Buy The Motorola Droid Now (and Droid Eris)!


Finally! You can now Buy the Motorola Droid at Verizon Wireless! We did a little haggling and you’ll see an extra special price for visitors of our Phandroid Phone Store – check out the exlusive price!


If you buy one, are thinking of buying one, have one, want to have one or anything else… I highly suggest you hit up the Motorola Droid Forums where thousands of Droid Owners are already congregating. Can’t decide? You may find comfort and a place to spend many hours in reading our Motorola Droid Review.

While the Moto Droid has taken center stage, don’t forget the HTC Droid Eris is also going on sale for $100 less, comes with HTC Sense, Android 1.5 and has been highly praised in other markets and on other carriers as the HTC Hero. We’ve got a special deal on that, too! Slight differences of course. If this is your kinda Droid don’t forget to hit up our HTC Droid Eris Forum!

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I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. It looks as though you can’t use new every two if you don’t already have a data plan on your account. Anybody else having that problem. I’m guessing if I go to the store and have them add the data plan first then I will be able to use my new every two.

  2. It keeps saying page is unavailable when i click on buy droid on verizonwireless site

  3. yOU CANNOT BUY THE MOTO DROID RIGHT NOW ONLINE @ ALL IF YOU’RE TRYING to upgrade!! something is terribly wrong! what an F-up!! I stayed up for nothing. Droid is not listed in the smartphones tab at all when you try to upgrade!! Nice LAUNCH VZW….wtf!!!

  4. Ok, I figure I should do this at least once in my lifetime:


  5. @sully: Shit.

  6. you actually can’t buy $hit that is droid…there is an error…even try buying accessories! fail city….I’m pissed dude! I’ve been talkin in up @ work and everything…stayed up..textin my friend, right when he’s about to text me…FAIL!!!…maybe not fail…but they friggin need to fix this before I go to bed….OH!! snap…it won’t be fixed till 6am I bet when VZW starts the workday again!!

  7. Do you guys think the Droid Eris will be laggy when it gets 2.0?

  8. Darn, super-cheap Eris. Unfortunately, I want a 1-year contract, which that site doesn’t offer (not does it offer the 450-minute plan with data but no messaging, what’s up with that?). Plus I’m trying to work through the details of how to upgrade my plan from a grandfathered dumbphone plan from a carrier bought by a carrier that Verizon bought out. Meh.

  9. To KBlack I say Ha!
    To Yardie87, I’m right there with ya. I stayed up and now I’m not going to feel like getting up early. I guess I’ll have to be Mr. Calm and go in there after work and probably have to take the wife and kids. Take a few deep breaths and count to 10. By Monday or Tuesday we’ll all have this phone no matter what method we use to get it. Something tells me that then it will feel like Christmas morning for about a week if not a month.

  10. Yo Jack…Imma let you finish..But ..VZW’s online launch of the Moto Droid! was the worst of All Time!!

    Dude…know disrespect, but…who give a $hit about the Eris and 2.0…We STAYED UP for the droid. and are pis$ed right now. and aren’t thinking about that F-in phone. Ask a question like that when it’s actually light outside..And there are happy Droid owners, who stayed up for launch
    Trust me…this response is with all due respect :)

  11. It just went from 149.99 to 179.99 ????
    And cant upgrade, only for new customers…???

  12. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is, but I was able to order my Droid with New Every 2 just fine, at about 12:05am. They did not have the multimedia dock, but I did get the car mount.

  13. Online talking to a VWZ agent at the moment. He says the servers are taking a serious beating at the moment.

  14. Strange… the only problem I had with placing my order (including use of NE2) was the site was unbearably slow. Still went through though. Unfortunately, the home base was not shown as an available accessory, although the car mount was.

  15. Im going to be pissed if i stayed up for nothing.

  16. i order my motodroid at 11:56 pm. got a confirmation number and all. new every two went great for me, 39.99phone plus 29.99 data. smooth. i did notice a lag in the website about 20 mins after my order.

  17. @nul7:

    I’m on FiOS at the moment, and the site’s slower than dialup. Worse, the server’s dropped twice, so I’m not surprised that they’re taking a massive hit.

