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It seems like one topic has dominated the mindshare of Android enthusiasts in the past week and that is the Cyanogen debacle. Dave Demarest and I spend 30 minutes talking about the status of modding and an unfortunately overshadowed Android Developers Challenge 2. Hope you enjoy the show and – as always – we love and appreciate your comments, constructive criticism and insults. Bring it on:

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The next few months are going to be insane in terms of Android developments so hold onto your hat and get ready for the ride – hopefully we’ll be right there with you publishing podcast after podcast to keep you informed. But with our random publishing habits you should probably subscribe below so you don’t miss anything!

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Open Android Alliance Aims To Resurrect Modding

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  1. How ironic – I was listening to this in Google Chrome and it crashed on me….go figure

  2. Wow thats weird I was also listening on Google Chrome at work and it crashed…

  3. Your browsers couldn’t handle the awesomeness

  4. I feel its shame how Google gave out the C&D and that they could have gave him a warning first saying but that probably wouldn’t have gotten the message out about how they have closed source apps and those can’t be distributed. So the Google dilemma is very mixed because they have an obligation to be the head of the table basically. For what we know another OHA member could have ordered it and Google had to stand up and be the bad guy. I use Cyanogen’s ROM and I wanna stand up for him but those apps are closed source and there is nothing we can do, well maybe by the license to have them in his ROM because he does still have the Google experience. I will admit too that I did over react a bit in the beginning because I really wanted 4.2 stable out. But rules are rules and if he distributes their applications that is piracy.

    Okay enough about the drama, I found that Astro File Manager has the ability to back up apps and I use that for saving the ADC2 apps. I will say nothing has really turned up as stay on my phone worthy.

    Who wants the shorter Podcast? I enjoyed the Podcast from before they are full of information and they are still fun sounding. I like to play the podcast and browse Android information so let your Podcast be as long as they need to be as long as it good information.
    P.S. Keep making sure they don’t go boring keep the fun atmosphere you have now.

  5. I have gone through all the apps adc2 lets me, got to about 300 and then it resets its random order of delivering them and starts again. One thing to watch out for though, if you have any apps that you mannually installed or hacked to stay on your phone, when they come back round again in the app review store it deletes them.
    Only found 2 really good and unique apps out of them all, and even they were not too stable. First one “eclosion” on the fly text, voice and handwriting translation, and the other “droidspray” graffiti in overlay of camera which sticks to your gps for others to see. Others just seemed to repeat themes of other apps on android and other OS’s.

  6. I almost feel like the results that have come out of this Cyanogen saga, like the creation of the Open Android Alliance are even better than what we had before. What we had before with Cyano’s mod was kind of a crippled distro – the only way you could use android was to use google’s apps.

    All of this stuff has motivated the community to actually make open replacements for the youtube, syncing, maps, and other needed apps, and open driver/low level hardware stuff so they we can actually have a totally free Android distro. This is better, in my opinion, than just a modified version of google’s ROM.

    Even if the google apps are always ‘better’ than the community ones, I feel it’s necessary to have that alternative to create the free environment that everyone wants.

  7. You can use AppManager to keep your apps, and the podcasts should be as long as it takes.

  8. Good job keeping it to less than 30 minutes – well… almost :-)

  9. I was really hoping too that the “current state” would be the final word that meant there was an clearly legal method for keeping the mods coming. But there still is the issue of device drivers. As Cyanogen twittered:

    “This is about proprietary device drivers and not Google at this point. These drivers are not redistributable.
    5:06 PM Sep 28th from twidroid”

    Doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but there is more to deal with than just finding a way to work around Google. Here’s hoping…….

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