Oct 6th, 2009

Check out this picture of Google CEO Eric Schmidt with Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam at this morning’s Verizon and Google Partnership Press Conference:


What are those crazy guys holding in their hands? To me – along with the rest of the interwebz – seems to think it Verizon’s version of the HTC Hero (held by Schmidt) and the Motorola Sholes (held by McAdam). Shall we take a closer look?


Looks like it checks out. Now we just have to hope this thing passes Verizon’s strict certification process and makes it to market. The Verizon version of the Hero looks even more like the original Hero than the Sprint version! So it appears holiday VeriDroids will get to choose from a proven touchscreen Android and a sick looking hardware QWERTY Android.

I’m sitting next to Taylor from AndroidAndMe who mentioned he thought it looked like the HTC Tattoo. Put the pictures side by side and you see the call/end key on either side of the trackball/D-Pad are more Tattoo-like than Hero-like.


So is this a Hero/Tattoo Hybrid? The HTC Desire maybe? Or will they just stick with the Hero name? Seems like we’ll find out in the next couple weeks. Or maybe – if we’re really lucky – at CTIA!

[Via Verizon Press Release]

PLEASE NOTE: Lately there have been A LOT of awesome tipsters sending me the latest stories via the tipline. I’ve been giving credit as “Thanks to everyone who sent this in” because it takes while to add everyone’s name to the list! But please know that your contributions are appreciated. Terry, Jeff, Raji, Acreda and the rest of  you!

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