  18. nul7 did you already have a data plan on your account?

  19. I got off the phone with a vzw agent now and they say that it will begin being sold online at 12am PST and over the phone at 7am. bummer :(

  20. @sully: My wife’s line has the BB plan, but other than that, no.

  21. how did you talk to them they are closed.

  22. Probably got a hold of an East Coast guy. In any case, swapped browsers and I’m in.

  23. @YARDIE87 It’s all good. Just wondering what droid phone to get, that’s all.

  24. @nul7 Walk me through EXACTLY what you did please:)

  25. Thanks nul7. Good luck gentlemen and good night. I’m getting it at a store tomorrow.

  26. @Bri: I just logged in to my account and hit the upgrade phone link. After selecting my line and hitting continue, it took forever to load. When the menu on the left finally appeared, I selected to display phones by Motorola. Another minute or two of waiting, and it finally showed me the results, with the Droid as the first phone on the list. A bunch of “Continues” later and I got my confirmation.

  27. Well this is weird… If I go to PDAs and Smartphones on the VZW site under normal circumstances the Droid doesn’t show up. However, if I go through a proxy it does show up… even if I use the same zip code for my location.

  28. Yeah, same here, though I had to switch browsers (from Firefox to Chrome) in order to get it done. Hrmm…switch from another browser to the Google browser in order to get my Google phone. Wonder if that means something….

  29. Okay, anyone need any help walking though stuff?

  30. I just ordered the droid onlinme and i upgraded!!! so it is possible but seems like i checked right on tome cuz site is now sluggish.

  31. I just ordered mine… signed up for a new contract AND had a NE2, so it was only $99! SWEET!!

    Only problem I had was that the media dock wasn’t listed… I did get the car mount, though. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  32. @sully

    dont scare people like that, as soon as i read that i called verizon and was about to raise holy hell.. but good thing he called you a liar..

  33. I got thru @ 12.02 and upgraded both phones for me & missus. We have a grandfathered family plan with 1000 mins and all I had to do was add $30 data plan for each phone. I love it: 2 new Droids with 250 texting for $150/mo. Got the car mount but so sad no awesome is base available on the verizon site. The website was definitely slow and twitchy around 12.15, but fortunately it eventually ate my money and made me smile.

    So what up with phandroid discounting phones? I loved all the hype up to the midnight hour, but discounting a pass thru sale? Makes me wonder who owns this URL!!! What marketing department do these geeks work for?!? I’d love to have the inside scoop!

  34. @nul7 Still not working:( Maybe I’ll just wait until the morning.

  35. Yeah, Verizon’s website is kinda poky. I wonder just how many people are online right now ordering Droids? I picked up the Eris on a 1-year contract, as planned, and it even told me my grandfathered voice plan was compatible, so I didn’t have to upgrade that, just add on the data plan. HOWEVER, my old plan had evenings at 7PM, and I’m very suspicious that doing this shoved me to Verizon’s standard 9PM evenings. My voice plan was only for 200 anytime minutes, and that worked great because most of my usage was at night, but 7PM to 9PM is a big change, and could really cut into those minutes. Oh well, I’ll see what happens on my first bill I guess.

  36. @sully
    Did you try again? I didn’t have data plan & was eligible for NE2. To use NE2 you log on to your account, say upgrade phone, and it will tell you if you are eligible or not.

    If you are, continue to add the phone. After you add phone, the next screen gives you the options for insurance, data plans and (at least for and my old plan) texting.

    Hope this helps you and others.

  37. @ackie: Were you an Alltel customer, too? I’m going to keep my old plan as long as possible! 1000 anytime minutes, 10 F&F, and 1000 texts for $64.99. With IM, FB, Twitter, etc, there’s no reason to switch to a Verizon plan just to get unlimited texts, then get less minutes and pay twice as much. lol

  38. @Bri: Just out of curiosity, what time is it where you live?

  39. I can order as a new customer but not under my account. What’s the deal!!!!

  40. It’s 1:19 AM

  41. @nul7 I’m with you. Just ordered mine online (ne2). Hope their overnight delivery includes Sat delivery!

