Android 1.6 Available… For Dev Phone 1!


If you’re an Android Developer or even a random Android enthusiast who picked up the unlocked Android Dev Phone 1 (ADP1) then you’re in luck… you now have access to download Android 1.6 aka Donut! In a tweet by Android Team Member JBQ we are linked to not only the files necessary to do so, but a “How-To” on flashing the phone with the new build. As the page mentions, it will only work on ADP1:


I’ll let you crazy kids go ahead and get started… keep the comments on topic please.

UPDATE: Also available for Google ION!

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  1. How long did it take to start going out the masses from this point with Cupcake?

  2. 1.6 is also available for the ‘Google I/O Device’ – that is, the Magic that was given out at Google I/O.

  3. If that’s the case does that mean that G1 phones (which IIRC is same hardware as the Google I/O device (or Android Dev Phone 1) will be able to run Donut?

  4. will rooted phones not work with this?

    sorry if its a dumb question.

  5. If I remember correctly, it was between two weeks and a month before people actually began receiving official updates with non-rooted phones…then it took one to two weeks to roll the update out to every phone.

  6. I’m with Piers…I want to know if this means that it will roll out to the G1 or if it will only be subsequent phones. I don’t know a whole lot about the Dev Phone, but it LOOKS the same as the G1. I’m guessing it’s pretty much the exact same phone.


  7. For Hero (or any HTC Sense phone) I assume this means we wait till HTC incorporates 1.6 as their base; do their HTC Sense mods, then release; which probably means 4 months?

  8. im sure someone will rip the 1.6 like they did for the 1.5

    even though we had to upload the uk version 1st then got the us version about a week later.
    lets do the same thing so we can have our donught!!

  9. Why can’t we flash this to our phones? What would happen if we did?

    I have a MT3G and if I flashed the ION image what would happen exactly?

  10. @Bob Garon you could brick your phone don’t do it. On the Google Ion, Google really messed up people who have put this update in their phone and it’s messing them all up. Google released the wrong version for the Google Ion but they are trying to hurry and fix it. I have a Google Ion with a HTC Sense mod, so I think I won’t upgrade to Donut and if I do it will be Cyanogen’s version. :)

  11. what are the improvements of this new update???

    does the web browser have flash with this update?

  12. silly question time here guys but, if i read right donut allows CDMA porting of a g-1 right?

    i just got a new job opportunity that requires me to have a sprint phone with a 1000 minute contract and gps capabilities.

    i would be so cool to use my long in tooth g-1 for my job and get another newer android for t-mo.

    am i asking for too much?

  13. @MIKEEEEE yes: the G! doesn’t have a radio that can do CDMA. The OS now supports CDMA, but your hardware still needs to have the radio. Maybe you can have your employer buy you a Sprint Hero.

  14. @MIKEEEEE just to clarify: “yes, you’re asking too much”

  15. Is this like flashing any other rom out there? to many words make it complicated but I know how to flash. I am using the cupcake dev phone 1 rom and from what I understand it should work?

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