing I bought to protect it but it didn’t improve when I removed it. My best friend says I sound like I’m in a cave and my voice goes up and down. It is also hard to hang up the phone when I end a call when it has gone to a screen saver mode. The funny thing is it isn’t doing it every time. Grrrr. Is this seriously going to be like this until Dec 11th? I will say I think this phone has a lot of potential but these glitches have me really frustrated at the moment. It’s hard to get used to something when it seems to have a mind of its own.

  35. we have yahoo as our email at work it has our domain name in it but i cant seem to get it to work …my personal email with yahoo works but my work one is the bizmail thing……if i look at the settings for the 2 differant accounts the incoming and the outgoing are differant like i said it has the pop.bizmal.yahoo.com….please help……thank you


  36. I’ve been trying to set up my Yahoo mail on my new droid all evening. Finally, I found this post and it took less than 2 mins. Thanks!!!!!

  37. Rob,

    Nice work, do you have a way to get calendar or contacts?

    Is there a way to contact you directly?


  38. Thanks. I’d been fighting with this. So simple after all.

  39. How do I edit my home screen and remove some icons?


  41. This method works for me but only once then craps out. The email app will give me username and account errors even if I successfully setup the account just minutes before, then exit out of the app and open it again.

    Just a tip for some of you trying to access your Yahoo email through the browser and keep getting username/password errors: log into your email on a computer and change the email view to Classic and try to log in again on the phone via broswer. I kept getting credential errors in the browser, too, but once I switched the email to the different view, I was able to read Yahoo email on my droid. I guess the browser and the advanced email viewer don’t get along.

    Maybe at that point, try to setup your imap Yahoo account again per the instructions on this page. Never know :)

  42. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    I was just on the phone with Verizon allllll morning
    and they told me check out the yahoo site…
    You made me smile from ear to ear!!!

    Thank you!!!

  43. Note: It looks like you have to leave WiFi off all the time to have this work. That makes me conclude that Yahoo will allow an IMAP connection if it’s coming from a Verizon Wireless connection, but NOT if it’s coming from any other ISP (which would be the case when our Droids are connected via WiFi). Unfortunately, this will be rather annoying when you want to surf via WiFi on the Droid but then you’ll have to toggle it off to check your Yahoo e-mail. :-(

  44. Vanessa – I have the same problem with sound quality on the other end. It is unacceptable for business calls. You mentioned December 11th. What happens on Dec 11? Are we expecting an update that will fix the problem? If so, I can live with it for a month. Otherwise I have to question whether I can keep the phone as my business phone call have to be high quality.

    My only other complaint is the qwerty keyboard which is impossible to type with using thumbs with the flat keys and too close together. One finger typing is ok but might as well use the virtual keyboard if you want to one-finger type. I will probably live with that if the sound problem goes away.

  45. spent hours trying to get my yahoo mail to work on the droid. never succeeded. Verizon said emphatically that yahoo premium is required. as it is only $20, I caved. got it set up on moments. I still am enraged though. can not understand how you folks got it to work!!!

  46. Hi there, wow you helped me out a lot with this article. Now I have another question for anyone that can help. I also have email through work. I keep trying to set it up but it’s doing exactly what Yahoo initally did before setting it up this like article instructed. Any tips?


    Someone in KS that is 2 secs away from sending this Droid back for the Storm II

  47. was stoked to find this tutorial on setting up my yahoo account on my droid, but it’s still not working! i am getting the same error message another poster received: invalid user name or password. i know i am entering the correct info, and i checked to make sure wi fi was turned off, and i even switched my yahoo mail to classic and nothing is working! very frustrated….

    THANK YOU!!!
    I have been trying to do this for 5 days now, and never got it quite right.
    This worked PERFECTLY! I have had a really crappy week, and you managed to put a smile on my face.
    Thanks, again.

  49. Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to set my yahoo email account and I couldn’t get it to work. Again, thanks for this very useful information!

  50. IMAP settings work great. Only one problem. When I send an email from the Droid, it shows up in my yahoo mail sent items box and then replicates over and over. Does anyone have a fix for this?

  51. I’m having a different problem with Moto Droid email. I got my Yahoo account and a corporate imap account set up and both worked for a few hours. But now I cannot send or receive email, and the email application (the standard one that comes with the Droid) crashes within 2-3 minutes every time I launch it. The browser also often crashes.

    Is anyone having a similar experience? Any idea how to resolve?


  52. I set up my yahoo account on the Droid, no problem. Now I am having issues with it downloading emails. It seems to hang searching for new emails and doesn’t down load them until I turn the phone on and off. I am also now having issues with my Yahoo account on my computer. It seems like by setting it up on the the Droid it is creating some kind of conflict…any ideas?

  53. This post was very useful . Thank you

  54. this is a lousy fix.. not a fix at all (and should not have been posted as such).

    it ‘works.’ but then if you have wi-fi on and check it gives an error. and the messages disappear off the phone. and then when you next check on 3g, the messages re-appear.


  55. To make rocket mail work use the same directions but when it asks for user name you need to put in the full email I.e [email protected] it worked just fine

  56. Got my Droid yesterday and the sales person set up the email account. It didn’t work and I was getting an error mesage about every 30 minutes. Went back today and she said she got an email from someone that it won’t work with yahoo. I read this and was excited, but when I type in user name and password it says invalid. I got email fine on my Voyager, I’ll switch to a dumb phone that gets email if I have to.

  57. I forgot to say I have my internet service through Verizon Fios. Do you others who get the “user name and password invalid” message have Fios?

  58. I guess I should have watched the video before starting. If you are getting the error message you have to hit “manual settings” before clicking next.

  59. Thank you thank you for publishing these directions! I got my phone last night and played with it til I thought I’d lose my mind. You rock!

  60. I have yahoo mail plus and that didnt even work. But this did, thanks for posting. I was very frustrated with not being able to get my emails. Love this phone, and now its stellar because my emails working. Thanks!

  61. quote
    “I forgot to say I have my internet service through Verizon Fios. Do you others who get the “user name and password invalid” message have Fios?”

    did you read the first instruction?????

  62. Ok – I got email to work – thanks for that! Now, the problem I have is that whenever I send a message from my droid via yahoo – I get numerous emails appearing in my “sent” account – and it continues for days! I have deleted hundreds of emails – as if my droid continually sends these emails non-stop, over and over again. My recipients haven’t complained – so I think it’s just limited to my sent folder… Thoughts?

  63. Thank you so much! I played with this for days and couldn’t get it work. You just saved me from having to return my phone, thank you so much!

  64. The night I bought my droid, the sales rep tried and failed to set up yahoo. He was able to set my live.com acct up, but I don’t really use that one. Now I can’t delete it and when I try and follow the directions from this forum, there is no manual set up for me. I’ve tried replacing the live.com info and gone to settings and add an account. I’m sooo frustrated!! Help

  65. Works Great!!!

  66. I went through the steps, and it seemed to work, but it’s still “Loading Messages…”, like, 20 minutes later. Is that normal?

  67. Thank you! I was in the store for 2 hours. They even gave me a new phone. Now if my IT and security department at work would approve it!

  68. Setup works fine, but I’m getting the same problem Keith and Ralph mentioned above in that an item sent from the droid keeps replicating in the sent items folder in Yahoo. I’ve got 20 and 30 copies of some of these e-mails and even if I delete them they keep propogating.

  69. I have been trying to set up my yahoo account following this forum but am still getting the ‘unable to connect to system server’s message & wifi is off….please help!!

  70. I also have a yahoo account that is working but the multiple sent items issue is becoming a pain. It seems that it happens when replying (not even replying to all). I am usecd
    to the ease of my old blackberry

  71. The duplicate email issue is a imap issue. there is a setting that needs to be changed but due to it being imap i haven’t been able to find it. multiple email will be recorded in the inbox. One for the sent from the mobile, one for the record on the server. im working on a fix. Additionally that dec 11th date is a estimated date for fix and s/w update. does anyone know about the dup message issue or is anyone willing to tag team it with me. its a very common problem. i cant seem to find the settings for imap leaving a copy on the server. it’s such a pain.

  72. Now it was working…..I’m getting username and password invalid. I know its not. Please help!!!

  73. Just to clarify–my sent /messages are not just duplicates. I have cases where I reply to just the sender who had sent a message out to a distribution list of say 20 people. My reply message appears in my sent folder on both the droid and the yahoo account 20 times. This has also happened when I send a message to a large distribution group, one person replies to just me and then I reply to just that one person.

  74. Thanks it worked perfectly after I shut down the wifi.

  75. Followed instructions for Yahoo fix on Droid Friday, worked until today when error message “Sorry! The application Email (process com.android.email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” with the Force Close box. Has anyone else been getting this particular error message? It comes up each time I open an e-mail plus randomly when I’m running other apps.

