Kyocera Android Phone Coming 2010


Count another manufacturer in on the game – Kyocera has announced they’ll be producing an Android Phone to launch in 2010. Apparently this is part of a larger shift for the company, moving into smarter phones as a whole. This news from Kent German of CNET who caught up with Ky at CTIA. I’m here now… so I’ll try to get some details/confirmation.


Stay tuned!

[Via CNET]

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  1. At this time, I’d like to announce that I’m coming out with my own Android phone next year, as apparently everyone else is doing it and I don’t want to feel left out. XD

  2. Haha.. nice Rob. I was thinking the exact same thing. Everybody is coming out with one.

  3. This is getting overboard….haha

  4. must resist urge…

  5. Lol sweet… I hope it has snapdragon, a 4 inch capacitatve touch and a 5 row physical qwerty with trackball…… just say yes.

  6. i am happy with my htc hero…

    but my next android phone will have
    – keyboard
    – gamebuttons
    – front/back camera, with flash
    – nice resolution
    – multi touch
    – radio
    – gps/digital-compas/accelerometers
    – insane battery life
    etc, etc, etc…

  7. Not a huge fan of Kyocera but it’ll still be interesting to see what they do.

  8. i thought kyocera made paper, or tv games, or baked goods. maybe thats why theyre going to android. combine their tv games skills with cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, and fuck-ups.

  9. In the earlier days of smartphones, Kyocera made some pretty solid products. I had a Kyocera QCP 6035 for *years* — to the point were people saw my phone as a big bulky old phone that was greyscale opposed to color. And I have to say, that phone was very well built, and very usable, extremily reliable, and a remarkable battery life. It will be interesting to see what they put out with Android as their OS.

  10. snapdragon is based on cortex a8 and is so yesterday ! Long live the new king of the hill, the cortex a9. i agree with the 4inch capacitive multitouch screen with physical keyboard and 8gb of ROM. and 512 of RAM. please.

  11. Seems a little late to be getting into the game, but I guess Android is the chance for every OEM who screwed up their smartphone strategy to re-invent themselves. Did they join the OHA?

  12. Thank you vincent!! We are so used to this junk hardware being pushed out that we forget we what the competition has…GIGS OF ROM!! Android will never take off until it is put on a piece of hardware that actually competes with the Iphone. I’m no Ilover, just realistic and sure of what I’d like to have. This great OS on something that is capable of dowloading and holding some larger and cooler apps.

  13. I think this is exactly what Google was hoping for, not just some pointless single manufacturer hardware monopoly. With as many Android devices that are popping up every day, chances are not all will be stars, but just the shear volume of players should help to spur good competition and drive some really innovative hardware solutions to the market.

    Go ANDROID!!

  14. Where is Tegra?

    I want to give my hard-earned money away for a Sense-UI android phone with Tegra, usable battery life, AMOLED-screen with capacitive multitouch. Something like a Tegra-Hero with AMOLED. Where is it? Is it that hard to listen to the community? Everybody tells them all what to build, but they keep building things that lack one thing or another. Aaargh. My K750i is literally falling apart.

    Now get it out already. I want one for christmas.

  15. And burn those 528Mhz Qualcomm thingies. Hate them.

  16. I agree with Cybersedan. Android wasn’t meant to be an iPhone killer. It was meant to be a general phone OS that could bring smartphones across all expense groups, from the overly-expensive-yet-pointless Vertu crowd to those who can only afford the cheapest and most featureless of phones. iPhone was only built for a single niche; Android is so much more than that.

  17. Does this mean it’ll have a built in laser printer with cheap toner?

  18. @Sponko

    I hear you man and am on the exact same boat, although mines the k550i :D .. falling apart

    A SE phone with tegra would be the ultimate and reliable phone I think, especially since Nokia does not wanna be a part of the android family.

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