Motorola Droid: What Would You Ask?


The Motorola Droid has gone through more leaks than the Men’s room at an NFL game… but we still haven’t heard it all and we haven’t heard it officially. So beyond everything we THINK we know about the Motorola Droid and taking into consideration what the BGR preview mentioned… what questions are you DYING to know the answer to about the Motorola Droid itself (besides price, launch date, service plans)?


Ask in the comments – keep it short and sweet so we can keep track of the most popular questions!

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  1. Is it really all that and a bag of chips?

  2. Will be be getting a GSM droid for T-Mobile. If so, when.

  3. How much will an unlimited data plan for this device cost from Verizon?

  4. So I’m not completely familiar with how apps work for Android, but since Droid is running Android 2.0, I hope this question is relevant enough and I don’t make myself sound like an idiot. Will apps designed for Android 1.6 be compatible with Android 2.0? It seems like third-party apps could be in limited supply if:
    1) Apps designed for 1.6 do not work in 2.0
    2) Very few people have Android 2.0 since it’s only currently available on Droid, thus there’s not a huge drive to update apps to be compatible initially. Plus, I don’t think the SDK for 2.0 has been released yet.

  5. Long term reliability, not being something Motorola has been known for, is my investment(that I am full ready to make) going to bite me in the hind quarters?

  6. What kind, if any, video capabilities?

  7. Availability in South America?

  8. Could I assume that I also have access to my google docs for document read and write as well as editing?

  9. Are there any issues with screen resolution (e.g., apps and screen resolution)?

    Access to any special Verizon content?

    How good is the keyboard?

    How is video, video on web? Is it affected by PowerVR GPU?

  10. A question I haven’t heard anyone ask is: what the SAR rating for the Droid is. Motorola has been known to have some of the highest levels of radiation in its handsets. I would hate for this phone to suffer from the same.

  11. Does it have a digital compass?

  12. Does it work as a phone first and foremost? (Eg, how is the clarity, how is the signal, does the reception jump around, are there echos, etc.)

  13. Does it have a digital compass?

  14. Are there any rumored accessories that’s designed specifically for the moto droid? Whats comes with it?

  15. Will we see a GSM version? Date?

  16. will verizon throttle the android market? haven’t they already gone on record to say that they’d be equipping their phones with their version of an app store? isn’t the android market customizable per carrier? don’t you think that this is where verizon cripples this device – by trickling out useful apps only after 6 months of testing?

  17. I’d really like to know how well the camera works. I haven’t seen or heard anything regarding this yet.

    HTC devices take very poor pictures of objects in motion, require a very still hand, and have a considerable lag, from focusing, most of the time (especially compared to a Blackberry or iPhone cameras functioning).


  18. Is it safe to assume that the browser supports Google Wave?

  19. since the screen is 854×480, how many apps are designed well to accommodate this new dimension?

    the support for multiple screens is only added since SDK 1.6. I can see many apps just simple won’t work well (UI-wise) on Droid.

  20. will this phone be compatible with/upgradeable to verizon’s upcoming 4g network?

  21. how good is the camera / video / photos?

  22. Why is this phone so ugly?

  23. Will the Droid be capable of running apps of a micro SD card? Without rooting, of course.

  24. I hate having to go to docs.google.com then sign in just to edit my docs & spreadsheets… especially since I’m already signed in to Google… (I use a G1 right now). Will the Droid come with a Google-designed app to edit my docs & spreadsheets?

  25. Will it support divx or just the vanilla android media player?

  26. @GJB
    I think i saw somewhere on phandroid that it would be running a special version of 2.0 made just for the droid? i could be mistaken though. but if that is the case it could mean they have it set up to be able to work with 1.6 in the end i have no clue, just speculation.

  27. I have yet to be able to see all the hardware keys in any of the photos. So, can you feel the volume rocker and camera button, or do you have to fish around for them? What other, if any keys does it have? I’m curious about the ports, too.

  28. The only thing that would keep me from purchasing the Droid, assuming all other things we have heard about it are true, are online speeds. Verizon has mobile broadband and 3G, but how does the Droid perform online? How does its web capabilities stack up to the iPhone 3GS?

  29. Where is the question mark on the keyboard? I’m just sayin’, i haven’t seen on any of the preview shots.

  30. What buttons/controls does it have (e.g., along the edges)?
    Can you take a picture without launcher an app?
    Can you silence it with a slider or button?

