Did/Will You Buy Sprint HTC Hero From Best Buy? READ THIS!


If you bought your Sprint HTC Hero from Best Buy or are planning on doing so, allow me to give you $50. With an Online Coupon and Price Matching within 30-days, you can get the HTC Hero from Best Buy for only $129.99 whether or not you’ve already purchased it. The deal is only good until November 2nd:


Click on the image to enlarge or open this PDF and scroll to the last page.

The information was shared by ramonini on AndroidForums (thanks pdragon):

There a reward zone from Best Buy today with a coupon to get the Hero for $129.99 good from 10/28 – 11/2. It’s on the last page of this PDF file: http://click.emailinfo2.bestbuy.com/…dd2ffc48771561 . I plan on stopping by the store this weekend to see if they will price match the lower price. Looking on their website, it says they will match any prices from a competetor or Best Buy store within the exchange/return period, which is 30 days for the Hero (store policy here: BestBuy.com Help ). So, for anyone that got their Hero at Best Buy, you might want to print off that coupon and stop by the Customer Service counter to see if you can get an extra $50 back.

thanks to DEMONDAVE for the info …….

Several members of the forums have confirmed this DOES work. So have a ball… and spend those $50 extra bucks you have wisely!

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. i can also confirm id does work!! Hero’s for 129.99 are ya out of your mind :-P

  2. According to some other posters in the thread, if you bought your phone from Sprint directly (at a store or via mail), you can also call them and they will honor the coupon from Best Buy and credit your account $50.

  3. Thaaaank you! I know where I’m stopping on my way home from work!

  4. Went back to Best Buy last night and had them price match this — worked like a charm :)

  5. Rewards Zone program membership? …has this worked for anyone who doesn’t have such a membership?

  6. They are locked to Sprint only, correct?

  7. GRRemlin, correct they are locked to sprint only. I am going to see if I can get a $50 refund today!

  8. Thanks Big B.
    That’s a bummer. I was hoping the lock is on software level and rooted Hero can be used with any carrier.

  9. I think you can get the GSM version of the Hero and unlock it and use it on Tmobile or ATT but I think you lose 3G

  10. @GRRemlin

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s locked or not. It’s a CDMA-only phone, so the only other carrier you might be able to use it on is Verizon, and it will only be a week before you can get the HTC Droid Eris from Verizon anyway, which is a direct equivalent to the Hero. And as Big B said, the only way to get a Hero on AT&T or T-Mobile currently is to import the European model, and even then you won’t get 3G capability because they use different 3G bands than Europe does. I don’t think US phones will be truly carrier-independent until LTE/4G goes live. The only other way is to include radio devices that work with any and all frequencies currently in use, and that would get very expensive.

  11. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Verizon’s Droid Eris is supposedly going to debut at only $99, which still smokes the $129.99 for the Sprint Hero from Best Buy.

  12. So, if I bought the phone and did not have a reward zone program, can i apply for one and get my 50 bucks now?

  13. I wonder how this works with the “Free Madden ’10” promo that they were running. I got the game for free with a new activation.

  14. Breon, it worked fine for me. I got a free copy of Madden ’10 when I got my Hero on the 9th, and I got my $50 back today without any problems at all.

  15. @brad
    I’d rather pay $130 for the Sprint Hero and save a shitload of money over the 2 years contract with Sprint. I currently have Verizon and didn’t notice how much I’ll save with Sprint until phandroid posted the total cost of ownership.
    My contract is over next week with Verizon and I’m jumping ship to Sprint.

  16. So,

    Can you take advantage of these deals on phones and still get the ’employee referral’ price plans?


  17. So the coupon specifically requires that you purchased the Hero originally with a Rewards program, which I don’t have. Is that a problem?

  18. I got the Hero with the member-only event a couple days before the official launch. They signs said the Madden 10 promo ended October 31. I simply sold that to a friend with an XBox for $30. Now with an additional $50 off, that’ll bring it down to just $100. Once I ebay my old US Cellular phones and accessories, I’ll have it about paid off.

  19. is there anyone get a $50 credit from the sprint

  20. I put down my $50 at my local Best Buy.

  21. sorry wrong board :) For my Droid :)

  22. Got my CC credited at Best Buy today with no problem ($52). But, I turned around and spent it + $52 more on Christmas gifts in the store.

