Oct 22nd, 2009

There has been a BUNCH of eReader news this past week with a handful of new devices being announced. Unfortunately for the Alex eReader made by Spring Design, I wasn’t too gentle with the criticism. After watching the video below I’m not a converted fanboy or anything, but perhaps it isn’t as bad as I initially thought:

The video was taken with a mobile phone and all that means is… live with it! The Alex definitely DOES a lot but it just seems clunky and awkward to stack the screens, easy-way-out kinda thing. I’d much rather see a slide-out or flip out screen for the Android portion of the device but hey – to each their own.

Besides the hardware design the capability is kind of cool. You can browse the web, find an article/literature you want from pretty much anywhere including online newspapers and Google books, press a hardware button between the two screens and it “prints” it to the e-Ink screen. It looks like it displays images and HEY, they even e-Inked Wikipedia!

I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. Not my cup of tea and by all means not perfect, but I’m much more fond of it then I was initially and perhaps this will grow on you enough to pick one up. But with all the other options… ?

[technokitty16 via Giz]