  76. THANK YOU!!!!!

  77. I too see dozens of duplicate copies in my Yahoo “Sent” folder when I send mail from my Droid. I use IMAP with a free Yahoo account. I am sending just single messages to a single address but they proliferate like bacteria. Even if I delete everything from the Sent folder these zombie messages reappear and continue to multiply.

  78. Has anyone had a problem with the Droid sending out old emails from your ‘inbox’ to the email recipients … instead of the email drafted to send??? Dangerous!!!

    Oh, and has anyone checked their yahoo sent file to see if the droid is replicating the sent emails hundreds of times?

  79. I see we’ve already documented the fact that emails are replicated in the sent folder mysteriously. Do we know of any way to fix it? Motorola says to reboot your yahoo mapping in the droid – take your yahoo account off the droid, shut down, turn the phone back on and remap to your yahoo mail account. Did this work for anyone?

  80. Well, i followed the instructions and actually, it works (for now at least). But now here’s a new question: How do I get notifications when I get a yahoo email? Do I?

  81. invalid user name or password thing that keeps happening I don’t think is specific to Droid. I have been having that problem for forever with doing outside sources. I have a plus account too. I set up gmail to check my yahoo account and it will do it and then will stop with invalid username and password. Then somehow I remove cookies and my history and log on again to both gmail and yahoo and it starts working again. Also in the past checking from other mobile phones going to the yahoo mobile email same thing, sometimes I will log in and it will be fine for awhile then all of a sudden I will check the mobile site which has logged me out. I will try to log in and again, username or password invalid. Similar things happen when going to the mobile flickr site. I have been looking all over the web for some kind of fix to that, but I barely see anyone discussing this problem. In fact is the most I have ever seen finally some people having the same problem as me where sometimes it will work and sometimes it will say “invalid username/password”

    I don’t know what to do. My Blackberry worked great with yahoo though with their blackberry server checking yahoo. But not the mobile site using the web browser.

  82. 5. Margo wrote on November 15, 2009

    Followed instructions for Yahoo fix on Droid Friday, worked until today when error message “Sorry! The application Email (process com.android.email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” with the Force Close box. Has anyone else been getting this particular error message? It comes up each time I open an e-mail plus randomly when I’m running other apps.

    I just set up yahoo mail and this keeps happening to me too. How to you fix that?

  83. Thanks Rob, this worked great!!!

  84. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Worked like a charm!

  85. Thank you for posting the video for mail setup!!!!

  86. I have my wife’s Droid set up for Yahoo mail. It seems to work ok, but when she does a reply or sends an email from the Droid she gets like 50 copies of the email in her sent mail. Is anyone else having this problem?

  87. I’m having the same problem with the e-mails in the sent file as most everyone else–last night when I checked, there were almost 2100 e-mails replicated from a handful of e-mails I really did send. They’re generating faster than the H1N1 flu! After deleting them, I had 262 back in my sent file already today. Chris, are you making any progress figuring out the I-Map setting that’s causing this???

  88. How do I add a POP3 midco.net email account nothing I try seems to be working

  89. thanks that was great, i appreciated the help, better then tech call i made

  90. Yahoo mail was working fine on droid using the setup given here until a few days ago. Setup didn’t change but Yahoo mail now neither sends nor receives. Sometimes get a connection error message across top bar. It would be nice to know what’s changed, and whether Google is intentionally screwing up services like Yahoo mail that are competitive to gmail. Are people having the same problems with Hotmail or Lycos mail?

    Incidentally, messages like THANKS A LOT! are not useful.

  91. Works like a charm. Ran into a hitch on incoming page, due to a typo on my part, but once fixed…

  92. Hey All,
    i followed the step bt step and got snagged with the following error “set up could not finish username or password is incorrect”
    in my user name i have an underscore _
    do you thing this is causing a problem as it was unclear which symbol is the _ in the Droid keyboard??
    any help is appreciated

  93. Hey, I did all these steps with the WiFi off and I’m still getting an error message saying that username and password are not working. Any suggestions??

  94. Hey imhaving the same problems as the other users the verizon rep/set up my yahoo email accounts and now it says invalid username or password???? Please help

  95. I’m also having ISSUES trying to get Yahoo to work on my Droid phone. I followed your instructions exactly (yes, WiFi is off) and I’m still getting a error message saying the username and passwrod are incorrect, but they are not incorrect. (I logged into the account on my computer with NO problems)

    This sucks! Verizon and Yahoo are cluelssand I hate Gamil. I’m returning the phone if I can’t get it to work correctly.

  96. @DaveA – Same thing. I have a Yahoo Mail Power Geek (or whatever it’s called) so I get support via chat. The individual at the other end “Mitch” said that IMAP is not supported on Yahoo Mail, but that POP3 is…for a price

  97. Got this to work by using iPhone settings….Same as above (wifi off etc) the IMAP server name I used was imap.apple.mail.yahoo.com. I had to go into messages a couple of times but it seemed to download my messages. I’ll try sending later and let you know if it duplicates like others have been seeing


  98. ..My yahoo setup was working as well with the above manual IMAP settings, until a few days back it stopped.

    I am able to get this back to work after I did the below:

    1) delete yahoo account settings on droid
    2) log into yahoo email from a computer and changed the view to Yahoo classic.
    3) re-created the yahoo account on the droid via the manual IMAP setup.

  99. set it up perfectly with rocketmail a few days ago..and it stopped working.. i deleted the account and try setting up again ( like stated above) and it still didnt work… help plese!!!!!!

    this is really frustrating… if i can read my mail on my touch i should be able to do it on my droid!

  100. had the same problems during set up with not being able to verify user name/ password. After several attempts I realized I was logged in on home pc to the yahoo acct. Once logged off of home pc, it set up on first try

  101. Droid sucks. Keyboard on it sucks. The screen on it messes up resolution with some widgets. In other word…droid sucks. the eris is better but the best is the mytouch 3g/g1. if you get those two phones rooted, you can do anything. run android 2.0 early, run hero, run motoblur, run pulse. anything. BTW thanks for the yahoo mail tip. it worked when i first got my phone when i just set up normally but then it messed up. now i fixed it thanks to you.

  102. i already logged off my home pc but it still doesnt work

  103. I did exactly as you instructed but once i get to the ongoing server menue it just keeps saying my username and password is incorrect which is not. why?

  104. yeah it still isnt working after i log off either.

  105. Weird that this was a non issue when I had a hero with sprint. I have the same issue as others have. Invalid user name or password after it worked OK initially. Makes you wonder if Goggle is messing with this though. Also odd that a Yahoo! Rep would state you need to pay when it works on other Android platforms and other carriers. Hopefully it will get worked out soon. I really like the droid so far compared to the hero and blackberry tour.

  106. Follow up. Seems the error occurs only with the inbound set up. The outgoing setup did not result in an error.

    I get the following error:

    ! Setup could not finish

    Username or password incorrect.

    I have has this working until Nov 29, so I know either isn’t incorrect. I have checked them countless times. I have tried the other tricks also by making sure logged off online with my computer, also logged off on the webpage within the Droid browser to no avail.

  107. same here. I initially had it working after a hard reset but has since given me “Username or password incorrect” again. I can sync up with my Microsoct Exchange work, however.
    I know it won’t work with WiFi on, can anyone think of an app that forces the wiFi on without the Droid saying it on?…just random thought

  108. Update 2:

    On Verizon’s website they state you need Yahoo Mail Plus (20 bucks a year!) for it to work with the Motorola Droid.

    Guess I am getting rid of Yahoo! due to this. I suppose Yahoo really wants to die to Google.

  109. I followed the instructions exactly and it worked for me. But then one day it just stopped working. I kept getting the username and password error message. Then it would just start working again. I noticed a pattern…it seems to stop working only when you are outside of the 3G network range. The building that I work in gets bad cell phone reception (the 3G icon turns into 1X). When I leave the building, I’m back in 3G and mail works again.

  110. Thank you so much. This set up for me right away and the drections were AWESOME!

  111. Ok to all of you with the Motorola Droid and by chance did get it to somewhat work, NO…No matter how you set this up or get it to work, you will not have flawless service. You are mearly manipulating the way the phone attempts to retrieve and send mail, thus giving you all these problems. If you want flawless yahoo mail go buy the Plus for $20 a year or just get AOL mail because it works fine.
    There is no fix or patch to get free Yahoo mail to work correctly on your Motorola Droid.

    Option 2 is to download certain apps that support multi email setups, which there are 5 that actually work on the droid marketplace.

    Option 3 is to SMS link your emails and messeges to your phone (If you do not have unlimited data and text do not do this!)

  112. So has anyone has success finding a solution to the numerous emails popping up in the sent folder after sending 1 email from the droid to 1 recipient? Every time I send an email from my phone I get hundreds of duplicate emails in my sent box. Any suggestions/fixes out there??

  113. They need a fix for the multiple sent emails…I’ve deleted over 10,000 emails from just a few days of use, each email has been duplicated several hundred times and I have a least 30,000 emails in my sent mailbox….i’ll run out of (free) space a yahoo soon at this rate – this needs a fix soon….any ideas anyone?

