HTC Plotting Android, Chrome OS Netbook?


htc_shiftTo say that HTC helped pioneer the adoption of Android hardware isn’t an opinion – its fact. Up to this point, HTC has introduced the HTC Dream, HTC Magic and several variations of the HTC Hero with many more phones in the works. But could an HTC Android Netbook soon be in the fold?

This past Thursday, HTC launched the HTC HD2 – which they said would NEVER run Android. That doesn’t mean a device with similar specs, Android and a different name isn’t in the works. And it also doesn’t mean HTC isn’t thinking about diversifying their Android portfolio to different product types altogether. Listen to what HTC CEO Peter Chou said about the prospect of an HTC Netbook:

He said HTC was “carefully looking into that category and how it can be part of that”. Chou further explained that it has not happened yet because he wants such a product from HTC to have “unique value”, and not another “me-too” Netbook that would be similar to the many models out there.

I don’t know about you… but I think Android would definitely provide a “unique value” and at this point would be anything BUT a “me-too” device. How about a Windows 7 and Android mashup netbook? No… no… wait I have it: A Chrome OS Netbook with Android mashed in. Yeah. Yeah, that’s it!

Google picked HTC as a launch partner for their first Android Phone and worked on it diligently for YEARS before it was introduced to the market. The value of working with a single party for a first launch was important – if Google wants to do the same thing with Chrome OS, wouldn’t HTC be a logical choice?

HTC may or may not make a netbook in the near future. If they do, that netbook may or may not include Android and/or Chrome OS. I’m simply speculating that its possible… but based on their reputation as an Android torch holder, it seems like an HTC Android Netbook is – at least – a decent possibility.

Rob Jackson
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  1. im iffy about android netbooks. it’s a phone os…lets keep it that way. but chrome os: me gusta

  2. Thanks for the news, but 80% of it is speculation? :-/

  3. It’s certainly easy to imagine HTC building an Android netbook:
    1. they have extensive experience with Android.
    2. a netbook is not much more than a smartphone, with a bigger screen & keyboard.
    3. they have the Sense UI & widgets, that could be used to create a cool “desktop” experience.
    4. Android, with its thousands of apps, could provide most/all of the necessary user functionality, until comparable web apps are available for Chrome OS.

  4. Android netbooks are a joke, it’s for a smartphone and please keep it that way. However, Chrome OS is something else, i have a very good feeling about it.

  5. I don’t know…there used to be lots of linux netbooks. They didn’t sell; people want Windows on them. It’s really like a smaller laptop and not small enough to justify a new OS. Stick with Android and stick it on phones.

  6. Android is not just a smartphone operating system.

    It powers the Nook
    It will power digital photo frames, set top boxes, tv’s, standalone gps units and many other devices.

  7. yes but those are very specialized devices. I don’t think a netbook is that specialized, just a very small laptop. A netbook user wants to run many desktop apps, not tip calculators or even cool things like Layar. Those apps are meant for the small screen that you can put in your pocket.

  8. And I also bet it will run the Qualcomm 528 mhz processor that HTC seems to love. ;)

  9. Hmmm. I really like HTC. Though I don’t own any of their current product. I’m a big fan of their commercials, they did their job lol.

  10. @Pieter: I don’t think Android is a phone OS. It’s built primarily as a simple multiplatform operating system for devices that are connected to the internet.

    Don’t be surprised when television sets will be running Android. Currently, there are too many internet television services (Net TV, [email protected] but also settop boxes like WebTV, AppleTV, etc) at the moment.
    Android could unify television services with EPG for instance, various apps, Webkit browser, proper e-mailclient or more importantly; operator specific on-demand services.

    Netbooks however should have a more powerful operating system, but Android is very flexible and extensible.
    In my eyes it would make a perfect netbook/smartbook operating system as it provides the basic “netbook” needs.

  11. I like the idea of HTC making a Google Chrome OS netbook/laptop. Just imagine how big the chin will be on that sucker!

  12. You want facts? “what if your browser was your operating system. new OS no kernel, no all…. BIOS was redesigned?”

    It’s like they made a mobile OS and applied in a computer

    See the Chrome’s detailed review:

    Sounds promising, but only for my netbook.. there’s no way in hell I will use this for my desktop (just in case BIG G decided to used this on PC in the future)

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