Acer Aims For 2 Million Phones Sold In 2010


red-acer-liquid-a1-4Acer has some lofty goals, don’t they? An internal volume estimate leaked from the company over at the ever-spotty DigiTimes and they’re claiming the company is hoping to push 500k handsets in 2009 and another 2 million in 2010. Obviously, this includes their recently announced Acer Liquid A1 Android Phone… but it also includes their Windows Mobile line of phones recently dubbed beTouch and neoTouch.

My question is this: what percent of their sales does Acer expect to come from Android and Windows Mobile? Surely they’re not just tossing out a random number but rather have projections for each of these. They’ve already got agreements with several carriers including:

  • Far EasTone Telecommunications (Taiwan)
  • CSL (Hong Kong)
  • SFR (France)
  • Bouygues (France)
  • Wind (Italy)

They’ve also got a North American partner lined up for 2010 which means at least 2 things:

  1. The Acer Liquid A1 won’t be coming to an American Carrier in 2009
  2. The Acer Liquid A1 might be coming to an American Carrier in 2010

Much like our AT&T story this morning… the glass is half empty or full depending on how you choose to see it. Keep in mind though that the North American partner might not even be a United States carrier and even if it IS there is no proof that an Android Phone will be part of any deal/agreement. We’re merely hoping.

But do the math: in the past few days Acer has announced 5 phones (1 Android, 4 WinMo). That would amount to each phone selling 400,000 units even if they didn’t announce another phone in all of 2010. That doesn’t seem very lofty afterall, does it? Maybe if they switch their focus from WinMo to Android they’ll have the opportunity to reach and surpass their goals and set some new, higher ones.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Too lofty a goal me thinks. If I remember right, I heard a rumor that WinMo was moving to 7.0 next year, and the 6.5 os won’t be compatible hardware-wise on the 7.0 devices. I’ll try to look for the article and give credit, but if that IS the case, then I think the 6.5 os handsets won’t sell as nicely as they think. People may wait for the 7.0 os and the hardware that will support it. Interesting to see how this turns out.

  2. I think ACER is underestimating how many people like QWERTY on their phones :P

  3. True, QWERTY is a godsend to a Linux-based OS, however………..I want this phone.

    Rob, tells us how to haves it! The preciousss!

  4. Yay for living in Taiwan! Too bad its Far East Tone, notoriously the most expensive carrier on the island, and doesn’t even provide the best coverage. I hope they change their minds on that issue and switch it to jhonghua.

  5. Does anyone have this phone currently working on a US Carrier? If so, which one? Do all the functions of the phone work in the US, such as 3G? Just wondering before I buy. Thanks!

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