  31. How well does the 550Mhz TI OMAP 3430 processor :( perform compared to other android phones? Is it as fast as the iphone 3GS? How is mulititasking handled does it even come close to competing with webos?
    Wish it had a snapdragon….

  32. chazgoony, the 550Mhz TI OMAP 3430 is the same processor that’s in the iPhone, it’s just clocked lower to increase battery life (the iPhone’s is subpar). The Snapdragon isn’t going to be significantly faster than the OMAP3430 since there are two processors in the OMAP. A 550MHz processor for cpu and a 400MHz GPU. Also, the snapdragon will make the phone itself seem a bit smoother, but it will be lacking compared to the OMAP in terms of graphic capability.

  33. Any internal storage? They say it comes with a 16gb sdhc card installed, but is there any internal storage to this device or will it all run from the somewhat slow sd cards?

    I also agree that we need to know if the current lineup of apps will work with this phone or if we will have to wait for the android developers to catch up?

  34. Is the screen glass?

    The Car Home app has a Turn-by-Turn directions button. Does that mean Android 2.0 has a navigation app or is it a Verizon app?

    Does the power connector have audio out?

    And I also want to know if you can run apps from a micro SD card.

  35. most of the questions I have are ones that require a video review:

    1. does the ui ever pause or get sluggish, or is it smooth 99%+ of the time.
    2. is it fast enough to pay youtube hq or hd streams without ever getting choppy (assuming it has a good wifi connection).
    3. how good is the camera (megapixels don’t mean much if the software can’t focus).
    4. how well does the flash work, I think this is somewhat significant because there are lots of situations where you might want to take a picture (bar, club, seeing a cool animal at night) where an iphone and almost every other cell camera is worthless.
    5. how good is the video recording, does it turn to mush in low-light and moving situations like almost every other phone camera.
    6. what is verizon breaking on the phone? I know they are saying “oh we are open now, you can do whatever” but as a verizon customer I’ll believe it when I see it because I’ve seen how they like to disable features or disable features and replace them with their own pay/crap versions. I assume they will break or charge extra for tethering but will they be messing with the phone in any other way?

  36. Question to Cyanogen:
    Will there be a cyanogen mod for the DROID? Being this phone will likely be very popular, will we see mods for it?

  37. the only question that hasn’t been answered and confirmed 100%. what is the internal app storage size? Its almost like BGR directly avoided mentioning it and that is BS.

  38. Will it be delivered for any carriers other than Verizon?

  39. What all is going to be included with the phone?

  40. Will the droid come in any other colors? I’m not a huge fan of the gold accents.

  41. Ummm…let me think, err…I don’t know. Oh! I have a questions…when will the HTC Passion be released? Sorry, Motorola but if the rumors are in fact not rumors but the real DEAL, then I must jump on off this bandwagon & seek another w/the HTC Passion. Maybe we could be friends who knows.

  42. my question is the same as others. will you be able to save apps to the sd card?

  43. There were mentions in earlier report of a keyboardless (no slideout) version of the Droid. Will that come out at the same time or later- if so- how much later?

  44. Is the droid going to be compatible with the LTE frequency that Verizon will be rolling out next year?

  45. Why can’t I have it now?

  46. Will tethering apps be restricted?

  47. thanks a lot A man, its going to be a shoot out between the Droid and the upgraded palm pre coming to Verizon for me.
    I guess anything is better than this wackberry storm I have. Does anyone have an ideal when Adobe 10 will be avail for android. Is it still set for 1Q 2010?

  48. Will I, as the owner of the device, have root access?

    Corollary: If no, will I be able to get root access to my device easily without breaking the law?

  49. I would like to know more about this keyboardless version that BGR aluded to. Will it be thinner? Will it be the same exact phone, just without a physical keyboard?

    Also, I’m an iPhone user since the days of the 2G (with a 3GS right now) and I’m really tired of AT&T and Apple. What would the transition be like? How does the web browsing compare to the iPhone’s? Will the 3G speeds/consistency be better than that of the iPhone’s?

    Probably the biggest thing for me is Google Voice. I would like to know what exactly Verizon meant when they said they were supporting it. Is it smoother than using GV Mobile on the iPhone?

  50. Will there be units at a local Verizon store on the 6th? Will I have to order online to make sure I get one first? Will there be supply shortages that require me to wait past Nov 6th?

    What is the minimum plan bundle/price for a droid on Verizon?

