Samsung Saturn i6500


Looks like Samsung is moving forward at a respectable pace with it’s newest addition,  Saturn i6500.  The wifi certification document got leaked a couple days ago and the webs have been abuzz since.


…and thanks to GSM Arena we’ve got some preliminary specs for you, too.



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  1. aren’t they tired with the 3.2 inch screen !!! its unusable especially for a touch-only device

  2. “Browser: HTML” Sweet

  3. @Maj… I’m guessing this may be the Moment in touchscreen form. So the 3.2″ screen could be the AMOLED that the Moment has. Personal preference on the size for a touch only device. I think the Moment’s screen is just fine in a touch only mode.

    I also see that it has an 800MHz processor, which is likely to be the same chip in the Moment. So this phone sounds to me like a touch-only moment. The best part about that is that it is slated to come with Eclair… and should be a good sign for us Moment owners that we’ll be getting Eclair before too long :)

  4. Hopefully it’ll do better than the last hardware with the name Saturn.

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