  114. I had trouble setting up IMAP, wifi was off, gmail worked no problem. I worked on it for a while. What finally fixed it was to cycle wifi on and off (new phone and I had never turned it on). I also turned off bluetooth (I don’t know if that mattered) It worked great

  115. Hey phandroid….Thanks for the great tip on yahoo mail….however…I have to exchange my Droid a few days ago….and this manuel set up wont work now….and it worked on my first Droid…Did they do something about being able to set this up manually…?? If so…do you guys have a fix…Please let me know…I need my yahoo on my Droid….

    Thanks….You guys ROCK !

  116. Sorry….spelling error…I HAD…not HAVE to exchange my phone….

  117. I have gone through the steps several times and still no luck with Yahoo. Could it be something with my security settings. I chose None and it’s saying username and password is incorrect. Any suggestions

  118. for anyone who is getting the pain in a** “usernam or password incorrect” problem, just keep trying. i could not get past the first screen because of this for a couple days, but tonight, i tried again, and it worked. i have no idea why it’s so capricious, but there it is. just keep trying.

  119. I just want to say i work for verizon wireless and this is incredibly useful for my customers. i will refer everyone to this website and it worked flawlessly for me.. ive been telling people that its not possible to sync your yahoo accnt to the droid when i sell it .. which i just found out is not true!!! awesome thanks !!!


  120. After spending an hour and a half with motorola customer service, they still could not help me. My wife found this website and followed the above instructions… voila! it worked. Thank you for sharing someting that motorola customer service does not know how to do yet. Amazing…

  121. Thanks so much! Works perfectly!

  122. I had the username password issue when I tried to setup the hotmail so I waited a day and now that works. I have been trying yahoo for an hour now with no luck. I will try tomorrow or the next day and will let you know if it works, since waiting worked for hotmail.

  123. Worked for a day. Now getting connection error. Wi-Fi is off.

  124. Thanks so much for this great tutorial. Verizon rep had no idea and I was about to get paid yahoo account to I could forward to my gmail account. This is awesome!


  125. my droid wont let me use yahoo mail on the email feature i did what u said on the video and it still says the same thing that password or username is wrong
    i dont know what im doing wrong cause u say it works fine but it wont on mine….

  126. This was so helpful! Thank you for making my life much easier.

  127. My yahoo mail was working on my phone but starting last night I keep getting a connection error. Nothing has changed on my phone and wifi is off. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions as to why this is happening? (It happened Friday afternoon and then just started working. Now going on a whole day not working.)
    Corey-mine worked from the video at first but my husbands did not. Reading all the comments from everyone above he turned off his wifi and switched to yahoo classic and it worked.

  128. I am doing all of this but it is saying that my user name and password are not correct??? i have no idea. i have checked it several times and it is correct! anyone know what might be going on?

  129. I just purchased the Droid. When I press on the alternate (non-Gmail) email icon it just goes to blank screen. Very frustrating.

    The Verizon salesman told me outright that Droid does’t work with anything but Gmail — if you want Yahoo, for example, you must access it via the Browser.

  130. same problem…says username or password is incorrect and it is not…..this is frustrating….this is my 3rd droid phone….had problems with the first 2…bad speaker in one and battery probs with the other but on both of those they set up the yahoo account…this one will not do it and I get all my mail on this….I wish I had not gotten this phone.

  131. Same problem here–worked for one day. After that, I keep getting the “incorrect username or password” error. There seems to be a LOT of people having the same error, but no one seems to have any solutions. Is getting the paid email account the only solution? Yahoo should really work on this if the problem is on their end because I would much rather switch to gmail than pay for Yahoo and I’m sure others feel the same way. Or maybe it is Google intentially not allowing Yahoo accounts to work…

  132. A tech at Verizon support told me that Google doesn’t support yahoo mail. Apparently, yahoo mail will work for several days, then stop all of a sudden.

    He told me that this was intentionally done on Google’s side.

  133. I started to use this work around on the 17th of Nov. and I just recieved the invalid username/password error on Dec 9

  134. Mike– I started my phone, the yahoo acct, about 3 weeks ago, and just yesterday the mail stopped working…it’s super frustrating! I thought it was because I changed my password…I cannot get it to work now.

  135. The Droid has worked perfectly until this afternoon. I am receiving the email app inadvertently stopped message. Any ideas on getting it to work again?

  136. Thanks so much for publishing this- you made my life so much easier!

  137. Oh Well. First Droid, this worked. I was very happy!
    Went and exchanged Droids last night and…. No Can Do.
    Google has slammed the door on the Yahoo OR Yahoo slammed the door unless you have the paid ($19.99) plan.
    Either way folks, It no longer works.

  138. Yahoo has worked on my Druid from day one and hasn’t stopped yet. In fact, since the update I don’t get multiple sent messages in my inbox anymore.

  139. ok it worked but now it wont…it now says connection error and i cant seem to log back on right away it say pass/username wrong it doesnt make sense that freaking yahoo mail wont work everyday when u have it synced the first freaking time! anyone with help on this issue email me and let me know what the hell im doing wrong

  140. nvm mind dont email me just reply to message

  141. Worked for a couple of days now I get the username/password error….sux

  142. Having the same issue with yahoo email…worked fine, then suddenly stopped yesterday with the “username and password are incorrect” message. Completely deleted the account from my phone and started over…same message showed up. Wonder why Google & Yahoo can’t play nicely?!

  143. Yet one more voice in the crowd that is suddenly experiencing the incorrect name/password problem. I had my Yahoo free account working almost from the very beginning on 11/6/09 – yes an early adaptor!

    Recently I realized that I was not receiving any further yahoo mail. I have deleted the account from the phone. Pulled the battery and after restarting the phone, attempted to reinstall the account. I ensured that I was not logged in on the PC. Also ensured the PC version was in classic mode.

    I have done everything that there is to do and one can only conclude that this is an intentional problem caused by Google. Somehow I see a future class action down the road awaiting Google, as well as litigation directly by Yahoo.

    This can not be an accident. This many people suddenly running into the exact same problem. I am unequivically certain that my user name and password are properly typed in.

    I can not help but wonder if perhaps this sudden problem is also deemed to be an FCC violation by Google/Verizon/Motorola. The names can not be separated because they brought the Droid to market together and plastered their name all over it.

    The three amigos better get moving on straigthening this out. Perhaps it was a problem that emerged after the 2.0.1 update, but regardless, this is on their watch.

    Out of principal, I won’t drop down the $20 for something that I can do for free on my laptop. When the email update becomes a necessity that I can’t live without it on my phone, then I will know that it’s time to get a live in the real world and not on these dopey little virtual cow bells.

  144. Should be “life”, not “live”. Hey, it’s late at night!

  145. Wondering if Google gets a cut of the $20 Plus fee that Yahoo generates as a result of the “free account” not working?

  146. I set up my yahoo email. but i keep getting “user name and password incorrect” i have re-typed them. and still get that massage. any thoughts?

  147. totally worked… on my samsung moment… thanks.. was driving me crazy that i couldn’t get it to work!!!

  148. p.s. my yahoo account is free!! :) so it does work on the free accounts…

  149. THANKS! totally bookmarking this site!

  150. Hey everyone was searching for yahoo and Motorola Droid articles when I ran into this one. I tried the tutorial but it will not switch to the outgoing server screen. I did place a call to Verizon tech support tonite to see what is going on and apparently the bulletin they have received regarding this matter is that yahoo has not approved the Motorola Droid to have access to their free e-mail accounts. So I am going to contact Yahoo and complain I think if we get enough of us to complain maybe they will get off their butts and give Motorola the approval!!!

  151. I have followed the directions, made sure the wifi is off and I can’t get this to work, it keeps telling me my user name and password are wrong. I hope that this does work out.

    I too like it when you have to type in your password to get into your email.. that is just more secure…

    I miss my old phone :(

  152. I think it is yahoo problem. Too bad I started very early with yahoo and I get most of my mails on it. It am seriously thinking of switching to Gmail.

  153. hey i followed your steps but it keeps saying authentication failed please verify your username and password. is there a different way or something to do it on the eris?

  154. You need to have wifi turned off. If you have been using wifi then disable it and power cycle the phone. Mine worked after that.

    Re-enable wifi and is working now (so far).

  155. I followed instructions of Verizon, service provide, Motorola, Verizon (again), service provider (again), and finally listened to Chad (#7 above) who tried using gmail as SMPT, though had to remember to use my gmail username and password… NOW my email works on both of my third party accounts. After one week of asking questions.

    So tell me, WHY is using gmail smtp a bad idea?

    I was getting the authentication failed message, the can’t connect to server message, the Ha Ha Ha you’ll never figure this out message… and now it just plain works! And tracks my outgoing messages on phone and on gmail web server.

  156. THANK YOU!! It worked on my rooted G1!!!

  157. i am following the directions exactly, and my wifi is turned off, but i am still getting an error message regarding incorrect user name and password. any further suggestions?