    Is there a compass or not? There is a magnetometer for mode change stuff per the preview. I assume there is no reason it couldn’t be used for a compass as well?

  51. I have a question. Why the hell is Verizon getting the good Android phones? This one and possibly the first Snapdragon one, when T-Mobile the first US carrier to bring in Android gets crap like the Motorola Cliq and the absolutely underwhelming MyTouch 3G? T-Mobile is definitely dropping the ball with Android and their lame new plans that aren’t any better than what’s already out there.

  52. Will there be a Cyanogenmod ROM for this since it will be a Google Experience phone?

  53. — Will data plan be unlimited and how much will it cost?
    — Is the ui performance as high as the iPhone?
    — How does the audio quality compare with the iPhone?
    — Is there an equalizer to adjust audio quality?
    — Compass?
    — Pinch zoom browser support?
    — Has the OS been customized and will any such customizations get between me and any future Android release from Google?
    — Will my appointments in my work calendar be published to Google’s web based calendar app if I choose to synch outlook?

  54. Do the Droid email notifications specify which account has the new email? The biggest annoyance for me on the iPhone is that I have to drill through every single email account to figure out which account has the new email. Amazing that Apple hasn’t caught something this annoying.

    Is it possible to define different types of notifications based on filters on incoming SMS or emails?

  55. Which provider in Canada will be getting the Motorola Droid/Sholes?

  56. These questions are FUCKING TERRIBLE. All of these god damn questions can be answered with common sense or 10 seconds of Googling.

    The data plan is the same for all fucking VZW smartphones. $30 a month for unlimited data. The UI performance is great. There is a compass, the app store will NOT BE RESTRICTED. It is a Google Experience phone which means it is not restricted and will have the STOCK UI.

    You’re all stupid as shit.

  57. North American GSM Version? And will it come to Rogers?

  58. When will there be a GSM/UMTS/HSPA version for AT&T?

    When will there be a GSM/UMTS/HSPA version for T-Mobile?

  59. Will it come to Europe/Germany?
    Launch Date?

  60. How fast is that stupid slider going to break?
    How annoying is it going to be to slide that stupid slider everytime I want to write something?

  61. Spain will leave the version

  62. will it play .mov files, ie videos made by iPhone 3GS?
    All my friends send videos taken with their 3GS and I would not accept not being able to watch them

  63. Will it have a Anti Finger Print Screen like the hero?

  64. – will we able to control the flashlight using Android’s sdk ? especially that most other Android phones don’t have flashlight
    – is the browser still laggy especially when loading big websites such as shacknews.com ? i know we’ve been told that it’s better but how much better !!
    – Any new widgets ?
    – More details on the Facebook contacts integration
    – what’s the size of the internal memory ?
    – And best of all, how’s the new software keyboard ? especially compared to the iphone, it should be better now with the big screen size
    – Did they add any support for non-latin languages such as Arabic or Farsi ?
    – Do we still have 3 screens in the home screen ? i find this very limiting since some of the widgets are very big and hardly fit in the 3 screens along with the shortcuts for most used apps
    – Voice recording app ?
    – any support for bluetooth “file transfer” protocol ?

  65. 1. Whats the processor speed?
    2. When will it be available in Germany and with which carrier and to which price?

  66. @ The Man
    correction the iphone uses the Samsung S5PC100 the palm pre uses the same processor as the Droid

  67. Two questions:

    1. Will it support an external bluetooth (or USB) keyboard?

    2. Will it support tethering to a laptop?

  68. My problem wih Motorola phones are their battery life…its terrible.

    Has it improved.

  69. When’s it coming to the UK, and on what network?

  70. 1) Will it be launched in Europe(if yes, when?)
    2) Does it come with more than 512 MB internal storage (if no: Can you install apps on the SD card?)

  71. Is there support for ogg format media files? If not, why not?

  72. Is it coming to the uk?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and When!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. @ david friedman.

    you got the right idea.

    will it interface with a bluetooth keyboard.

    i would kill to use my stowaway with my g-1.

