TELUS HTC Hero Launching November 5th


Timing is everything and the launch of the carriers high speed HSPA+ Data network makes it prime pickings for a day to launch data intensive phones and devices. So when TELUS HSPA+ goes live on November 5th we’ll be seeing some brand new phones that include the iPhone 3GS, LG New Chocolate, Blackberry Bold 9700, Nokia E71… and HTC HERO!


The carrier lists a few bullet points that we already know, but hey – we take nothing for granted:

  • See the applications that are most important to you at home or work, day or night with multiple profiles for 7 customizable home screens.
  • Stay close with conversation history at a glance; phone logs, messages, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, IM and email updates are organized into a single view by contact.
  • Experience applications integrated throughout your phone with the latest and greatest applications from the continuously growing Android™ Market.
  • To be available only from TELUS.

I’m not sure how it classifies as a phone “only from TELUS” but we’ll let those kids play make believe as long as they want just so long as we know the answer. Any way you look at it, I’m sure there are plenty of people happy to hear TELUS getting these super Hero goods.

[Via TELUS ,thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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  1. Note: Telus website says the network and iPhone are launching on Nov. 5th, but the Hero and other devices are listed only as upcoming and have no explicit release date.

  2. I suspect that “only from TELUS” means, that they are the only carrier in Canada selling the phone, which is true for the time being. It would probably be more accurate to say: only from TELUS, and only in Western Canada. After all, Telus doesn’t operate in the East, and Central Canada hasn’t had the HSPA+ upgrade yet.

    What I’m really curious about (since the Telus website is down), was the above picture seen on the Telus site? Can anyone confirm that Telus is getting the real Hero, and not that F-ugly thing they sell in the US?

  3. zacas, not sure why you say it will only be out west as Bell and Telus are sharing the network. The Hero will be available all over canada as long as there is a Bell or Telus tower to hit. Hero with chin coming is a good thing.

  4. YAY more Android love for Canada!

  5. Ok, I just saw that Telus plans to have the HSPA network running in the central provinces in Q3 2010. I can’t see Telus actually selling the Hero in Man or Sask until then. They have already announced that we’re not getting the iPhone.

    As for the East, I guess those places in Ontario that actually have Telus service will be able to get the Hero (and use it on Bell network when they travel), but if its exclusive to Telus, then the Bell customers will be shut out.

  6. Ya, no HTC hero for bell customers. Unless it is bought unlocked and then activated on Bell.

  7. Anyone know what the voice network used is? Will voice be over HSPA as well since the Belus upgrades do not do GSM and these phones do not do CDMA.

  8. I am in Canada and bought an unlocked Hero. It is a great phone but because I am on fido I don’t have acess to paid apps. I would switch to TELUS if they weren’t so terrible. Everyone I know has has trouble with them.

  9. @Zacas: Go read the fine print, that’s for the HSPA+. HSPA will be rolling out nationwide Nov. 5th. Ottawa Quebec will see the HSPA+ upgrade April 2010 and Central Canada will see it Q3 2010.

    @fred:HSPA is a GSM based technology, expect to see Bell and Telus SIM cards in addition to the CDMA and iDEN phones they carry. Hence the GSM Hero and iPhone launch.

  10. Anybody know if the Telus will support the forthcoming android 2.0 update for the HERO?

  11. the walmart i work at already has the hero in stock here in ontario, we are able to activate them on the 5th of november

  12. It’s a must to know if android 2.0 will come to this Hero in canada.. and when will it come? This is a big mess never knowing which version each phone will run and no official information on how and when the update would be avaialble…. IT HAS to be 2.0! and even more.. 2.1!! Adding a UI Sense make it hard to maintain and upgrade though….

  13. I guess this is a general Telus/Bell HSPA question, but if I buy a HSPA phone like the HTC Hero, unlock it, will I be able to use it on any GSM networks like Fido/Rogers? Thanks,

  14. Ok sooo im getting the HTC hero NO DOUBT. Iv been with telus for like 2 years now and i love them…great customer service!! Anywaysss i jus gotta know…the newer version that we have, is it faster than that last one u weidos got in the US?? Cuz we have the HTC Hero 3G+. Whats that + (Plus) thing all about?!?! I just need to know if that “lag” is gone! Is it faster than before??

  15. The lag of the actual phone shouldnt be any different, the plus, just as the s used for the Iphone 3gs is only there to signify that they are able to run on an upgraded network speed… 3G speed is normal for now, but in canada (i think) telus is upgrading to a higher speed of network, letting the phone download things over the wireless signal faster or watch streaming youtube or music better.

    Other than that, if I bring one to the US I can use it on ATT 3g network they have now with no problem too.

  16. Does anybody know if the states version (without the Chin) will be coming to canada?

  17. @Tyler:

    I asked Telus through their online customer support if they are getting Android 2.0 – they said they “don’t know” and to contact HTC.

    HTC basically said that Telus has to request the ROM upgrade, otherwise they can’t make it or host it.

    Bottom line is: don’t get the Hero unless Telus commits to getting Android 2.0 – otherwise you’re getting an almost obsolete piece of technology with no hope for any of the awesome new Android 2 features. If I hear anything different I’ll post back.

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