  42. @nul7
    I ain’t THAT old! That’s a freakin SWEET deal. VZ hates you!
    I just had a plan from back around 2005 and haven’t moved it since kids were little. With a 12 year old, I think this spring Imma have to bite the bullet and add a third line and go to nationwide select with unlimited texting.

    Any workaround advice you have would be great.

  43. just upgraded with NE2 (only $50 credit, I’m on a cheap voice plan, but here is the weird thing, it didn’t take my voice plan of 39.99, so I guess I will have to fix that with the rep over the phone when the device turns up. Should be interesting, but i did get to switch from the 45 data plan on my XV6700 to the 29.99 plan

    DROID by Motorola – regularly $299.99
    2-year Contract Renewal
    1 $149.99
    Standard Lithium Ion Polymer Battery, Wall/USB Charger, 16GB
    MicroSD Card Preinstalled, Getting Started Guide, Product Safety and
    Warranty Guide
    Additional Accessories
    Vehicle Mount 1 $29.99
    Vehicle Power Charger – regularly $29.99 1 $22.49
    Snap On Silicone Covers – Black 1 $16.99
    Phone Features
    250 messages $5.00
    Total Equipment Coverage (WPP + Extended Warranty),
    Advanced Devices
    Email and Web for Smartphone $29.99
    Total One-time charges (will appear on your first monthly bill only) Free
    Shipping Option ****
    Overnight Shipping Free
    Tax** $18.09
    Total Due Monthly $42.98

    Will appear on your next bill $237.55

  44. great price cut! too bad I already pre-ordered mine at bestbuy oh well happy droid shopping to all! :)

  45. Unless I now have free voice :-)

  46. Website seems to be running fine. im up for my NE2, but when I get to the upgrade selection screen, the droid is not listed. Anyone else still having similar problems?

  47. @Bri: I have no clue then. Try clearing cache, different browser as Rob mentioned earlier, or kicking the computer… that usually solves all my computer related problems. lol Maybe with the servers getting hammered, the site updates that include the Droid for upgrade haven’t fully propagated to all regions yet? Watch a movie then try again.

    @ackie: No advice to give, unfortunately. Who knows, maybe it will go through and just charge the extra $9.99 or whatever it is for the extra line, but still let you keep your old plan.

  48. Can’t order it under upgrade but if I go in as new customer it allows to order????? How are some people getting the phone??? Go to Vegas or Atlantic City cuz your luck is on…….

  49. Can’t order. Only appears when I am signed off. Doesn’t show up when I sign in.

  50. @travis I upgraded mine just fine a little while ago. Just make sure you click the “Smartphones” tab… it was like 3 or 4 down, I think.

  51. this is such crap!! still not showing up…ugh!

  52. Does anyone know what kind of shipping will be used if ordered online right now? I am just about to click confirm order, but I don’t wanna wait till Mon/Tue to get hold of the phone!

  53. It hasn’t shown up on mine. i have been messing with it for 2 hours…

  54. @Nevin It gave me free overnight shipping. Not sure if that’ll include Sat. delivery or not, so it may be Monday.

    Also, has anyone else seen Pretty funny. There’s definitely a heavy marketing push behind this release!

  55. this is like waiting for a Star Wars movie! May the Droids be with you. Always.

  56. Looks like no Saturday delivery. I had the following information on the the receipt:
    Overnight Shipping is available for purchases placed on within the U.S. only, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Orders placed by 4:30 pm local time Monday – Friday excluding holidays will deliver by the next business day. (Orders placed after 4:30 pm local time on Friday and before 4:30 pm local time on Monday will deliver on Tuesday.) Subject to credit authorization, verification and inventory availability.

  57. Is it possible to get this great $150 price PLUS the NE2 reduction? If so how would one do this? Would I place the order and then request credit afterwards (and then they’d take it off the bill)?


  58. @Aaron I think only if you already have a data plan and follow post #35 directions.

  59. @aaron, if you meant getting veriaon to pricematch i wouldnt count on it. In my expierence companies typically will not price match with online retailers only “real” stores.