  74. Can we run apps from SD card…..without root.

  75. Is it a replacement for your girlfriend?

  76. Will I be able to open up pics in my email and be able to read web content like from Onemanga.com? Blackberry…not so much

  77. I would like to see a definitive performance benchmark between the Droid, the iPhone 3GS, and the Acer F1 (or another Android running Snapdragon if there is one besides the rumored HTC Passion). I understand the basic difference between the OMAP processor and Snapdragon (difference in Mhz may be offset by dedicated GPU), but i’d like to see this better explained, benchmarked, and shown in real-world examples. For some reason i believe that having a dedicated GPU doesn’t mean much for daily use (menu switching, reading email, browsing) and is meant more for watching video’s and gaming, but i don’t have any data to back that up. Wouldn’t apps have to be written specifically to be able to take advantage of discrete GPUs? If so, is this the direction that app development is going, therefore I should get on board with the OMAP crowd? Or will the general trend be “there’s no replacement for displacement” (pardon the car metaphor) and most apps will be written to take advantage of the pure horsepower of the snapdragon and similar future processors.

    These are the question i want answered before i make a decision about the Droid (vs. HTC Passion).

  78. Will the Motorola Sholes/Tao/Droid have multi touch in the browser and photo album?

  79. Will there be an easy sound on/off switch?

  80. Does this beauty have TV-out (analog/digital)?
    Does it play HD (720p)?

    I know it isn’t a media player, but still…

  81. – will it have a built-in vibrator app for the ladies (and for the boys who enjoy such thing) ?

  82. Will it support PUSH Exchange out of the box?

  83. will the HTC Passion blow this away? (ignoring the keyboard)

  84. Does Android 2.0 fully support multi touch?
    Does Android 2.0 support running and storing apps on SD cards?

  85. – Did Verizon disable the GPS ??
    – I would like a Nike+ type application to track mileage/running (will a disabled GPS kill any hope of that)?
    – Does Android have an app for viewing Word/Excel attachments

  86. will you be able to save apps to the sd card?

  87. Bonjour from France ^ ^

    Does the Droid have a TV-out via jack 3,5mm ?

  88. 1) If it does not have pinch and zoom support, how will one zoom on Web pages?
    2) How good is the browser versus Mobile Safari?

  89. Does this phone make my butt look big?

  90. BGR had jokingly said that the GPS was going to be gimped but if you re-visit the droid preview he added:

    “P.P.S. I just want to add that this is a Google Experience phone, and my line about Verizon and GPS was a joke. Verizon hasn’t and won’t touch or control any functionality on the Droid. GPS is 100% open, there’s Wi-Fi, Android Market, etc.”

  91. I want to know what the shit the new banner at the top of phandroid is supposed to mean…

  92. Keyboard. The keys look close together and flat, and I’m concerned it might be difficult to type on without hitting the wrong keys a lot of the time.

  93. I’ll second what Matt wants to know. Can you save applications to the memory card?

  94. Is there going to be a UK version? What network will it be on? Is the screen scratchproof? Is it better built than my ZN5?

  95. Oh and can I add Motoblur?

  96. @Nobody
    It means the best Droid is almost here.. I have the best myTouch, that has ever been purchased by me thus far to date.. Hope that clears it up for you.

  97. Internal memory seems really low, how fast are read/write operations compared to the iPhone with all it’s internal storage?

  98. -Will it have an anti-fingerprint screen (AMOLED), like the Hero?

    -How quick does the camera take pictures- any lag?

  99. What is the processor? Snapdragon? I also heard there’s two small processors instead of one big snapdrogon

  100. Motoblur?

  101. Whats the internal storage for apps? There’s no flash until 2010 right?

  102. How much will this thing cost???

  103. Is this a global phone?

  104. Will there be a world phone edition? That is, will there be a version with both CDMA/GSM support?

  105. Does it come with an Star Wars content?

  106. MULTITOUCH???

  107. battery life that lasts 15 hours/day under daily moderate GPS, 3G usage, 5/10 screen brightness and 3hrs/day voice call please

  108. Is it a world phone?

  109. most important question:
    is this phone rootable ?

  110. Was GPS disabled?

  111. does it have a digital compass (magnetometer)?

  112. @Anthony:
    AMOLED has absolutely nothing to do with anti-fingerprint coating.


  113. Hi guys, This phone will be available on Europa?

  114. I thinck this phone she kill iphone! ha ha ha ha! :)) welcome motorola Droid, bye bye Iphone!

  115. 1: Get whatever device Cyanogen is modding for and love the auto Apps 2 SD, themes, updated code, recovery system, tether, sweet wallpapers.

    2: 854X480 is F*cking cool! But seriously these guys are crazy for putting in faster processors when the 528mhz units are totally draining 1300MAH batteries in a few hours.

