Motorola CLIQ Pre-Pre-Order Page LIVE


The Motorola CLIQ pre-order page is now running LIVE on the T-Mobile website! Unfortunately you can’t pre-order yet but a handy countdown timer teases us, showing that when the clock strikes midnight and it officially becomes Monday, October 19th… you’ll be able to pre-order your Motorola CLIQ. Of course you can always sign up via Phandroid.com/Motorola-CLIQ/ too (as with any phone on our guide)!


If you register for updates you also have the chance of winning a vacation or a free Motorola CLIQ. Registering counts as 1 entry and then they provide you with a link where if friends click/cliq and signup, you’ll get up to 5 more entries.


UPDATE: As noted in the comments… title was a bit misleading so I added an extra “Pre”

[Via T-Mobile, thanks Birdie]

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  1. Wait? Why does this already have a pre-order page by the sprint hero does not? Come on Sprint – get on it!

  2. Gah! No price yet??

  3. @Mark – It’s things like that why Sprint is the weakest carrier even though T-Mobile has far fewer subscribers.

  4. what you mean by “pre-order page LIVE” then “you can’t pre-oder now”?

    it’s a countdown page for “pre-order”. the title is deceiving.

  5. Deceiving indeed, as lordhong stated. Sprint has a similar page but without any “fancy” countdown script.


    Too much Sprint hate going on the intertubes thanks to dated assessments and bashers who get info from said dated assessments. ^_^

  6. Uh oh, now with all this Pre it’s all product placement for Palm here :P

  7. when motorola cliq comes to Indonesia?

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