  60. Why the rush? Wait for Android 3.0

  61. That deal with the phandroid discount at 149.99 doesnt come with data plan?? How does that work out?

  62. As much as I’d like to, I’m not buying the Droid. At least not RIGHT NAOUGH! Put simply, there just isn’t any way I would (sanely) spend that much on a cell phone plan. 100 bucks for 450 mins w/ data? Are they serious? Verison needs to start making some plans with REASONABLE prices for the little guy.

    Cause seriously, you can get that same stuff and then some for less money on the other carriers. I don’t care how good VZN’s service is, it’s not an excuse to screw people out of their money.

    Now that I’ve vented that, I really reaLLY REALLY want to get this phone, I’m just waiting to see if there are any cheaper plans/services that it can be set up with. ‘Cause for real, in the long run, that’s 2 grand at least at the end of the two year contract…ouch.

  63. congrats to all those who ordered. good luck to those who are having trouble. and to those who aren’t getting it, sucks to be you!

  64. Just ordered mine!!!!!! DROID HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Anyone have the email contact for the above retailer ( I want to know if I can apply my discounts (I get a 6% plan and 12% data discount since we use VZW at work) to the plan after I make the purchase?

  66. I finally ordered my new DROID. I stayed up last night but had no luck, as many have experienced. I could see the DROID for new customers, but it wasn’t available with my Ne2 upgrade. I even sent customer service a message about my dissapoitment.

    My wife suggested I try one more time this morning to get my Droid. (One of the few things that is not “Ours”, but I digress.) Low and behold, it was there this morning when I clicked the upgrade option. And my Ne2 that I expected to be $50 was $100. WOOT!!! So, I got the DROID for $99 without hassling with mail-in rebates. So, I can’t walk around with the phone today; that’s a little sad. But, tomorrow will be here soon!!! Goodbye Palm Treo …. Hello DROID!!

    Good luck to all in you Best Buy, Verizon Store, or Verizon Online quest for the DROID!!!

    For those who are asking, I seem to recall getting a Samsung i760 on a Saturday once, so I am hoping to have the DROID tomorrow, but if not Monday will be great. Someone needs to report once their online order arrives via FedEx.

  67. It’s now 8:27 AM east cost time. Anybody head to the store and have either Droid in hand? What do ya think so far ?

  68. Where I live VZW ships FedEx. Also in my area FedEx delivers to residential customers Tuesday through Saturday. If that’s the case in your area then I would say you could have the phone in hand by tomorrow. The part that sucks about that is if you don’t get it tomorrow then you won’t get it until Tuesday.

  69. @ Del no way is 450 mins and data = $100, 450 min plus data is 69.90 (39.95 mins + 29.95 data)

  70. @Sully:

    I just got the shipping confirmation from FedEx twenty minutes ago. Unfortunately, they’re confirming a Monday delivery. Hope that’s not the case, as I have a meeting to go to on Sunday with a bunch of iPhone devotees and I’d like to ignore them all in style.

  71. Ask them how they replace the battery ;)

  72. I called wirefly, they told me I could call VZW after the purchase and have my discounts applied. We’ll see…

  73. I Finally got it done. It was all screwed up tho! Per post #49 Nigel ….I had to call in (611) and have them setup the new calling plan and messaging plan, then go log back in and just buy the phone with everything all set up and get my discount. When i initially was doing the upgrade online, it kept my current calling plan, didn’t prompt to choose text plan, and that was it.. something was really jacked up. So if you’re having that problem, call in and have them set up those 4 you then go back in and finish the deal and get ur instant rebates

  74. How long will the offer be on? I plan on getting my on January when my T-Mo plan expires.

  75. bought mine at the vz store at menlo park mall in edison, nj. they opened at 8am instead of 10am. two other people were there.

  76. I went to our local store at 7:00 am. I was the only one in the store for almost an hour getting mine. So far I like it. Haven’t had much time to play since I am at work. But will give it the go through this weekend. I had the LG EV touch and the DROID is actually lighter.

  77. Oh by the way I was still under contract so I had to pay retail. But hopefully it will be worth it. No I can’t eat for awhile. :)

  78. After the hassle I went through with ordering my G1 online, I’m staying away from ordering phones online. I’m picking up my reservation at Best Buy later today!

