LG Eve: $49 On Rogers Starting November 3rd


Looking for an affordable Android in Canada? I just spoke to a Rogers employee who received they’re 4th Quarter smartphone lineup will include the LG Eve. It’ll be $49 on a 3-year contract starting November 3rd. The following image comes from their internal sales system:


Hardware keyboard fans should enjoy the full 5-line QWERTY keyboard. If you’re looking to get in on this action, you may want to congregate over at the LG Eve Forum. You know… power/knowledge in numbers kinda thing.

[Thanks Scott!]

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  1. Its cheaper than Magic!

  2. N86 has 8MB internal memory LOL

  3. Come on Rogers stop sitting on the iPhone’s popularity while pumping out cheap phones and call Motorola for a GSM droid already!

  4. 3 year contract? OMG! and I thought 2 years was bad.

  5. Yes, 3 year contracts are the norm in Canada. Sad, eh?

  6. I refuse to sign up for legalized slavery. Sorry.

    All I want is a reasonably priced Droid 2.0 capable phone fully unlocked. No contracts.

  7. lmfao how does the nokia n86 have a 8mp camera and only 8mb of on board storage thats like a picture and a half lol

  8. @KBlack yup i agree

    also contracts suck if i want the phone id rather buy it flat out.

  9. Wow another Android set for Rogers. With the thin margins iPhone offers the 3 corrupt carriers in the north are turning to Android to fleece their customers! ha ha 3 years! Rogers, Bell and Telus is why living in Canada sucks.

  10. Think we’ll see a version of it for AT&T?

  11. (or T-Mobile, for that matter)

  12. I just bought the eve.. full price mind you.. initially just to test it out.. but im actually quite surprised with the results.. its a pretty incredible piece of machine, for an actual decent price, where you actually feel like for once, you’re getting more then your moneys worth. I’ve gone through 6 phones in the last year, and 3 smart phones in the last few months.. and i’d have to say the lg eve takes the cake thus far.. over (dream, magic, bold).. and probably alot of other phones.. powered by android, its a good choice for those anti iphone users such as myself

  13. they made a mistake, the nokia has 8 GB memory not Mb.

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