Oct 7th, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:26 pm

There was a lot of talk about Dell’s first Android devices earlier this year, but after it got sent “to a little corner called China” the majority of people chose to forget about the device, assuming the company’s first North American challenger was further away. But CrunchGear has word that after a few revamps it WILL be coming stateside.


What some are calling a plasticky phone should be upgraded before it comes to the United States and could possibly get a better camera (5MP instead of 3MP) as well. Unfortunately the software doesn’t enjoy the same fortune:

Interestingly, Dell is splintering the Android stack and shipping the phone with modified or missing Android libraries, making it a bit harder to program. The tipster reported that some apps won’t work on this version.

That is a wonderful way to ensure the phone absolutely fails, Dell… great job. When you’re trying so hard to edge your way into an intensely competitive market, why would you purposely provide shortcomings? The phone has potential but if Dell limits the software it is D.O.A. – even if the hardware is improved.

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