  79. I ordered it online though I had lots of trouble in the process. I first saw it show up at about 9:30PM so I tried ordering it. It kept disappearing as soon as I logged in so after a bunch of tries I had to call support. They said it was only supposed to show up at midnight so I waited some more. Then at midnight I had the same problem but their support was gone at that point. I tried until 1am before giving up. It did finally work this morning though.

  80. as per Rob #70, same here

    Expected arrival Monday 3.00pm, shipping from Memphis TN to Charlotte NC

  81. ordered mine online. i was in the in-between 1-2 year period. already have a blackberry. got it for 199 and my monthly bill stays the same. not too bad.

  82. I just ordered the Eris on verizon online and used a promo code to get free priority overnight delivery..says it will be here tomorrow by 3pm..cant wait!
    Here is the code if anyone cares to use it

  83. Man… mine is shipping from Memphis TO Memphis – and I STILL have to wait until Monday! If only they’d done a Thursday release!

  84. Typing this on My new Droid right now..:)

  85. @Clayton

    I would call Verizon and say you forgot to enter the promo code, and see if they will ship it overnight for you. Doesnt hurt to ask :)

  86. Wife picked up the droid last night at midnight. She said there was quite a scene. So far, the phone is downright amazing. I have an iphone 2g, and I’ve become a huge fan of the onscreen keyboard. To be honest, I’m not sure why everyone slams the android onscreen KB. In my view, it completely destroys my iphone 2g KB running 3.1.

    Same thing with some of the percieved sloppiness and other things lacking from the OS. It’s smooth as butter and everything makes perfect sense. I may wait for the keyboard-less droid, but there’s one thing I’m sure of. I will not miss my iphone.

  87. I wasn’t able to order after trying for over 2 hours starting at 9pm PST. I had the same troubles as everyone here was saying(upgrade not available), so I gave up. Tried this morning from about 6:15am PST and was online going through different calling plans(for about an hour) trying to figure out which was best deal and decided to get same deal as I have had the past 2 years with my BB Pearl. Man, I hope I don’t go into SHOCK(!!) once I get it. What a difference going from a BB Pearl to VZW Droid!! :D I hope to get it tomorrow, since I selected FedEX Overnight with their free shipping code(FREEOVERNT). Not sure exactly why I had to put in shipping code, since I just received through snail mail a card saying I’m “VIP” and ALWAYS get free overnight.

    Happy DROIDING Everybody!!


  88. Is there a way to order a family plan with 2 phones – one droid and another droid eris? I can’t figure out how to do it on phandroid store.


  89. I just checked out the Droid and Droid Eris at my local store and they are VERY impressive phones. I’m going to pick up the Droid in 6 days when my New Every Two is available.

  90. This is BS!!! VZ wants to charge existing (ie: loyal) customers $559 for the retail price just because we aren’t eligible for the “new every 2” upgrade? It’s pretty bad when a company won’t allow existing customers who are willing to pay a reasonable price and add the $29.99 monthly data plan to upgrade. Who pays $559 for a phone???

  91. I am a ATT G1 user. I tried the MOTO Droid. Then tried the HTC Eris…

    ERIS is BETTER. Huge difference in performance from my experience. If all you are getting MOTO Droid for is the nav, for get it. You can use NAV4ALL, a free app in the market. I LOVE this Eris phone. I bought it right away and didn’t look back at the MOTO Droid, POS. It was flimsy and choppy and expensive. Forget it. Another Fail round for Motorola. This will break them I think.

  92. @Clayton:

    Got bad news for you. Just read this on the FedEx site:

    FedEx Express National Service Disruption for Friday, October 30, 2009

    The Memphis hub and flight operations experienced substantial disruptions last night due to severe thunderstorms. Consistent with the provisions of the FedEx Service Guide, the money-back guarantee is suspended for U.S. packages and shipments inbound into the U.S. from international locations with a delivery commitment of Friday, October 30, 2009.

    Inclement weather conditions at Memphis hub may cause some service delays and disruptions within the U.S. today.

