LG’s Snapdragon Heading to Korea


GW620 Eve

It appears that LG will be bringing a Snapdragon device to the mobile world come quarter two of 2010 – unfortunately for US/European Andriod enthusiasts the device – which has yet to be named – will be heading to Korea.

Outside of boasting the sexy Snapdragon processor we don’t know much else about the device. LG has promised to make it “more mature” then the GW620 Eve which was recently released to Rogers Mobile in Canada.

[Via Engadget, Slashgear]

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  1. i just noticed that this device only has the trackball and not the usual Android buttons such as “Back” and “Home” physical buttons

  2. Now why can’t the Droid’s keyboard be like that? The LG looks like it had more space between the buttons and 5 rows of keys.

  3. @maj If you look closely back and home are there, however it looks as if menu and the call buttons are missing, unless the weird thing at the top is the menu button

  4. @MonkeyCheese Baecause if Droid had a keyboard like GW620, it would have to be also as thick as GW620

    @Maj It has Home and Back keys but they are touch sensitive and hidden (like KG800 chocolate)

  5. damn, this is exactly what I have been hoping and praying LG would release next ever since I saw the Eve. It’s the perfect outer design imo, beautiful keyboard, my only gripes are the screen isn’t quite edge to edge and it’s a little thick. It still feels and looks very nice though, and it’s the most tempting Android device for me right now in Canada, especially given the $50 price tag with a 3-yr contract.. but I’ve been torn between getting one now or waiting for a snapdragon-based device. I don’t see anyone planning to release one with a physical keyboard so far though, and certainly not one as nice as the Eve’s.

  6. @MonkeyCheese

    Because Droid has a D-pad.

  7. I need this faster! I was so bummed to see DROID having only Eng and Spanish on locale setting…

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