  158. alternatively, if i leave the imap at yahoo.com and username as my username, i get “unable to connect to server

  159. i am having the same problem setting my email. now i tray to follow the steps mention above however my droid phone will not give me the options for the outgoing server please help.

  160. Thanks a million, I was totally stumped until I found this!

  161. I had it working for over a month using the above tecnique and it quit working a couple of days ago. I went to the store and they said that yahoo reset there servers and mail won’t work any more on the Droid with yahoo. Is there a fix for this yahoo problem?

  162. same thing happened to me. I was able to use the setting and get my mail working no problem. Now I get the message about not connecting or something… The only reason i still have yahoo is for the yim, i cant wait until my friends start to come around to google talk so I can quit yahoo all together!!!! if there is an update and i find it i will pass along.

  163. Now I’m not getting any mail either. Worked for a month or so. Today…incorrect username and password.

  164. Update. Took it off of Wifi, restarted and appears to be ok..very bizarre. Using Droid.

  165. Yahoo doesn’t work. Just got off the phone with Verizon AND Motorola. They’re now officially saying that Yahoo does not work – Period! They could not get my Yahoo to work, AND they could not get another business account of mine to work. Their solution is to return the device and go back to my Blackberry Pearl. I can’t believe this. There obviously was some terrible testing of this product.

  166. I signed up for Yahoo Plus, followed the instructions to configure POP3 and now I am getting my yahoo emails on my Droid. But… I also get random email error messages on the droid that I have to close out of. I also randomly get “Error Code 5” messages in my yahoo account. So, it works, but not very well. It also seems like some msgs are coming thru multiple times.

    It would be MUCH easier to just start using GMAIL, but I’ve been using Yahoo so long that I almost can’t switch over…too many things tied to my Yahoo account. I’m hoping future versions of the Droid OS will fix all this… really frustrated and might return the phone. I really wanted to get emails on this thing!

  167. Worked Fabulously!!!

  168. is there a way to transfer all my contacts from yahoo mail straight to my droid?

  169. Same problem as Don/166 above. I set Yahoo! mail up using Droid’s mail Widget, and it seemed to work fine, but it’s now clear the two aren’t synching up, and the Droid keeps reloading messages I’ve deleted multiple times. PITA. I’ll live, but someone needs to pull their head out of their a__.

  170. Worked perfectly! Great Job on posting this info.

  171. OK, I just deleted the Yahoo account I set up with the Droid widget and followed these directions. It actually seems to be working! If it craps out on me, I’ll be back to complain some more.

  172. On my Hero, I can get the incoming mail server to work fine, but the outgoing one doesn’t work.

    My account is with yahoo bizmail and I have my own .com address (not yahoo.com) .
    Any thoughts on setting that up?


  173. I spoke too soon. It now has the same problems as before.

  174. My DROID didn’t work for outgoing mail through my ATT account until deleted my original account, redid it, and I checked “use this as default account for outgoing mail” or whatever it says at the very end of the setup. After that it worked perfectly. I hope this helps someone.

  175. Curtis,
    Droid will continue to download any messages from the server that have not been deleted from the server. Deleting the message on the Droid itself does not remove it from the server like downloading in on your home PC does.

  176. Very very cool

    Thank you for the tip!!

    Verizon say they don’t support it. Dunno why, it isn’t that tough.


  177. Thank you so much!

  178. Thanks so much! I just got my droid yesterday and the salesman at Verizen told me that yahoo.mail wouldn’t work. Ha! The instructions worked great!

  179. Here is the answer I think.

    Yahoo wants to charge for pop3 – imap access I think. So i if you want to use outlook at home you have to pay. However, for mobile users this doesn’t make sense so…..

    If you are using the Over the Air (OTA) services from verizon they do not charge you and everything works fine. As they know this is coming from Verizon Wireless network.

    If you are using WiFi and do not pay for pop3 access it will not work and your authentication sign in fails.

    This is why Wifi has to be turned off. It will only work when you are using the cell provider network. This ensures you are using the cell signal and not the Wifi signal.

    Just my two cents. and it has been working for me ever since. If I am on Wifi at all it bombs out and I get a connection error.

  180. hey,
    i don’t know how all this is being figured out, but you did it, and probably made many exblackberry users happier after the 1st failed attempt at connecting to yahoo mail.
    vive la internet and people like you.

  181. Thanks Rob!!!

  182. Does wifi have to be disabled at all times when I want to use yahoo mail. I followed the instructions for set up and it worked but when I turned my wifi back on and tried to get email I was getting the message invalid email and password (when nothing was changed from initial sign in) but when I turned the wifi off again I was not getting the invalid password message anymore. Can anybody help me?? Thanks :-)

  183. thank you thank you thank you

  184. You will need a Yahoo “PLUS” account for this to work.

  185. You will need to pay for a yahoo “pulse” account for this setup to work on the Droid. After doing this setup was a breeze!!!

  186. Thanks, I just got the droid and my wife has the droid eris and i did this to both phones and it seems to be working like a champ! I toggled WiFi and it seems to be working either way. No sure if I have an updated SW version since I just got the phone?

  187. You are the best!! You just saved me $20!

  188. Has anyone has success finding a solution to the numerous emails popping up in the sent folder after sending 1 email from the droid to a recipient? Every time I send an email from my phone I get hundreds of duplicate emails in my sent box. Now they are getting up to the thousands and will not stop even though the email was sent months ago!! Any suggestions/fixes out there??

  189. That previous post was regarding the Yahoo account.

  190. How about a fix for the att.net e-mail? Any tips? THANK YOU FOR THE YAHOO fix; now I just need my att.net mail.

  191. I setup yahoo email on my droid. If I delete an email on droid phone, the same email deletes from yahoo account. Is there a way to delete an email on my droid but keep it on my computer yahoo folder?

  192. WOW! Works perfectly! I just got my Moto Droid 2.0 and the above instructions are perfect. Thank you.

  193. I was able to set up my yahoo email accounts on my new droid, but when I delete an email in them it does not delete in the actual yahoo account on my pc. Does anyone know what has to be done so when I delete it on the droid it will actually delete in on my pc too? Help is appreciated!

  194. Thank you so much for the great advice! I prefer Yahoo! mail greatly over GMail (plus I don’t have to change all of my contacts and information over to GMail). Wonderful tips, worked immediately!!

  195. I had the same problem too. I had my Droid set up to receive Yahoo e-mail, and it was working fine until recently. Perhaps the OTA update changed the settings.

    When I went through the setup process again just now, I discovered that the issue was with steps 5 and 6

    5. For “Incoming Server Settings” set the IMAP server to “imap.mail.yahoo.com” and the Port to 143

    6. For “Outgoing Server Settings” set the SMTP Server to “smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com” and the Port to 587

    For the IMAP Server, “imap.mail.yahoo.com” had been changed to “yahoo.com”.

    For the SMTP server, “smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com” had also been changed to “yahoo.com”.

    After I updated those fields again per Steps 5 and 6, I was receiving my Yahoo mail again. Pretty easy fix.

  196. Worked great. It took me a long time to figure it out. But basically what you do is once you click on the “Manual Setup,” and then click the SMTP, erase everything in every box and type out exactly what he says to do. Re write your email, password, server, port, everything. Then you’ll get passed that and do the same for the outgoing. After like 5 weeks of messing around with it, I just erased everything and re did it all, and it went through. I’m so happy. : ]

  197. I wanted to tell you it took me two full days to actually find where I could “add an account” on the Sprint Moment. I know, I know… “really”? But when I did,finally,I got it to work using the above instructions. Took me twice to get it to work, but now have my yahoo in my phone and could not be happier…so thank you so much for the help..now the phone will NOT be throw against the wall for now ;)

  198. Here is a solution: Go to yahoo mail, go to Options (upper right corner), deactivate “Save a copy of the message in the Sent folder”. Duplicate problem solved but you will not have a saved sent mail. You can cc to yourself and move the email to the Sent folder if you really want to save it.

  199. DONT BUY THE MOTOROLA DROID!!! I have the Droid and the sound quality is terrible the people on the other end get alot of background noise and echoing and on my end theres a lot of skipping in and out and theres an electrical crackle noise that comes and goes. The facebook shortcut doesn’t work right. It connects to Facebook but facebook isn’t fully functional. I had to go to the browser and put in the Facebook address then it was fine. My biggest complaint is it’s sound is terrible and I don’t appreciate being lied to telling me theres no problem. They did the same thing with the Casio Exilim alot of hype but fell short. Something needs to be done about Verizons decptive habits. If this isnt fixed I’m going to look into legal ramifications. I’m switching to AT&T

  200. Worked like a charm!!! Thanks. I am not tech savy and this worked the first time.

  201. Thank you so much. I have been trying to figure this out for a month now. Works perfect so far!

  202. First, for duplicate messages, it appears it’s not the Droid. There’s a reason RFC’s (Request For Comments) exist: They define standards that companies should follow. It’s not like Yahoo hasn’t had this problem with services before:


    and I found plenty of articles that say the same problem occurs on the PAID accounts. Indeed, this article mentions that the mail system provider can provide a patch for the problem (in this case Zimbra, a Yahoo company):


    and if you read the comments carefully, Zimbra wrote a fix for their mailserver, so why can’t Yahoo? Comment from the article:

    “Yahoo! IS experiencing the problem discussed here. It is an obscure way of handling the SENT folder by using the MSGID in brackets and asking the imap server if it has
    it. The imap server says ‘no, i don’t have it’ and therefore the client saves a new copy of the message.”