    3: G-1 Kicks ass especially with Cyanogen. I will have my G-1 for a long long time (with a 2200mah extended battery installed). Oh, and yes I pay my tmobile bill, so I have no qualms about having a kickass modded tethering device on their network.

    4: If no one is going to hack this device, don’t bother. Verizon will probably put all kinds of BS on it that will limit your usage (Fee for GPS anyone?).

    5: I think the hardware will be cool… but I worry about the software: Will verizon make it suck?

  116. Nobody, you are my new best friend. These people sound like that dumbass kid on home alone at the begining. He hops in the shuttle as the family is loading up and asks ” Does this car have 4 wheel drive? Does it have air conditioning…..” and it just keeps going. If you people are too dumb to know what this phone is all about, you shouldn’t buy one. Quite clogging up customer service numbers with your bs too. Some people have legit problems. Sad thing is, all you dummies vote the same.

  117. My only question is why not Tmobile? How does Verizon end up with the “cream of the crop” Android phone while Tmobile gets these “toy” Android phones like the Cliq & MT3G? Tmobile better get a serious Android phone by years end or alot of customers (including me) will jump ship to Verizon. Even though Verizons plans are gonna spike my Bill by $50! But I must have the droid!!

  118. will this phone be compatible with/upgradeable to verizon’s upcoming 4g network?

  119. What is the video resolution?

  120. To address some of the questions, Android’s SDK allows the specification of dimensions for an application, as to allow the crossovers between the various phones running Android and still wanting to run the same aps that other phones have. So, at least at the start, I would imagine the Droid will run programmers at a simply smaller resolution than it can actually sustain.

    As for software issues, I see Google having the foresight for a dynamic/retroactive OS of 2.0 that will have provisions to support what are currently only 1.6 apps. Granted, I don’t have experience with previous Android phones/their aps, and this will be my first, but with Google’s technological adeptness, it seems to be a logical conclusion.

  121. Will it also work as a hot plate?

  122. I think that this is a knock off of the iPhone. I’m definetly NOT getting one.

  123. When is it coming out in europe and the UK especially?

  124. 1: How fast is it compared to the 3GS? I’m not talking about clock speed, but speed as experienced by the user: how long does it take to boot? How long does it need to load Maps and find my GPS location there? How quick to start or switch apps?

    2: Is the space for apps really that small? Why?

    3: Does it have multitouch?

    4: When can I buy it in Netherland? Will it work if I order one from abroad?

    So far, it sounds like the first credible iPhone killer I’ve seen, but to really make it an iPhone killer, you need some really good answers to these questions.

  125. I see lots of questions, but no answers. What is the point of this thread?

  126. How do I disable the obnoxious “DROOOIIID” sound on bootup? Is it in ROM? Is it configurable from within android? How do I get rid of the ugly red eye graphics? Does the phone come without the gold accents? If these are user modifiable and they represent the entire extent of verizon’s fiddling with the google experience then it will be my next phone. I’m really hoping Verizon doesn’t start crippling features expected out of a phone like this.

    – TVOUT??


  128. Guys, there will be NO multitouch, NO tv-out, and NO hardware accelerated media playing (no 720p or 1080p video playback — EVEN THOUGH the chip OMAP3 allows for it!!) What a waste. Also since it’s a “with google” phone this offers none of the features the HTC HERO’s UI has like weather on the home screen and multiple home screens. The built in UI sucks dick.

  129. Will you be able to put different themes on the Droid.
    How about a dedicated weather slot for the home screen.


    BUT my parents said its too much money so i probably will have to wait until april :(

    ..wehn my current contract ends..by the way does it have mobile IM ?

  131. @Surge (and everyone else asking about multitouch)
    YES, the Droid HAS been reported as being multitouch capable.

    What I want to see is a site that compares specs and such across the Android phones coming to Verizon in the next few months because I’ve been drooling over the Droid for weeks, but all this talk about the Passion is making me wonder. Does anyone know of a site that will show Android-to-Android comparisons?

  132. I do not understand how manufacturers can produce so unsexy and ugly products.
    The iPhone is not ready to be outstripped. Even, if it has the latest techno embedded. Without a good ergonomic and design, common people will never be attracted by this kind of GEEK-products.

  133. mattm to answer ur question it has a 5.0 mega pixel camera

  134. Love my new Droid. However, when I shut it down and plug it into the wall charger, it automatically turns back on. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Or is this working as designed?

  135. Why does David Letterman look so old?

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