  93. @MikeS:

    There were some problems last night. If you don’t qualify for NE2 (I didn’t, my wife did), you just pay the $199, not the unlocked price.

  94. Just got this notice from the Phandroid Phone Store:

    “We apologize for the inconvenience, but the phone you ordered is extremely popular. We receive large shipments of additional phones every day and typically fulfill out-of-stock orders within 3-5 business days.

    It is not necessary to contact us. As soon as your phone is in stock, we will complete your order and ship it right away. Please continue to check this site daily for updated shipping information.”

    Not thrilled to see that. It would have been nice to know it was out of stock when I placed the order at 3am.

  95. @Rob That does suck – but I doubt it affects me directly, since I live IN Memphis (I knew there had to be SOME upside to it!) so mine won’t be taking a plane anywhere… just a short little drive.

    I hope everyone else getting shipments out of Memphis doesn’t have to wait, though. FWIW, I actually don’t think we had any severe weather last night – so I’m not sure why they’re are claiming we did.

  96. Went to get mine today from Best Buy and they stopped me during the credit check. Guy said they would need a fax of my driver’s license and my Social Security card because I have no credit history. WTF? I gave them my SSN and showed my driver’s license already, why do they need the card itself? Nowhere do they tell you that you might need it before signing up. I think I’m going to back out of my pre-order and go with T-Mobile’s flexpay when they get a decent phone.

  97. What does a weather alert for Oct 30 have to do with deliveries a week later? Was the storm so back it backed them up for over a week? :)

  98. @Clayton
    Sorry, meant to leave that for Nigel. And lucky you if you get it tomorrow; mine is somewhere on a 2 1/2 hour drive from here waiting to arrive on Monday if the FedEx estimate is correct. Gonna be a long, long weekend….

  99. @ari-free

    Suckers. Hope they get the Eris instead.

  100. Got my phone at best buy, had plenty on hand, the local verizon store also had plenty on hand. took 15 min. to get my phone. Not sure why everyone is ordering on line…

    Phone is great except the keys on the keyboard. thousnads of cool apps.

  101. I just placed my order a little while ago… I chose UPS Saturday shipping.. I wonder if I’ll actually get it tomorrow? I can’t wait to get this puppy!

  102. 100th comment! oh and the droid is pretty freaking sweet

  103. Took forever for them to process my account but i finally have my droid. ha, they were showing me how to use it and i told them not to touch it and i already know everything about it, thank you rob, plus i didnt want his hands on my Droid. This thing is blazing fast and very awesome.

  104. Went to a Verizon store to check it out. Hardware is very nice. However, I’m not impressed with the UI. I would expect a phone of this caliber to be smooth. The Droid (at least the one I used) was not smooth at all. Navigating between the three home screens was very jumpy. Kind of a disappointment. I understand that it probably does a lot of things really well, but smoothness is not this phones forte.

  105. By the way, I did think the phone was VERY nice. I don’t want to neglect that fact. Just the jumpiness was unexpected.

  106. i noticed the same jerkiness with the homescreen shift. probably will be a software fix for that though.

  107. So its judgment day today for Droid, was it? According to Cnet it was a little bit slow nonetheless a good start of droid, other “critiques” says otherwise. But I say, “Hell yeah! droid conquered US for a couple of hours today”. We just hope that their ROI is profitable compare to the hunderds of thousand worth of ads they spend during the promotion period and err.. did I say, their impending “lawsuit” with AT&T too?

    Collation of info about droid release today:

    Hope Droid will serve as a hand of midas to Verizon Corp. Soweet

  108. Oh my god you guys who are like “Get an Eris instead, the Droid is jerky and stuttery…”

    So what? It’s only the home screens that are a bit jerky. Big deal. And helllooooo! I looked at both phones too, and I’m sorry, but when browsing the web on the Eris, text is blurry! On the Droid it’s razor sharp because of the higher resolution (240dpi). This thing is blazing fast for a phone.

    And did I mention that this is the best call quality I have ever heard on a cell phone? They must have tried to get that part right because I think the sound on this phone is the best I’ve ever heard, way better than my wife’s LGENV2 or any of my friends cells, which I’ve used.