    …with the correction that this isn’t obscure at all. RFC 2822: Internet Message Format (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2822.html) specifies in section 3.6.4 the token:

    msg-id = [CFWS] “” [CFWS]

    Sure, there’s a “message-id” token that doesn’t use brackets, but why doesn’t Yahoo conform to the RFC?

    @Brett: You may simply have a defective phone. There is at least one bad batch, and I simply had mine replaced–no questions asked. Further, a misconfigured tower can cause these problems.

    Facebook problems aren’t the Droid developer’s problem, since the widget would be written by FB (and is included by a platform agreement with Google). To wit, the Droid team is not the widget team. There are teams of programmers at Facebook who write code, and you can both apply to work for them and write your own widgets if you’re unhappy with the FB widget…but most of the time we would complain to FB. Attacking the hardware provider or the operating system provider may not be the best approach.

    Finally, you’re thinking of switching to AT&T’s network, but the general consensus is that their bandwidth / Internet access is terrible. There was even a thread on slashdot recently encouraging people to attack AT&T for their lackluster network. Unfortunately, a NYT article indicates that it may actually be the iPhones (defective hardware), and you’re considering moving to that network?


    If you have a case you’ll find a way to make it a class-action…but there’s a bunch of due diligence to do first.

  203. As an addendum to the above, this is the Zimbra bug:

    “IMAP Search MESSAGE-ID failure if id is enclosed in ”


    This (and every other blog, user forum, support site) is wrong. Follow the original post instructions except for SMTP set up, After checking “Require sign-in,” enter JUST your Username – do NOT enter [email protected] – and your password. Hit next and all will follow correctly

  205. Thanks for sharing your knowledge because i just got the phone and tried different things like forwarding my yahoo to my gmail and was contemplating getting yahoo plus.

  206. Worked fine with my free yahoo mail account on my nexus one. Thanks!

    I prefer SSL though for if I’m ever using an open wifi port (e.g Starbucks). I tried specifying SSL or TLS with the hostnames above and it didn’t work.

    Anyone know of a way to access Yahoo mail using SSL or other secure communications methods? TIA.

  207. I tried this with 2 different yahoo accounts. one worked and one didnt. The email with a _ in it did not seem to work while the one with just letters did.

    I wonder if this might be why some people have problems and other dont?

  208. Is anyone having problems with their yahoo email notifications? I have a free yahoo acct and up until a week ago, things were ok. Now, I have not been receiving my ringer notifications when an email arrives. Nor has the phone been checking my emails with any frequency. I have to manually go into my yahoo and press “refresh” for the emails, which are hours old, to pop up. And even after I do that, the ringer notification still doesn’t go off. I went to verizon. Their suggestion—upgrade to $20 yahoo plus.

  209. Thank You so much,
    It works GREAT.
    A nice free gift.For me and my Droid.
    Grandma V

  210. Dumb question, how do you see email that is directed to Yahoo folders, using the Droid?

    I have several filters set up in Yahoo mail, so that messages from specific senders go directly to specific folders. However when I check my Yahoo email on my Droid, all I see are the messages that went to the generic Yahoo Inbox. I can’t seem to find the messages that have been filtered into all the other folders – and these are the ones I most want to read.

    Any advice on this? PS I have a Yahoo Mail Plus account. Thanks!

  211. I think the ultimate issue is with YAHOO and I am ready to switch to gmail full-time (I use both). The Motorola DROID is awesome and yahoo can’t keep up with the technology. I have so many issues with yahoo mail on my laptop and droid. Laptop issues: when I search for mail, I can’t select the results without an error saying the mail doesn’t exist (when it does), msgs are unavailable when I try to read them, etc. Droid issues: yahoo takes longer to sync with the droid; gmail is immediate, yahoo has the duplicate sent msg issues, gmail doesn’t. These are my main issues that I can think of right now with Yahoo and its very frustrating. Gmail Does, Yahoo Doesn’t. :)

  212. Hey guys,

    My yahoo mail works fine to receive and send. However – just like some of you folks, I get like 30-100 duplicate sent messages.

    Anyone came up with a fix for this?

    Please post or e-mail me at: [email protected]

  213. FUCK YEAH YOU ROCK…who needs customer service….

  214. Hi there,
    this works to 50% on my Nexus One to.
    When I have wifi turned off, it works great, but the second
    I turn wifi back on, it stops. I get an error message, that my username or pw ist wrong. When I turn wifi off again, it works again…..what could that be?

  215. Sweet deal! I don’t like gmail. Have been an avid yahoo mail user for years…..ive had my droid for like 3 days and it was driving me crazy that i couldn’t check my mail!

  216. Yahoo mail (free account) sends hundreds/thousands of copies to sent folder. COMPLAIN TO YAHOO! COMPLAIN TO VERIZON. IF THEY CAN MAKE APPS FOR EVERYTHING AND MAKE AN ADVANCED PHONE LIKE THE DROID, THEY CAN FIX THIS! Turn the developers loose and fix the sent mail issue.

  217. Works great on my HTC Magic. I was wondering if we could do this. Thanks very much for the information.

    Also, for HTC Magic owners, you should upgrade to newly released ROM 3.05. Really improved my experience overall.

  218. I am having the same problem as # 113. Paul wrote on December 2, 2009. When I send an email and I look in my Yahoo sent box it multiplies one message 15 to 20 times. I have over 3000 multiples. Any help will be appreciated. doug

  219. I just got my Nexus One phone and can read my yahoo mail in my droid. But i have the same problem as many of the posts: send/reply 1 email to 1 receipient and have multiple copies of the email in my sent folder. Is there a fix for this problem? I saw a posting that suggest i deactivate a copy to Sent folder but this suggestion is quite a hassle.

    Any ideas of how this can be fixed?

  220. The yahoo multiplying mail issue is known and yahoo is working on it. It does this on all my yahoo accounts and has nothing to do with the droid. However, I’ve found yahoo to be too difficult to use with the droid (wifi issue) and am phasing out yahoo now as a result.

  221. some of you had the same problem I did, could get the yahoo mail to work, but not access address book. If you export yahoo mail contacts as a CSV file and import them with gmail your contacts will be accessed. Does not update automatically though

  222. DONE that Already BUT does not work when you turn Wi-Fi back ON. So you have to switch wi-fi on and off to access your Yahoo Mail. If solution please advice accordingly.

  223. this helped me a lot thanks

  224. I just purchased the DROID and was able to upload the yahoo email. So far (knock on wood) it seems to be working. The biggest problem I have, and it’s already been mentioned, is the multiple emails in the sent folders. I think I may have found a solution. Delete the email from you sent folder on the droid. delete in from your sent folder on the pc. I’m going to do further testing so if that changes I’ll let you know.

  225. thank you very much, just fixed my yahoo acct with the android. now i can easily get emails from 7 accounts.

  226. I just did the yahoo fix and it totally works on my Eris. Also, just for fun. I turned 3G off and turned WiFi on then sent a email to another account.

    It worked..but I sent it from one yahoo account to another yahoo account. Will test Gmail next.

  227. Okay,

    WiFi on and 3G off. Sent mail to my yahoo account and Gmail account via WiFi using HTC Eris 1.5 OS.

  228. Okay,

    Wifi ON and 3G OFF. I can’t receive email but I can send email. You need 3G on to send and receive at all times. For me at least.

  229. Cool. Thanks for showing us how to set it up.


  230. soo helpful! thank you!

  231. Took me a few tries, i suck a directions!

    Works Great!


  232. Dude you so rock, just set this up on my Samsung Moment worked like a charm!!

  233. WORKS!!! THANKS!!

  234. thank you so much for the help!!

  235. You can also try MailDroid: https://slideme.org/application/maildroid.

  236. Thank you works on my milestone.

  237. WOW, your directions were great! Thanks, I have been looking for a solutions for over a week for my t-mobile “My Touch”. So far it works fine.

  238. I have had yahoo plus for years and pay for it and it still duplicates the mail and the yahoo trash bin fills up and u can not deleat it must be (google phone) u have to use gmail it sucks to have to change i have had yahoo for 10 years it is easyer to by a new phone mabye yahoo should make there own phone>>>i said it
    i wish sony would get it to gether or black berry
    i have the g1 lots of problems i thought touch pro sucked well thanks for reading good luck

  239. Just wanted to thank you for your utube video. I have the htc from Verizon. The Verizon store are idiots. They don’t even know how to do this simple fix. I had to google the question and your sight showed up. Thanks again. Ian from Atlanta.

