Motorola CLIQ Now Available Online!


If you’re perfectly down with plopping down the plastic, you can purchase the Motorola CLIQ starting TODAY if you buy it online. Technically its a “pre-order” but the phone will ship immediately after the order is submitted with retail stores not getting them until November 2nd. So if you want to be the cool kid on the block with the new phone, you should probably head over to T-Mobile USA and buy the CLIQ!


The CLIQ will cost you $200 with a 2-year contract and $450 if you just want to call it yours without any strings attached. Don’t forget we’ve got our Motorola CLIQ Forum set up for all you T-MO CLIQERS to share tips, tricks, ideas, problems and all the good stuff that comes with a community.

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  1. You can “early upgrade” for $369.98. At least that’s what it offered me… and my line is less than a year old…

  2. I preordered mine at 12:30 (for some reason the site was down until then) and I’d make a few comments:

    1. In addition to the $200, you pay $5.99 in shipping, taxes, and an $18 “upgrade fee” for existing T-mobile customers. My total came to about $245. Ouch

    2. I can’t seem to find any confirmation on the website for my order, just the confirmation number I received when I placed it. No information at all about when it’s shipping.

  3. Ordered mine at 12:10pm MDT w/out any hitches. Took 2 minutes. Same price as Andy shows above. Likewise, only place I received the confirmation page was after I hit “upgrade phone.” Glad I printed that page out. If I try to upgrade that account again, it does tell me there is already an upgrade in process.

  4. the upgrade tells you on the confirmation page when your estimated to recieve the phone. mine stated oct 27th. also you should recive a text message from tmobile confirming your upgrade when its processed. i got my text from tmobile earlier this morning i have a feeling the phones are going to get shipped and recieved much earlier .

  5. Does the CLIQ come in colors? I saw a blue one on a site a while ago but it could have been photoshopped.

  6. T-Mobile agent said the Cliq will ship tomorrow with delivery by Thursday. He upgraded me to express UPS at no charge as well as credited me the 418 upgrade fee. I am suspicious about the device shipping tomorrow. Stay tuned.

  7. Question. Would this phone be the Bigfoot that was rumored to come out this fall? Just wondering.

  8. my friend just got his htc cliq yesterday north county san diego.

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