HTC Hero Named ‘Gadget Of The Year’ By Stuff Magazine


Take that iPhone! That’s right, Stuff Magazine has named the HTC Hero Gadget of the Year as part of its 2009 Stuff Gadget Awards event.


The revolutionary touchscreen smartphone, which is based on Google’s Android system, received the honour for its innovative take on social networking, slick multi-touch interface and superior multimedia skills.

Editor and expert judget Fraser Macdonald also commented, saying “With the HTC Hero, we’ve finally got a phone that fully exploits the potential of the Android OS to be as clever and as sexy as the iPhone.”

The Hero beat out the other major contender, the iPhone (seriously, again?). That works for us, we’re just glad somebody saw the light.

Thanks for the tip on this, Tochukwu.


Elias Chiddicks

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  1. Go HERO! :) It’s about time someone puts a stop to the iPhone madness. My rooted Magic loves the Sense UI. And so do I. Kudos HTC!

  2. I’m not even excited about this because I’m not surprised at all (in a good way). :)

  3. Horrah for bumping off the iPhone…. but…I’m not sure I take anything from Stuff Magazine’s stamp of approval. Stuff Magazine claimed they found the best prices for their reviews, and only listed those. This was in the issue after their ‘major revamp’ (about 2 months ago now). In the said issue, they reviewed the HTC Hero in 3 separte sections, each with a different price. [In my most sarcastic voice] Well done!!!

    I don’t think they give objective reviews. I much prefer T3 (here in UK).

    Still…. Android and HTC should be proud.

  4. “as clever as sexy as the iphone”
    Hero is definitely more sexy and clever, after using it then getting back to the iphone, you’ll notice a big difference. HTC did a great job with it but my only complaint is the small 3.2″ screen, if only it was on a 3.5 or more, that would make it perfect.

  5. the pic is for GSM hero w/ a chin…
    sprint hero has no chin

  6. It’s what we all knew anyway, right?
    But, how come the iPhone still got Phone of the Year from the same magazine?

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Big win for Android!

  8. am loving my htc hero, i’ve said it that hero is one of the top 3 phones in the market and looks like its official. of course nothing is perfect, i wish the screen were bigger… you can always go landscape yes, but landscape always feel a bit stretchy for the thumbs to tap around… i think for a touchscreen, 3.5″ should be the smallest.

  9. Hope when Telus releases it it has the chin intact.

  10. I’ve just migrated from eTen Glofiish X800 to a Hero (european version, with a chin – same as in the picture above but mine is black) and I’m really excited. A little disappointed because of the crippled Bluetooth (regular version without root) and I’m not sure about battery life. I have a feeling that my old Glofiish x800’s battery life is better, but maybe it’s because I’m “playing” with my Hero much more than I used to do with my X800! :)

    I’m still waiting for a good turn-by-turn GPS navigation but I’m sure soon some great ones will hit the market. Besides, HTC customization to Android for this phone is really great!

  11. Didn’t Stuff magazine go out of business a few years ago? I loved that magazine, and I remember them going under. Maybe they are still published online?

  12. Well deserved
    Lets just hope Hero series can keep the magic going.

  13. @Jhonny.
    I see what you did there :)

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