  240. Worked like a charm with yahoo mail.It even deletes mail from server like it’s supposed to. I’d love to do the same with my comcast.net mail account if anyone knows how. Thanks in advance

  241. I needed to upgrade my lame cell phone – I want text, email and web browsing. So today, I was trying to decide which to buy between Blackberry (ugly!) or the HTC Droid but since I’m a yahoo mail users, the Verizon guys at the store told me NOT to get the Droid b/c it would not be compatible. Now I’m reading this site and it seems that it could work. I’m going to buy the Droid since I like how it looks much more and give it a try…unless anyone has any last minute advice?

  242. I have tried and tried to set my account up and NOT working keeps saying wrong password or wrong addy always something wrong I have checked and doubled checked and I just gave up and got a gmail account and HATE that I cant get my reg (yahoo)mail on my phone really thinking bout going back to my blackberry. that did almost everything this does.

  243. Thanks for the video! It was spot-on. No problems at all after I figured out how to delete the first Yahoo account I had set up, leaving the new one as the default.

  244. jsay, get the Droid! Yahoo works beautifully with it. I also heard at the Verizon store that it wouldn’t sync, so before I bought one I found this site, went ahead and got two (one for my wife) and we love ’em.

  245. excellent! Thanks, Rob – I spent an hour trying to figure out why I couldn’t get yahoo set up. Your directions took less than 3 minutes. :)

  246. Thanks Rob for sharing this information- Excellent directions, took me less than 2 minutes.. :)


  248. any way to enable push? i’ve got this setup no problem on my Nexus, yet can only select “fetch” intervals… no “push” option…. :(

  249. this was so easy and worked perfectly! THANK YOU!!!

  250. Great Work Thank You Very Much.

  251. Just got my Droid and configured it to access my POP3 email. No problem there. I get my emails and mark them as deleted, they disappear. Then when I refresh to check for mail they are back. I realize I am not deleting them off the server, but ANY other mail program (like outlook, Thunderbird, etc) will let you retrieve pop3 mail, delete them from your app, and if you do a Send/Receive you DON’T get the emails again.

    This is really frustrating. I don’t want to use IMAP, because if I accidentally delete a mail while using IMAP then it is GONE from the server (which is correct), and then I won’t get it on my home PC when I use Outlook. I need to leave the mail on my server so I can look at it with Outlook or the Droid and I don’t want to re-retrieve it every time I check mail on my Droid.

    Also, why doesn’t the Droid let you save your email into folders if you are using POP3? I am talking about saving the mail on the Droid, so I can organize my mail?



  252. My Yahoo mail works on my htc droid, but I have to hit refresh to load emails, it won’t notify me, like the gmail account does. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have the wifi turned off, and I’ve tried changing the times to update the email from 15min to 4 hours, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

  253. Thank you so much! Followed the directions precisely and finally have access. I really appreciate it!

  254. Just a quick fix for you guys I just went through and actually trained the verizon techs on how to get this to work. You must change the outgoing server to 25, not 587. This will set your yahoo up flawless.


  255. Thanks Very Helpful!

  256. I have been trying to use my yahoo mail with my new android phone for a week now and it has been driving crazy…came to your web sight and fix it within 2 min…..Thank you!!!! You guys rock!!!

  257. I have a sort-of-opposite problem; I want to stop automatic access to my Yahoo email account on a Droid. The Verizon family account is in my name and my Yahoo email is the one connected to the account for notifications and billing. One of the other users on the family plan got a Droid, and was surprised to tap the Yahoo email icon and get right into my Yahoo mailbox with no password or anything. The user has their own Gmail account that they access just fine. How can I at least make the yahoo account password-protected (though it would be better to not have it accessed by that Droid at all)?

  258. Same problem as 113, 219 and 220. Multiple sent items in your yahoo mail on android with Verizon. You need to do as 255 said, change the outgoing server setting to port 25, not 587. Works great then! Now I just have to go back and delete over 85,000 sent items. I’m surprised my mailbox didn’t fill up!

  259. I would like to think you so much. You made this so easy. I had been trying to get it set up and it would never go in. Everytime I go on line to see it sent me to URL. I had no problem following your directions and exactly step by step. It took me right through exactly the way you explain it. Thanks so much.

  260. This is great advice and it helped me set up my yahoo mail. Do you know how to set up the yahoo calendar?

  261. Thank you soooo much!!

  262. I’m having trouble sending yahoo mail on my eris. CAn anyone help me?

  263. I have an old Pacbell account which was bought out by yahoo, so I used the yahoo IMAP settings here and it connected to my account. The problem is that it doesn’t pull the email at 5 minute intervals as I specified in the settings. I have to manually refresh to see my mail to see new email. Any idea why this is happening?

  264. My hero!

  265. YAY! It WORKED! I was starting to get frustrated! THANX A BUNCH!

  266. Worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

  267. I tried the modification mentioned in #255, but I’m still getting duplicates. I’m actually trying to figure out how to stop the duplicating right now because I just sent a test message with the new configuration, but looks like I’m screwed—every refresh produces a duplicate, even after I delete every trace of sending the message.

    Deleting tens of thousands (literally) of duplicate sent messages is a huge chore, since it takes forever to load them, check them, and delete them. Until this gets fixed for good, I’ve stopped sending mail from the Yahoo account on the Droid, which is unfortunate, but necessary. Thanks for all the help, but Yahoo mail still does not function properly on the Droid.

  268. Thanks much for this post. Saved me a lot of frustration!!


  270. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! this helped me set up my yahoo email after hours of frustration. YOU ROCK!!!

  271. I changed outgoing smtp port to 25 like suggested and no longer haves duplicate sent msgs. Thanks

  272. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now if i can only figure out how to configure my college email on my phone..

  273. Thanks for the post. It does seem that WiFi needs to be off at all times in order to use your Yahoo mail accounts. Unfortunate.

  274. Awesome thanks a lot.yahoo mail works perfect.

  275. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved us $!

  276. Ok here’s the deal. This thread is supposed to be for the Motorola Droid. I have no idea why so many people are commenting about how great the fix is working for their NON Motorola Droid. I’m happy for you and glad it works. However I must have the only Motorola Droid that it won’t work on. I just keep getting the same old error about a bad login. I’ve tried all the variations and still no deal. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Droid sucks and Verizon sucks for having great coverage and crappy phones like the Motorola Droid.

    Should I go back in and get it replaced maybe?

  277. Thank You soo much. I was about to tear my hair out trying to set this thing up.

  278. great tips. works perfectly. thank u so much!!!!!!

  279. add me to the list of the grateful.

  280. As long a WiFi is off, I can access my free Yahoo account. When folks keep posting “it doesn’t work” they should add “for me” because it demonstrably DOES work for many! At the risk of being flamed, never underestimate the power of user error – and the unwillingness of folks to accept that they have messed up ;)

    Thanks for the instructions. They DO work.

  281. I have been experiencing a lot of problems with my droid…it says force close when I try to txt or call…when this happens all my txt are gone and that is irritating because there were txt messages I wanted to save…also earlier tonight I was waiting for my boyfriend to call or txt me and it has been a while so I picked up my phone and I realize it shut off on its own and when I turned it on I had a few txts he thought I was ignoring him…it caused a fight so if you have any answers please let me know…this phone almost cost me the love of my life.

  282. This helped me out.. I have tried everything and nothing worked until now. Thank you so much for posting this!

  283. This helped big time. Thank you for posting it. Great job!


  284. I set up my yahoo account on my Droid and everything was working fine until I changed my password. Now when I try to get in it says “username or password incorrect” How do I get back to the manual settings to update my password?

  285. THANK YOU!!! I was lost without my Yahoo, but Love the phone! I actually considered going back to my old phone!


  286. Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to get this to work since the day I got my Droid. I don’t understand why this whole process was needed though. They should get that fixed. But thanks again!

  287. Thanks a million. I was stressing over trying to add my yahoo. I am job hunting and did not want to have to set a whole new email for my resume.

  288. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM Motorola???!!!!! WHY haven’t you fixed this multiple Yahoo “sent items” problem??? Like SOOOO many other people, I have deleted, and deleted, and deleted, but the Sent items keep popping up! FIX THIS PROBLEM NOW!!! Not tomorrow! NOW!!! WhyTF is this taking so long?

    For two, you promise us this Update from the mobile Gods, but we are STILL WAITING! WhyTF is this taking so long as well? If there’s not a fix at this time, AT LEAST LETS US KNOW YOU’RE WORKING ON IT!


    The Man Who Had a F’ing DROID

  289. THANKS! What a pain in the butt this has been. Should have searched Phandroid before Att Yahoo & Google.

    TO THE WORD GUY – you’re right. Tried it once before rereading that I had to turn off WiFi.

