AT&T Waiting On Android, 2010 HTC Hero


You could see this as a good thing or a bad thing, I guess it depends on your vantage point. We’ve already seen that Verizon has some sort of HTC Hero variant in the works and PhoneArena has word that AT&T will get the Hero in early 2010. Add that to Sprint’s currently available version and you’ve got 3 American Heroes. Sounds like a great thing… right?

att=heroNot for eager AT&T customers who want a shot at something worthwhile besides the iPhone this holiday season. Also not for AT&T’s bottom line: holiday sales are pivotal in terms of profits and with every other carrier offering at least one Android Phone, how hard would it have been for AT&T to do the same? Makes us wonder if Apple had a hand in this considering they have an exclusivity agreement to hang over the heads during negotiations.

Anyways, bottom line if the rumor is right – AT&T is getting the HTC Hero in early 2010. For long-time/loyal readers you may remember we told you that AT&T will get the HTC Hero in 2010 way back in July!

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  1. Great, now I can’t get those Bud Light commercials out of my head; “Great American Heroes”…I can just see the next commercial being “Mr. Android phone user guy, who doesn’t settle for less of a phone, so why settle for less of a beer?”

    That, or the blonde-afro guy from the 80’s :)

  2. LOL that’s hilarious DonnyIrish… I can totally picture that. Now you’ve got it in MY head! Kinda wish I would have thought of it myself ;)

    Mr Android Phone User Guy lolol

  3. Arrrrrrrrrgghhh!! T-Mo USA, what are you guys doing?? This is beyond suck. I’m so ready to bare knuckle box Robert Dotson right now!!

  4. is andriod related to android? so att will have a brand new operating system?

  5. @d – lol you’re such a dick. but point made and title changed. nice sarcasm…. I’m taking notes!

  6. Great ! I guess I’m buying my own android and switching to T-mobile on FlexPay without a contract till Acer Liquid A1 or SOny X10 is coming out … Besides, aren’t ATT 3G networks work on a diff band than the world’s (T-mobile) .. meaning you can’t use Att 3G phone overseas to it’s full capacity?

  7. sorry rob, i’m a stickler for details. but you had an awesome sense of humor about it, so from the future, i will not be such a dick :) and by the way, i am waiting for att to get android, i wish they would get that mystery htc phone, drool. i hate all things iphone, and cant wait for android/google to smoke them

  8. and by awesome sense of humor, you didnt delete it or come back nasty, like some other blogs

  9. I wonder .. since it’s a GSM version … will it have the CHIN??

  10. @Satvic

    AT&T uses the bands 850/1900/2100 for it’s 3G network. Europe and Asia uses 2100 which means if you get an AT&T cellphone you will be able to use the 3G in Europe as well. This is way I have been waiting to see if AT&T is coming with a 3G cellphone. This is the band that Iphone is using and that is why you can bring it with you to Europe and you can use it. We shall see though if I want to wait any longer. Droid looks kinda tempting.

  11. ATT moves too slow. As much as I love my unlocked Hero and wish it wasnt limited to Edge on ATT right now; 1Q2010 is too late. At that point, Hero will be old news. The newer faster androids will be out by then on the other carriers; who will want to by last year’s phone on ATT?

  12. ive been waiting for this..

  13. people complain about computers, but the cell phone is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in my life. You can pick out a phone you like, but your carrier might not have it. You could want a Blackberry from AT&T but they only offer ONE model with 3G, GIVE ME A BREAK!! You could want an Iphone, but couldn’t get it at your local cell phone store. Try and order an Iphone online, but your credit card’s mailing address is your PO Box not mailing address so you can be shipped an Iphone. Then whore yourself out to buy a phone at Wal Mart, but they only have a 32GB not a 16 GB 3GS. It’s just stupid.

  14. I’m hoping AT&T will get the chinned Hero soon. No way I’m switching to Sprint and I really don’t want an iPhone. Come on, Ma, get with the program!

  15. Curt: What has your experience been using the unlocked GSM Hero on AT&T/Edge?



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