Live Blog: MOTODEV Keynote


I’m already taking notes so I figured why not let you guys peek in:

11:24 – One day… one day we’ll have a LIVE BLOG go off without a ridiculous amount of problems. This time we were lucky (and unlucky) because we didn’t miss anything monumental. Except for this little quote that slipped in about how many Android Phones Motorola will launch in 2010:

“Multiple tens of handsets throughout the world”

10:14 – Wi-Fi/Laptop FailDroid

10:04 – After he explains how Motorola, Android, smartphones, etc… can’t innovate without these developers he says, “You guys do some craaaaazy ass things!”

10:03 – By the way this is Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha speaking

10:02 – “We will integrate a deeply embedded experience which has some service which solves a problem with great precision” can’t get much more broad and general than that!

10:01 – Second Android Phone will be announced for holiday season “still very much on track”

10:00 – The vast majority of Motorola Smartphones will have Android in 2010?

9:59 – I decide to publish my notes live ;)

9:56 – Smartphones will define the growth of the industry

9:54 – Convergence between cloud computing, consumer industry, phone indusry….”the biggest opportunity in the industry will arise through this convergence”.

Rob Jackson
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  1. if the sholes/tao/droid is not announced then this is a failure in my eyes

  2. Totally agree with you there… sholes/tao/droid announcement is the only reason that this should matter at all

  3. Where are the updates? Did they make you stop or something?

  4. There have been discussions on this already all over the place. The Moto STD will not be announced until next week or so.

  5. @B.Rose: Read the note at 10:14. Technical difficulties.

  6. wow what a let down… its over and now sholes

  7. I think our live-blogger died.

  8. It’s gotta be CTIA tomorrow, if MotoDEV does not bear fruit of Tao/Sholes.

  9. So I’m hearing 20+ moto android phones next year? ROCK!
    And if they didn’t announce droid/tao/sholes here and now, I’d say it’s not going to be announced for a while. They’ve said “holiday season” and nothing more specific publicly, so I’d bet they are still waiting on development and don’t want to promise a date that they may not be able to make. Considering it’s going to have Android 2.0 and that 1.6 just dropped, they are probably still working on/testing 2.0 and aren’t sure about the timeline. I’m just happy they are confident enough to say it’ll be out for the holiday season.

  10. im fine with them not rushing this product.
    take your time vzw. even though i have my g1, and will stick with it for a while, i really want the motoSTD to be a beast.
    if it is, then android will steal more developers from iphone/winmo/palm. thus, we get more goodness in the palm of our hands (or on my acer aspire one, once i put android on it that is)

  11. aw! snooze! sorry they wasted your time rob.

  12. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use twitter?

    And if you wanted you could script up something to import the updates into a blog post.

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