    To JLynn – I was having force close issues and the phone would unknowingly turn off constantly. Called Verizon and they troubleshot the phone. Sent me a new one. I think they have great customer service. Good luck. Call Verizon.

  290. Once more to Rob Jackson – THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!

  291. I’m having this duplicating problem using a Microsoft Outlook work account that I also access from home using Thunderbird. I’m not able to switch from port 587 to port 25 (I think due to security issues); I tried and it won’t work. Any other suggestions? The thousands of duplicate sent messages are a significant problem.

  292. Thanks for this. I was having trouble connecting to my Yahoo account. I do not understand why turning on WiFi sorts out the connection problem.

  293. thanks, worked with no problems

  294. I took the advice from someone else and just configured my email (from a desktop, NOT the phone)to not automatically save sent messages and it stopped the multiple copies of sent mail when I send from my DROID.

  295. I don’t know who will see my comment, since I’m way at the bottom, but here’s my two cents. I have spoken with both Yahoo and HTC, and Motorola about the Droid’s issues with Yahoo mail. Yahoo will always blame it on HTC and will tell you that you need a paid account to use Yahoo mail on your phone, but you don’t. Free Yahoo Mail will work over Verizon’s network, but not WiFi – the reasoning is that Yahoo is trying to pull their email from being supported for free accounts, and they want to move to a pay only access with mobile devices – hopefully this will not happen! That being said, there are issues with Android and Yahoo when using the mail app. On the Moto Droid, your sent messages will show up many times, instead of just once, and your deleted messages that you delete on the phone may not show up in trash in Yahoo, and sent messages will not show up there either – with HTC Eris, your sent messages may not show up at all in Sent, and they may not show up in Trash either. The easiest fix – download K9 – a free mail app for Android. Setup Yahoo using the above settings, and it just works! You can then see your sent and deleted messages from within Yahoo and your phone, and sync is perfect. Also, for the send server for yahoo you can use smtp.mail.yahoo.com and the .mobile. is not needed. Leave the ports as default settings, as they will be correct as long as you select IMAP type of email. I hope this helps someone, because I was frustrated by the sent and deleted messages not showing up. It’s just the Android mail app – it is not you, and you do not need to pay for your account :)

  296. This was so helpful and easy! Thank you so much!

  297. Droid and Yahoo Email

    I have a paid Yahoo account and had no problem just configuring my Yahoo on the Droid.
    However, I have had MANY other problems
    1) Yahoo on my Droid constantly shows messages that are in my Yahoo inbox as new even when they have been read on the Droid or a in Yahoo from my computer (HUGE PROBLEM—it keeps “refreshing emails I have read as new, so I never really know for sure when I have new email).
    2)Droid accepts all my Yahoo spam and sends to my inbox on my Droid (my Blackberry knew the difference and didn’t sync spam). I know I can have my Spam automatically deleted out of my Yahoo, but don’t want to as I like to review in every week to see if there is a real email in there…but DON’T want every freakin spam sent to my Droid as a new email
    3)The Droid Wi-Fi, when on, seems to totally screw everything up, including emailing syncing and the connections with all other devices to my WiFi in my house
    4)I get “connection errors” a lot when trying to check my email
    5)My Droid seems to be “taking down” my Yahoo email on my computer…I have had all sorts of Error 5 and connection issues since using the Droid…as if they are competing to sync with the server

    Blackberry was WAY, WAY better for email than Droid…I think they are trying to make Yahoo tough to use so we will just go to Gmail…but all my archived email and folders is in Yahoo which makes it tough to switch to Gmail

    Any suggestions on fixes for 1 & 2, and possibly 3-5?

    Thanks! there are some good fixes here…hopefully someone can help my long-winded request

  298. Thanks so much… this got my email working. It is supprising it wasn’t so simple to set up my yahoo account. Whoda thunk it lol.

  299. Worked perfect for me. Thanks for the help!

  300. Thanks it worked I have been trying to sync it since I first got my Droid!!!

  301. Thanks so much my droid stopped working so i had to get a new one and forgot how to set up my email! Very helpful thanks again!

  302. Thanks so much…..it worked first try!!!!!!

  303. For .com it only works for paid accounts.
    However, if you use a .co.uk account you’re lucky: that yahoo server allows pop3 access for free users.
    Gmail rules!

  304. worked on the moto droid, but i can only see messages one by one, can’t get to my inbox and other folders.

  305. I am using the servers you show in the video, but its not working for me. My account is a yahoo small business account, and it just says that bizmail users are not allowed on that server.

    Do you know what server I could use for bizmail?

  306. Thanks for this! It works great on my Nexus One.
    Don’t understand why Yahoo doesn’t provide any info on how to set up accounts on Android devices.

  307. thank you thank you thank you!!! now i have yahoo email on my droid

  308. This is greeeeeeeeeeeeeaaat!! Thank you sooo much!

  309. this works great. worked the first time. thanks a lot.

  310. Thanks!!! you are the best!!!!

  311. Great thread. This has been the opitomy of helpful as I need to email 700+ contact on any given day of the week! Thanks so much

  312. This worked. Thanks for figuring this out for the rest of us.

  313. Thanks #259.

    Still testing but looks like it works.

    keywords: sent folder duplicates

  314. #259 works. change outgoing to 25.

  315. so i just got the droid and my gmail account is now setup with the phone. i click on the gmail application and can view my emails. i opened the email application and it asked my login and passsword so i emailed my gmail account. now both gmail and email application is linked to my gmail account. How do you log off from email application?

  316. Correction, #259 does not work, Problem still exists.

  317. I just bought my M Droid two weeks ago, the Verizon guy set up the email and it worked fine until I realized it was duplicating sent mail in my sent mail box. Friends said they weren’t receiving duplicates thankfully. It is a known issue on the Droid forums I found.
    I can confirm that K9 works perfectly so far with Yahoo mail and it sets it up for you. It has a lot more options also.

  318. Thank you so much for this information. This worked great.

  319. First of all thanks for the directions they worked perfectly. The problem is I can’t access my contacts (I can access my folders). Any ideas on how to solve this?

  320. Awesome!!!! Worked on my Eris!!! Thanks for sharing!

  321. Ok i followed all your steps which didnt work for me I have the Droid through Verizon. I found a different incoming IMAP imap.n.mail.yahoo.com and everything else I did was the same as what you did, but now my Droid works with yahoo! This is weird not sure what the “n” was needed in there for but it did the trick! Hopefully this helps some others that may not be getting through!

  322. if the Droid is so wonderful, why am I going through so many fixes to simply get my work mail? I am so frustrated with this phone………..

  323. Just got my Eris a couple of days ago and my Yahoo e-mail was set up in store. I figured out I was getting mail but was unable to send it. I followed your directions and now it works! Thanks.

  324. Genius!!!!! Finally, a website that knows what its talking about. Thanks for the help.

  325. So, I had the same issues indicated above when I set up Yahoo with Android 2.1 (and I understand that 2.1 was supposed to resolve Yahoo issues). I followed these directions and it seems to not work, telling me that I had the ‘wrong user name of password’. I turn wifi back off and it works just fine.

    Any ideas if this will ever get resolved over wifi AND 3g?


  326. I have tried to link up my Yahoo mail to my driod but no sucess, Gmail is much user friendly, I would have really liked to keep my Yahoo mail but looks like there sevice is not listening to thier costomers.

  327. OMG thank you so much you saved me! Worked perfect on my samsung moment

  328. I have a mytouch and I contacted T-mobile because I could not add my rocketmail address. They said that I needed to contact the server and they could not help me. I also told them that I cannot even open any of my attachments from my yahoo emails on this phone- I then attempt to forward them to my gmail account and I cannot even open them from there. What gives? What outgoing settings should I be using for Rocketmail? and why the heck can I not open any mail from yahoo and only get connection error all of the time.!!!!

  329. BIG problem with yahoo mail on my SE xperia x10…

    i do EVERYTHIG as i’m supposed to, i tried numerous clients, changing mail accounts, data, etc…

    everything i do gets me to: “Setup could not finish – Username or password incorrect.”

    please help

  330. Will this work with other e-mail servers say like bellsouth?

  331. This will only work in the US. Not in Europe, perhaps only UK :(

  332. This will not work outside the US. So it won’t work in Europe, perhaps only in the UK.

  333. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve been looking for a straight forward way of doing this. BTW also works with HTC Hero

  334. Very helpful. Funny how you have to Google how to use a Yahoo! email account since Google and Yahoo! are like two school girls on the playground fighting over a boy. Thanks

  335. Thank you so much! I was trying to get this figured out for weeks and it worked in seconds when I read this

  336. Thank you for sharing this info: Worked Great…

    How to setup your YMAIL Account on T-Mobile My Touch Anroid: Just follow direction below:

    1). Make sure Wi-Fi is turned off
    2). Press the E-Mail icon (the default Android E-Mail application)
    3). Enter your Full Y-Mail eMail address and password
    4). Press “Manual Setup” in the lower left hand corner
    For “Incoming Server Settings” set the IMAP server to “imap.mail.yahoo.com” and the Port to 143
    For “Outgoing Server Settings” set the SMTP Server to “smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com” and the Port to 587
    Check “Require sign-in” and press Next
    Select how often your Droid will check for Email, and choose default options
    Give the account a name and set your display name for outgoing messages
    Done and done. You’ve now got Yahoo Mail on your Motorola Droid and it will work with the all-new “Combined Inbox” in Android 2.0. Beautiful.

