HTC Droid Eris Box, Pics Prove More


The Motorola Droid won’t be the only bot on Big Red November 6th if the frequently circulated rumors have anything to say about it. And looky here, PhoneArena got their hands on a picture of the Droid Eris box and a few others of the phone itself:

If you’re really wanting a Verizon Android but don’t think you can Afford the Moto Droid, it appears as if HTC and Verizon have a little something lined up for you in the form of  a$99 Eris. Is this for you?

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  1. As far as I can tell its just an uglier Sprint Hero..
    Chin FTW.

  2. Why would HTC make another phone with the same specs as the sprint hero when they could just make the sprint hero that works on verizon’s network?

    And Rob, pricing isn’t really the big deal for most people. The plans are the what most people think about, and verizon has freakishly expensive plans.

  3. i really like the htc eris. its exactly how i hope the motorola droid would look like. the motorola droid has everything under the hood as is features and hardware but its just an ugly phone.while the htc eris is a beautiful phone it lacks a powerful processor not to mention a hand full of features that the droid can provide.

    im still torn as to which phone i would like to get. also thinking about waiting around and checking out the sony ercisson x3/rachel which seems like the android phone to beat not sure if it will work on verizon network though.

    oh a side not i did hear reports that the eris music player is better looking than the droid.

  4. @G8D

    This looks way better than the USA Sprint HTC Hero…imo

  5. That phone is UGLY!!! Sprint’s Hero looks way better…but like G8D said Chin FTW.

  6. @ Andrea, even if the X3 makes it to the US it wont work on Verizon, it’s a GSM phone.

  7. I’ll probably be getting this phone. It’s not that I can’t afford the droid. I don’t like physical keyboards and I prefer Sense UI.

  8. I’ll be lining up to get this thing. Sense UI, HTC, no physical keyboard, $99. I don’t see what’s not to love.

  9. IMO the Sprint hero is the ugliest. This phone isnt too bad actually. It even looks like it may be the thinnest of the heroes.

    Believe it or not, after very thoroughly explaining the differences btwn these Android phones (including the potential availability of the HTC Passion and the moto calgary) my GF decided on getting the Eris b/c she prefers the smaller size of this phone. Money, in her case at least, wasn’t an issue, but a bonus. Definitely not a decision I would have made, but I have different needs from a smart phone. Most of us have different needs.

    Everybody now… “Kumbaya, muh lord, kumbaya!…”

  10. You guys saying it has a chin are idiots. By the definition that you’re using it in, every phone in the world has a chin as long as the phone is longer than the screen. /facepalm

    Phones can only have a chin if they have a physical qwerty slider. A chin is any part of the phone that protrudes from the bottom of the sliding part of the phone.

  11. @G8D Which I think is not as nice a looking phone at the otiginal HTC Hero ;o))

  12. That phone is sweet lookin! Can’t wait for my new Droid Eris…DRRROOOOIIIIDD.

  13. /facepalm @ A man

  14. @A man- Candy bar phones can have chins too. Just look at the original HTC Hero (which is probably what they are talking about when they say chin ftw) and also, to a small degree, the MyTouch 3G.

  15. The GSM Hero is butt FUGLY! Don’t even mention it in the same sentence as this phone or the Sprint Hero. I wouldn’t even consider it if it hadn’t been redesigned. Have fun with that Jay Leno looking phone, AT&T fans.

  16. @John whats not to love is Verizon Overpriced rate plans.

  17. @Terran, this is true, but in these cases the “chin” portion of the phone has to be angled up towards the user’s face. The CDMA versions of the Hero do not have a chin. Reviewers refer to the CDMA version as the chin-less hero.

  18. @Manny: Service doesn’t dictate phone quality. Service is similar prices across the board anyway.

  19. @ A man- i know the chin has to be angled upward for it to be considered a “chin” and i know all CDMA versions of the hero don’t have chins. i was saying that the people who ARE says chin ftw could be talking about the original GSM hero.

  20. Verizon may cost more, but you get what you pay for.
    Cost of Verizon = Better coverage across the country
    if you live in an area with no coverage from tmobile, at&t or sprint… verizon looks like a great deal

  21. I wonder if the Eris will have the same message app problem that the Sprint version has?

  22. ohh now i get it. eris = eros = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eros.

  23. Why can’t people just realize that we were all created with different likes/dislikes and preferences? It’s goofy to say “this phone is ugly” or “that phone looks great.” The reality is that Verizon decided to have more than one look and feel when it comes to smart phones. Pick your poison. Not everyone wants an Iphone look-a-like. Some people actually prefer the exact opposite. That’s why were gonna see multiple options for smart phones coming from Big Red. Don’t compromise. Find the phone that has the looks, the specs, and customize the UI based on what you want!

  24. I’ll second that Randall. Well said.

  25. @Randall

    YES, thank you! I think I’ve heard EVERY phone released in the last year called fugly by somebody.

    Immediately when people heard about the ‘eris’, there was so much hype for the Moto Droid, they immediately dismissed the HTC phone.
    I definitely have nothing against the moto phone, but it has been so hyped that it is never going to live up to doing everything that everyone wants it to do.
    If the eris runs smoothly, what do I care about the tech specs comparison? I want an attractive phone that works, and it doesn’t have to be a hardware monster. Different strokes for different folks.

