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I don’t have Android 1.6 Donut on my phone… but this guy does. And he loves jazz.

At the very beginning of his “what has changed in the settings” he completely overlooks the new inclusion of VPN settings which Google included in their list of updates in 1.6:

VPN, 802.1x
A new Virtual Private Network (VPN) control panel in Settings allows users to configure and connect to the following types of VPNs:

  • L2TP/IPSEC pre-shared key based VPN
  • L2TP/IPsec certificate based VPN
  • L2TP only VPN
  • PPTP only VPN

The biggest change noticeable from a USER perspective is the new Android Market. But other updates you should note when trying 1.6 for the first time include:

  • Quick Search Box
  • Camera/Camcorder/Gallery
  • Battery usage indicator (LOVE IT)
  • Improved Text To Speech
  • CDMA support

I would please like someone to produce a 1.6 video blasting hardcore gangsta rap in the background. And then maybe country. And then metal. And then lets compare and see which genre does the best review. Just kidding wow my sense of humor is really off today. Oh well… you’re stuck with me!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. i have a question!!!
    under settings and syncing you can sync your “backround data”
    what exactly does that mean/include. should i disable that? is it wasting up battery power?

  2. @Ryan – you want to leave background data on. That’s basically what ALL Android applications that do anything “in the background” aka while you don’t have them open – are using.

    If you need to save battery – turn it off. Otherwise leave it on.

  3. Bummer. No multi-touch web browsing?

  4. SD secondary…is this cyanogen latest experimental ROM? Or is Google going to let us partition our SD cards to have apps2sd.

  5. 1.6 or 2.0, couldn’t care less. Until android is proven to be truly Open, can’t get excited about it. Fool me once shame on you(Google or OHA), fool me twice shame on me. G1 will be my last Android Phone. If things change or Open Android takes off, i’ll be interested.
    Sorry Rob to see you working hard on a platform I used to love. Meanwhile, my search for a Open Mobile platform continues…

  6. ‘as you can see the experience has gotten a little bit faster’

    uh, nope not compared to cyanogenmod :P plus he didn’t talk about gestures

  7. You might want to look up what an open platform is before you go on your search. Android is open, of course not every application made for it isn’t open, but the platform itself is open. That’s why cyanogen can continue, developing his roms. All Google asked was to remove the closed source apps, before releasing the mods. Those who have the apps on their phone can then transfer it over to cyanogen’s modded rom.

  8. what about obex support? What about other video codecs? What about mutlitouch? WHAT ABOUT TETHERING!!!!

    @Jason, while I agree with your sentiment? What is your alternative? iphone? nokia? OpenMoko? Iphone is not open at all? Nokia’s symbian os may be more open in the future ( they are talking about it) but right now it is less open than android and their phones are ungodly expensive. OpenMoko is open but their phones are garbage and their ideological purity prevents them from making common sense decisions that could make the platform viable for mass adoption. The bottom line is Android is the closest thing we have to a real open source platform. Android is almost there and I think with a little power behind the open android alliance, we could really get a full open source android -based firmware that could be the platform of our dreams. Yes android has problems but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. Its time to man up show the world what open source is about. the Open Android Alliance only needs some developers to build open source alternatives to the google apps.

  9. @jason…really trippin. Go get an iphone and then come back and talk about open source. If you so gung ho on hating google, then why even visit this site. PEACE be gone. Android will still continue on without you. Cyanogen hasnt even thrown in the towel on Android.

  10. still no bluetooth file transfer?

  11. @Jason you just fail to understand how open platforms work. You just want everything free.

    back to the topic. Excellent video but the music is too loud and distracts. (And man you speak fast)

  12. All I have to say is the music in the video was SOOOOOOOOO annoying.

    Anyway it certainly looks like 1.6 is really nothing much of anything at all.

    We need a better soft keyboard & multi-touch. Touch Pro doesn’t work on Cyanogen’s latest… unfortunately. :(

  13. Where is the best source to get some Sense on my MT3G running Cyanogen’s latest?


  14. dude…can’t watch the video…the music is so annoying….damn!

  15. Phone number blurring fail.

  16. Can’t watch, music very loud…

  17. I agree… the music is way too distracting to watch.

  18. Is it me or did it seem when this man pressed market the 3 bars gave me the impression it was. Applications. ~ Games~ my downloads

    When in all the other videos I have seen go. Top paid ~Top free~ Just in

    Am I missing something or is this a different layout then the others??

  19. yea; music was annoying.

    I dont see anything here that Im all excited about.

    I prefer 1.5 with HTC Sense. Has multitouch and at least partial flash support.

  20. @IVAN – lol i thought he spoke really fast too but didn’t want to say anything since I already ragged on the jazz.

  21. this is a cyanogen mod you can tell because it says vibrate on answer and that setting is not in the official donut which im running right now

  22. We have to get apps to sd. I am tired of having to clear cache to make room on my phone so it does not lag.

  23. Sucks ass. Cyanogen’s 4.11.1 is much better

  24. does this have flash in the web browser?

    and does it have tethering?

  25. hi, does anybody know if 1.6 have WPA enterprise support?

  26. @Rob, background data is background usage of the network, mainly it applies to things like market, checkin, etc. It doesnt affect multi-tasking.

  27. tethering is something you will not see with 3g devices, on any network, some dreams just have to die. and no cdma does not have real 3g

  28. i do have tethering on my rooted g1 :)

    so now i just want flash on the browser..

  29. Apps2SD would be nice….still would love to know if this fits on the G1 though….

  30. @Jason: Have a look at Nokia’s N900 (Maemo goodness).

  31. @Android-5
    Simple. An open platform is one where no one can send C&D notices. Maemo is an open platform. For me, not just a part of Android, but a part of Google died for me when they sent that C&D.

    No need to rehash it out, just that the impact of this is that upgrading to a new version, just became a *lot* harder. Since a custom ROM can’t *distribute* closed apps, you have to now update to a standard ROM and then back it up and them update to custom ROM. All this of course at the risk of putting rooting in some danger.

    Android just doesn’t excite me that much anymore. Way to go Google.

  32. When is someone from Phandroid going to post about the Donut update?

  33. @Jason,

    I understand your frustration. People who are arguing and maybe claiming that Android is Open probably haven’t looked at Android Source Code. This isn’t about Google Apps. There is a lot of binary only stuff in there and no clues about if those are freely distributable or not ?

    The deal breaker is Market App – which is closed. You can live without Google Apps, but with no market App, your device is pretty much useless as non-technical people won’t be able to install anything without it. Unless Google opens the Market App or at least provides API to access the Market, Android isn’t Open IMHO.

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