    And check this out. I don’t know if the Eris has the voice search stuff or not, but I tried this just to see what would happen, and it works! Try this!

    Do voice search, and then say “16 ounces to pounds” , or say “5 plus 2”. The google search does the same as on your computer and gives you the answer! But voice powered. That is totally so fricking cool! And it’s so accurate! I was very impressed.


  109. Also

    WOW. Street view during navigation, straight from Google Earth maps.

    This is freaking sweet.

  110. voice search works the same on other android phones. but yes, it’s impressive

  111. My new Droid is AWESOME, it’s so incredibly fast. My G1 is lookin’ real old now.

  112. @Nigel:

    Ah, sorry I’m new to the whole mobile scene. If you could point me to where I could acquire a Droid with 70 a month plan with voice and data (preferably unlimited data/text, I don’t really care how many anytime minutes it is) that would be capital.

  113. Hey Del,

    I think you will find there is no such thing as true unlimited data from any carrier now, they all have 5gb cap, which is still a lot of data unless you tether, which is why I think Verizon will charge extra for tethering.

    This site was one of the clearer ones I found in sorting through fact from fiction

    But on Verizon, with the new Droid, you can get the 450 mins + 29.95 data plan for the 69.90 each month plus the usual taxes and fees, etc.

    Hope this helps. There is a lot of conflicting info out there, even from diff verizon reps whcih doesn’t make it any easier. E.g. the exchange synch $15 extra debacle.

  114. Does FedEx deliver on Saturday’s? Let us know if you get your phone today!

  115. @JayZee

    Unfortunately no…I entered the coupon for Free Overnight on VZW hoping I would get the Eris today but instead it is sitting 10 miles from my house and I can’t get it…I guess I will wait until Monday.

  116. For anyone still deciding between the Droid and the iPhone, check out this comparison graphic I found…

  117. Nigel,

    Is there a way I could get that $70 a month plan with the special Phandroid Droid deal? Would be nice to get -$50 on the phone.

  118. does anyone know if the droid can be unlocked and used on for tmobile!

  119. Tmobile is GSM, VZW is CDMA = no SIM card = no worky.

    NE2 is a function of your tenure w the company. You don’t have to do anything to qualify except be @34.99 or higher price plan for 20 mos since the last discounted upgrade.

    Fedex does deliver on Saturdays for 19.99.

    Phone requires a 29.99 data plan on top of the voice plan, but literally thousands of employers will get you a discount just for working there. EX GE gets 22% off the voice plan and 20% off the data. That means your plan is 500 Mhz) physical keyboard, awesome camera, and is 2.0 out the box. HTC has some unique software touches (Touchflo, Sense UI) that make it a really cool phone too. But the nav and the web browsing, Moto takes the cake in my mind.

    Regardless of all we say, this is the first step in a whole new direction for this company and the future of wireless. I look forward to being watching the evolution.

  120. I dunno. Had it for 5 days now. Thinking about returning it. Sales rep said I had 10 days to return.

  121. ok, I’m getting way too many echo echos sounds when i receive a call. it doesn’t happen when i initiate the call. only when i receive a call. is this a known glitch?? gonna go back to verizon and exchange my handset. what a disapointment

  122. echos are almost always a malfunction of the network, try updating the phone *228 option 2. If this does not fix it do a battery pull then call into tech support and they can check the switch. 8009220204 option 3. Call from a phone other than your own. Also, try turning the volume down, sometimes it catches the speaker audio.

    @Matt – why are you thinking of returning it? Standard for VZW is 30 days exchange with $35 restocking fee

  123. Second day with the Droid; Google Sky is just amazing! It was a kick to tilt the Droid down and see Google Sky point out the position of the sun… on the other side of the planet! Sadly, Vista 64 is not Droid-friendly; USB transfer doesn’t work. (I know, you have to mount it first… doesn’t work on Vista 64, but works fine on XP.) Can’t connect with Bluetooth either, but pairing works. And ditto a previous comment re: Google satellite – the resolution is just amazing.

    Question: what’s the difference between the $29.95 web and email plan and the $44.95 unlimited data plan? Verizon’s online description isn’t helpful.

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