Sony Ericsson Sunny: Waterproof Android Candybar?


The folks over at the SEMC Blog got their hands on a picture of the Sony Ericsson Sunny and they point out that the phone has a couple interesting things that suggest a “new” operating system. Based on the looks of the “Home” and “Back” keys and the familiar looking status bar, it looks like this could be an Android candybar:


They call this phone the “Susan” at SEMC Blog but they got it wrong. Earlier in October, jockep at Esato Forum first leaked the Sony Ericsson Sunny which you can see is identical to the phone pictured above. SEMC Blog also reported this… they just accidentally flipped the names around. They even call it “Susan” in the title but “Sunny” in the URL. Meanwhile the folks at Esato concluded the SE Sunny is a waterproof device that has a 5MP camera with flash and front facing camera for video conferencing,

It is certainly possible that this ISN’T Android – you can only draw a “home” icon so many ways and in terms of UI, imitation is the best form of flattery. But this thing really looks like it could be Android. Notice the most recent photo at the top appears to show a touchscreen while the first render (below) looks to be display only. Perhaps they decided to smack Android on it?


Looks like it could be Android to me… and how about that interesting looking clickwheel?

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  1. pretty great idea for the more down and dirty demographic. Outdoorsy types would be into that i think.
    I sure hope SE starts turning things around. This could be baby step number 1

  2. The UI is not Android, it’s the standard Sony Ericsson UI. I had the T610 (about 4 yrs back) and it had an almost identical UI.

    Also, what you think as the “Back” button is the standard “C” button that comes in all/most SE “dumb” phones. It’s stands for Cancel.

  3. It does look like the Rachael UI .. that we saw a glimpse of earlier..

  4. It doesn’t look like a back button to me… Like the other poster said…C for cancel. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if sony is the one company wise enough to drop custom android on every handset they produce before anyone else makes the leap.

  5. “it wouldn’t surprise me if sony is the one company wise enough” HAHAHAHAH. Good one.

  6. Who knows if this is Android, but I kind of hope it is. I love my G1 and it’s great, but as someone that loves to travel/camp/rock climb/white water raft/etc. I secondary more rugged phone that still runs Android would be great.

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