  26. For those totally lost here, the “chin” being referred to is the mouthpiece area on the European HTC Hero, which angles inward at the bottom. Most candy bar phones are basically flat across the bottom, but the HTC Dream/G1, Magic/myTouch, and Hero all have “chins” that angle in towards your own chin. To some, this is an awesome styling choice, but to others (like me), it looks nasty. Also, I can’t help but think that the chin makes it difficult to make carrying cases for. Sorry, but I prefer my phone to be flat.

    That said, I prefer the look of the Eris over Sprint’s Hero. The gray is nice, but I just like black better. Also, I believe I will prefer the capacitive touch buttons as opposed to the Hero’s hardware buttons. However, I do appreciate the hardware call/end buttons. The Moto Droid doesn’t have those, so I’m sure getting to the dialer app can be a royal pain in some cases. I imagine the iPhone has a similar issue, although maybe not quite as bad. Also, I very much like the cheaper price tag. I was prepared to pay around $200 for my next phone, but $100 is better. And for me personally, the advantages the beefier hardware in the Droid offer simply don’t make up for what I’d be losing without HTC’s Sense interface and apps.

    Oh, and for those complaining about Verizon’s rate plans, I’d like to ask what network you’re on right now. If you’re on AT&T, you have no right to make that accusation, because their rate plans are identical to Verizon’s. And last I checked, AT&T’s 3G coverage doesn’t hold a candle to Verizon’s, but still costs the same. Now, if you’re on Sprint or T-Mobile, you may have a gripe, but my counter argument is that you get what you pay for. Verizon may be more expensive than your carrier, but their coverage is also vastly superior. Oh, and you can forget about complaining about Verizon forcing their custom services (like GPS) on you, because they have not forced that stuff onto the Android phones in any way.

  27. I think too many people want to be able to say “I have the best phone!” when really they should want to say “I have the best phone for me.”. I’ve been guilty of this. I currently have an iPhone and as soon as I leave my driveway I have no coverage for 8 miles in one direction and 15 in the other. As innovative as it is, how can that be the best phone for me? I’m ready for a change and some good coverage. I don’t like physical keyboards and I LOVE Sense UI. The HTC Eris is the best phone for me.

  28. Is there a list somewhere of the differences between the Eris and the Moto Droid? Everyone knows about the keyboard difference, but that makes it thicker than the Eris, right? What about the other dimensions? Weight? For the Eris, I’d like to know what I’d be missing with 1.5 vs 2.0. What about battery life, or WiFi range? Or other features, like included cables or chargers, or other real-life considerations? Lastly do I care about the processor speed difference, or should I wait for the next version Eris or some other non-keyboarded version tht would have a beefier processor? In comparing the 2 Droids, how does the processor speed difference show?


  29. this phone looks alright based off of the top 2 pics but the bottom 2 make it look ugly for some reason

  30. @anyone who thinks Verizon is so damn expensive – AT&T prices out the same. Sprint, you get more bang for your buck, but limited flexibility makes it cost more so it isn’t cheaper. I’m trying to do a family plan for two with one smartphone. With Verizon, I can get entry-level texting on both and data on one on top of my family talk plan for under $100 with my company discount. Can’t match this on Sprint. What I get for a bit more is unlimited texting and data on both. That’s cheaper than the same on Verizon, but I don’t need all that. Sorry, Verizon wins.

  31. lol @biggles verizon only wins for u because that discount u ass lol, what if i got a company discount for sprint or t-mobile(yea go t-mobile) would it not be even cheaper

  32. Wait- what do you mean “can’t afford” a Moto Droid? My understadning is that it will be at the same price point as the Eris. Am I worng?

    ALSO- is the Eris shipping with 2.0 or will it be an upgrade available later?

    I’m so torn between the Moto and the Eris. Somebody help!

  33. @aileendq: Droid is at $199 (after 100 dollar mail in if you buy from vzw, can preorder at BB and get the instant rebate) with new 2 year. Eris is at $99.

  34. @aileendq: (Also, looks like Eris is $99 after 100 dollar mail in). Running 1.6. Not sure about the update.

  35. I have four lines. Unlimited texting. 700 Minutes. My bill comes to 124.99 after taxes. I don’t think AT&T can beat that. Verizon isn’t expensive. And their phones are so much cheaper. The Droid Eris is only $99.99 after the rebate (Online it will be instant rebate) My opinion – Verizon always has better looking phones. And I always have service, My At&t friends always have to use my phone!

    Moto Droid is shit. First of all, I would never buy a Moto. Hands down, their phones suck and I’m sure their Droid will suck too. HTC makes awesome phones. Great company. Also, 2.0 will be coming out soon. So no worries about that. Verizon + HTC = AWESOME!

  36. went to a verizon store today and played with the droid and the eris. the droid is pretty bulky and clunky. flips out nicely, but otherwise, its just a thick and heavy phone. the eris is more like the iphone but has a soft black texture. not exactly rubbery, but gives you a grip. it has very smooth, clean design, and its either as thin and light as an iphone or even lighter.

    i would totally get it if it was on sprint. which it is as a hero, but i don’t want to pay 80 bucks more for the 2.0 hero knowing the 3.0 hero (the eris) exists.

  37. I have owned an iPhone for almost 2 years now. Apple, which I am stating the obvious, delivered a new path for the cellular industry. Many swear by its functionality and innovation. However, this weekend I bought my wife a Droid Eris and have to say that from a competitive standpoint is very close to delivering what the iPhone does and in several areas exceeds the iPhone.
    The Android OS, I believe, will be a serious contender only when Google figures out how to globally upgrade all devices with the most recent version of their OS. The Eris fell short in this area. When can we expect to see 2.0 delivered to the Droid Eris?

  38. iPhone sux :)

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