Motorola Devour: Does It Run Android?


Get used to it. A new handset is leaked/rumored. There isn’t a lot of information but its existence becomes known. The next logical question becomes – does it run Android? That’s what we’re asking ourselves about the Motorola Devour which recently passed through the Wi-Fi certification ranks.


Considering Motorola is making Android its focus, there is certainly a good chance the Motorola Devour is an Android Phone. Anything is possible: it could be the GSM version of the Motorola Droid, it could be the launch name for the Motorola Calgary, or heck – it could be a piece of junk dumb phone. But then… why would it have Wi-Fi? We aren’t ready to put it in the Android Phone guide just yet… but stay tuned to Phandroid and as always, we’ll keep you updated!

Changed my mind… now in the phone guide is the Motorola Devour. Maybe wishful thinking/writing will get us somewhere?

A phone as fiercely and confidently named as the Devour HAS to have Android… if it ran proprietary junk or WinMo it would be called the Motorola Nibblr or something.  Consider it done.

[Thanks Unnamed Tipster!]

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  1. because of the fact that new android phones are popping up everywhere.. i plan to buy my Motorola Droid on a one year contract.. if i can even do that.

  2. That picture is freakin’ amazing!! I want that on my Sprint Hero as the desktop.

  3. “Get in his belly” LOL

  4. Lol Nibblr. Watch out for mobile blue screens if ran on WinMo.

  5. I’m going with GSM Droid. Just more of that wishful thinking.

  6. I’m hoping for something as powerful as the Droid, but with Motoblur.

  7. i am hoping it runs android and has an integrated arch welder

  8. @yoaj: i totally agree, i’m torn between headsets, and i’m thinking they are going to get better pretty quickly next year. i’ve already been off contract for 2 months waiting for THE android phone. i can’t wait any longer, i want a new phone! i would go with DROID, except I swore off verizon years ago, and intend to keep to my word. that leaves the samsung moment and moto CLIQ. but either way, i’m not going to lock myself into a 2 year contract. i want to upgrade the RAM/chipset to the snapdragons of next year ASAP.

  9. Your Android Phone Guide is excellent! Would be even better if there was a comparison chart that told you which processor a phone had, memory, etc.


  10. @glyco: If you wait for a better phone that’s just around the corner, then you will be waiting forever. Let’s just say that I get to know of most of the phones before they come out and if you wait a few more months, you will be in the same state then — i.e. you will still want to wait for the better phone that’s just around the corner.

    Btw, I was like this too till someone mentioned the obvious in some comment. Even if you get a 2yr contract, after 1yr you can sell your old phone and use that as a “discount” on the new phone. So there is really not much point in waiting. So I have an unlocked G1 that’s 1yr old and I will be getting a warranty replacement because of trackball issues. So, I can probably sell it for $120 now and get a CLIQ for cheap if I want to.Yes, not as cheap as a new 2yr contract, but not too bad either.

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