  337. I have an Eris, and Yahoo wouldn’t work at ALL. I rooted to the 2.1 leak and everything works like a charm. I am not a guru at this kind of stuff, but the instructions were simple enough for me to do it the first time.

  338. Did everything…worked for the first 4 weeks I had the phone. Now displays “Connection Error” above email inbox. Pretty ridiculous. For the amount of money spent on the device and data package, I may switch to blackberry REAL soon

  339. Just tried this with my sony ericsson xperia10 and it worked! Thank you so much! :)

  340. I have the Yahoo plus. Do I still set up my Droid with the settings above, without the plus, or are there instructions to set up mail with the yahoo plus?


  342. Emails get deleted from the optonline account after reading them. Any suggestions

  343. Thank you this helped me out

  344. thanks a lot. really appreciate the info. worked great.

  345. I too am having difficulties setting up my yahoo! email on my motorola droid. My yahoo! email ends with ymail.com instead of yahoo.com does that have anything to do with it. I followed the step you gave, but It doesnt get me past the incoming server settings page. After inputting the information and selecting next it says “Settings could not finish, unable to open connection to server.” Any advice?

  346. I figured it out, I was doing something wrong. All thanks to your given steps, very helpful. Thanks again.

  347. anyone still getting the duplicate send item yahoo mail? motorola droid on 2.1. The phandroid instructions work perfectly, but this multiple items is very annoying, almost like a virus

  348. The only issue I have at this time after using the Droid for two weeks is sending a text with a picture attached. It may take 1-30 minutes or more. I tried with Wifi on and off. I even returned my first Droid thinking it was defective. The same slow sending holds true for anyone else I have spoken to that owns the Droid. Any comments?

  349. This was a very helpful site. It helped me when the Tmobile support desk could not. Thanx a lot

  350. can someone help… want to sync my yahoo contacts to my droid but dont know how?

  351. can you turn the wifi back on once the yahoo acount is set up?

  352. when i try to set up my yahoo mail it keep the message that my username or password is incorrect. what should i do?

  353. How do you set up an att email such as [email protected]?

  354. Correction to #348. Looks like it is working now. For “Outgoing Server Settings” set the SMTP Server to “smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com” and the Port to 25 ( and not 587).

  355. ok will this same exact info work for @ymail.com or are there different specific settings? its still a yahoo account…

  356. just followed these same instructions for my @ymail.com account and it worked fine on my Eris. didnt change anything!

  357. I have the EVO, it works thanks man you rock!!!

  358. Update for bizmail (my last comment was in January, far above):

    Yahoo! now provides a special server for Droid users.

    Incoming settings:
    yourEmail@yourHostname (you must include the domain part, despite other people’s advice!)
    your password
    IMAP server: android.imap.mail.yahoo.com
    Port 993 / SSL / Path prefix optional

    Outgoing settings:
    port 465 / SSL / require signin
    username: yourEmail@yourHostname

    Your hostname, for bizmail, is the domain you purchased and host through Yahoo! services, e.g., “example.com”. This was tested on three Motorola Droids running OS 2.1.

  359. I want to thank you for this post Rob Jackson. With your step-step instructions I was able to get my ymail(also a yahoo account) account set up on my new HTC EVO. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  360. I changed the outgoing address to smtp.mail.yahoo.com and left everything else the same and I’m able to check my att.net account without paying! Samsung Moment Android Froyo

  361. Thanks for the info!! I tried a month ago, it didn’t work, then used maildroid, which was ok, though the app froze alot. So I came back here, entered the info into my Nexus, and walla!! Glad to have it running on the nexus email software. I don’t know why it worked this time, but I am very glad it did!

  362. Good content, is this like a sales site for something or is it just your content, because it’s good.

  363. My Droid and Yahoo synced perfectly until I changed my password. I went into my email settings and found that it wouldn’t accept my new (and correct) password. After fiddling with it extensively (and finally turning off wifi), I found that the incoming settings would allow the new password, but the outgoing settings still would not. What I had to do then was uncheck the “require sign in” field, reboot the phone, go back into outgoing settings, recheck the “require sign in” field and then redo my name and password. This finally worked. I sure hope this helps someone out there….. this sure can get frustrating, especially when you do it right the first time and it STILL doesn’t work!

  364. Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you all know that Yahoo has just come come out with Mail and Messenger apps which are available for download at the Android Market now.



    Disclaimer: I’m a Yahoo! :)

  365. You saved my life! I could not get this to work until I followed your steps. Thank you!

  366. Thanks worked just like you said for my nexus

  367. How do you make new yahoo app work with small business email?

  368. I’m surprised that this author didn’t provide the secured (SSL) imap settings. Maybe SSL wasn’t an option at the time of printing? Unlikely. Also, reader beware, there is a lot of goofy advice among the responses. Kudos to Kirk for providing the best incoming option.

  369. Thanks for the inforamtion !!! It works like a charm !!

  370. All-New Yahoo! Mail Loaded with hot new features that will save you time. With a flick of the wrist, you can now drag and drop your emails into different folders. Syndicated news content brings your favorite headlines right to you. Tabbed emails; need I say more? Postmaster, If you are an Internet Service Provider or a mail server administrator and have questions about sending to Yahoo! Mail, then this is the place for you. Mobile Mail Everything that you need to know about managing your Yahoo! Mail on your mobile device.

  371. thanks so much for sharing this info!!!! it helped tremendously!!! i have been trying to figure out this for days and days and days now!!!

  372. right on! i can finally use email on my phone. i don’t use gmail so this info was extremely helpful!!! thanks again.

  373. If people are still having issues setting it up, I found some tips here to try:


  374. Thank you! This worked great for my Verizon HTC Incredible.

  375. Is there a setting to delete my yahoo emails from my droid but not have them deleted from my pc? My blackberry used to give me the option but I am not getting that with mu droid.

  376. My yahoo calendar is my life… is it accessible via droid mobile?

  377. Thank you, with your help I finally got my yahoo set up!!!

  378. For those with other phones than the moto droid I have tried these settings which have worked for me
    this is how to setup Yahoo! mail on ur android:

    Email address in full
    Username: as above but without @yahoo.com
    click om manual setup
    choose IMAP server


    imap server: imap.mail.yahoo.com
    port: 993
    SSL: yes

    Click next and then input the settings as below


    server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    port: 587
    SSL/TLS: no

    Have fun :)

  379. Mr ROb and SMilepack you are a genius. I do not know how you figured this out but it has helped me out in such a great way. My Tmobile My touch 3.5 had been exchanged four times due to this email problem. I was about to drop T mobile. All those phones I received from T mobile had the same problem with the email. Someone from Tmobile needs to see you. This post fixed my yahoo email issue. I will pass it on. it works perfect everytime as if I was on my yahoo page. I do massages and I need my emails through my phone.
    Mr Garcia Tulsa Ok

  380. I got my Motorola Droid2 at the beginning of October, almost 4 months ago. My Yahoo mail has been working great the whole time.
    Suddenly, this week, it stopped automatically checking for new messages. The little icon at the top of the phone that says when there are new messages doesn’t pop up and the light doesn’t blink. The only way for me to get new messages is to manually ask it to refresh.
    Also, now if I read a new message on my phone, it doesn’t get marked as “read” when I open Yahoo on my computer.
    How can I fix this??

  381. Thanks.. Worked..!

  382. Worked perfectly! Thanks for the help!

  383. I have a new Droid that I am getting used to. But the Yahoo mail app makes a notification sound every time I get a new mail. How can I turn this off? And, while I am at it, is there a way to set separate notification sounds for different functions? I get my Zedge text message notification every time I plug the thing into my computer.\\

    I’m getting used to this thing, but it does not seem as intuitive as my iPhone was. And that’s coming from an Apple…well, not hater, but definitely disliker.


    Im trying to put a yahoo email on my droid (original Verizon droid phone)Its not working. I went to email (entered email and password), clicked on manual setup, then clicked imap – this is where I get stuck. I cant get past the incoming server. It keeps saying “unable to connect to server” WHY is this happening?

    ANY help would be appreciated!!!!!!!

  385. OK – i have my yahoo mail and my work mail set up on my new Atrix. I know they are set up because I can see mail from both accounts in my messaging widgets…but I can’t seem to make another icon for the 2nd account. I can select one from my shortcuts or from teh app menu, but i can’t figure how to make different icons for each mail account. I also can’t get my work or yahoo contact lists to sync with my contact list on the phone. Than you!!!

  386. Awesome! This works for HTC EVO too. Thanks!

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