  23. I previously puchased a hero brought the paper in and got $50.00 back so print the paper and carry your recipt to customer service

  24. Just got my $50 back from Best Buy! Thanks for the tip on this one.

  25. tried it today and they said i needed a rewards card which i dont have. anyone get it without the rewards card?

  26. Took my coupon in today and got $83.36 back… Asked. Why? and kid told me that’s the way the Rewards program worked… I have no Idea why… Receipt says Return Item 151.35-, 28.84 RZ CERT, ITEM TAX 9.08, SUBTOTAL 78.64 SALES TAX 4.72, TOTAL 83.36… NO SHIT… ANY GUESSES WHY? I also got 80.00 credit from BEST BUY recycle program for my Instinct. Total cost of hero after all that. Pretty friggin cheap…

  27. Tom: Because the purchase price and return that you made was 151.. while the rest of us is at 179.. anyhow I got my $50 bucks back too.. you have to have a rewards card.. BTW I just saw a whole crap load of Samsung Behold.. its heavy as hell and bulky as fudge.. I was thinking on returning my HERO and replacing it.. but no dice.. its such a big and heavy phone.. I personally carry my phone while running and I dont want my pants to fall off because the phone is sooo heavy.. and that was without the battery.. WOW..

  28. Woops not SAMSUNG BEHOLD.. SAMSUNG MOMENT.. Correction hehehe

  29. Thanks Rob!! I just got two $50 rebates from best buy. Oh YA! Thanks for the $100 tip!


  30. I bought my Hero on the first day of sales for Reward Zone members (October 9th). I saw this article this afternoon and visited Best Buy earlier this evening. They will indeed honor this price matching coupon. They handed me $54 cash. It was very easy and only took me about 5 minutes. Now I have more money now than I had before the weekend started!

  31. I just got my 50 dollars back too. Thanks.

  32. okay, so i just bought my hero today at sprint via phone, and i was wondering since best-buys preice cut is $50, then do you think sprint will match the price and take the $50 off?
    im confused because i just ordered it like 2 hours ago and im thinking of calling, please help?

  33. I also got my $50 + tax credited back on my card. for those asking, You do need a rewards zone membership card, but it’s free to join, so that’s not an issue. I joined the rewards zone online and printed my membership card after the $50 coupon …took a little bit for them to figure out how to give it back to me but they did.

  34. Do you have to be a reward zone member to get the money back?

    If you do, can you sign up for a Reward Zone membership when you go to get the rebate?

  35. went today and got my $53 per phone x2 = $106 back thanks to you. Thank you!!

  36. Coupon worked great – was in and out in five min. I got $50 bucks back from my Hero and, surprisingly, they also applied the coupon to my wife’s Pre that we purchased at the same time so I ended up getting $100 cash back!

  37. BULLS***! The nearest best buy that sells sprint phones for me is 2 hours away so i bought mine online last week and they can’t honor it through the website, only in store so I’m S.O.L. pretty weak.

  38. Bought my Hero this weekend. Crazy. First smartphone

  39. Got the rebate for the wife’s phone – Thanks Phandroid/Rob!

  40. Thanks so much for posting this. I am glad I am a phandroid; otherwise i’d have never seen this. Cheers with the drinks ill be buying 2nite w/ my $52.29!!

  41. Had to argue a little bit but I ended up with $53.13 in cash. Thanks for the tip.

  42. I got my $50 back today. Salud!!!!

  43. Was able to go in today after the coupon expired and they honored it no problem – seriously took me under a minute! Not to mention that the guy refunded me $80+ tax instead of $50! VERY happy!

  44. im in NY and its 6:10am waiting till 10am to goto best buy my wife and i both purchased Heros via Best Buy mine was oct 31ast and hers a week prior what do i need? the phone box or just reciept and coupon?
    any info wld be gr8

    tx in advance

  45. I’m also in NY – I just went in with my receipt and a copy of the coupon and that was it. VERY simple!

  46. Awesome of you to post this! Sadly i took mine back after having it 3 weeks. I am not sure it is even worth the 129.99. I guess it would be if there was no contract involved.

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